In NEW YORK is the third stage in Moneko World Tour. It is a No Continues stage, so using Cat Food to continue is not allowed.


The stage begins spawning a bunch of "Those guys with glowsticks" at a slow rate. Every 10 seconds, Gabriel will spawn. Heavenly Hippoe will spawn at 40, 50 and 60 seconds aprox.

After damaging the base, Sleipnir, Angelic Gory and Zory will spawn alongside some peons. The peons will keep spawning at a fixed rate. A few seconds later two Chickful A. will spawn.

After aproximately 26 seconds after the boss shows, Zir Zeal will appear, possibly the biggest threat of the stage.


Since you have to complete this stage in order to go to the hidden stage (In THE MOON), you will have to arrange a deck to make it through both stages.

The general strategy for this stage is to stall the Hippoes to build enough money and take on Sleipnir and the Chickfuls. Zir Zeal is able to burrow and go through your defenses just like any other zombie enemy, but what makes it dangerous is the fact that it will spawn after your units get pushed back by the Gories, it will most likely emerge by the side of your base. However, you can shoot the cat base cannon to interrupt Zir Zeal as it goes down.


Row 1: Use Shaman Cat, Zombie Cat, Mr., Vaulter Cat for 2 combos (Biohazard & Bony Bone), use Octopus Cat as a shockwave blocker.

Row 2: Next Ramen Cat, Thaumaturge Cat, Jiangshi Cat, any Uber for Red (I used Pai Pai), Cat Machine MK3. MK3 is also a shockwave blocker, & resistant to damage from Red & Alien a must have for this stage.

The key is to use shockwave blockers to congest on Crazed Moneko and stop her wave attack. Deploy a lot of Ramen, Jiangshi, Thaumaturge Cat. and what makes sense for the enemy, but don't deploy everything (the top row for the combos are too pricey just to spam) or you'll cause your own defeat.

Strategy by Valentine523 (feat Evangelion units):

This strategy features specific uber rare units, some of them currently unavailable.

Row 1: Manic Eraser Cat, Eraser Cat, Ramen Cat, Cameraman Cat, Manic Macho Legs.

Row 2: Can Can Cat, Seafarer Cat, Eva Unit-00 & Cat, Orbital Platform Armageddon, NERV Moon.

Strategy notes for this stage:

  • Cameraman Cat and Seafarer Cat work as both damage dealers and meatshields.
  • Manic Macho Legs will be useful to help clear the small peons
  • Can Can Cat can be replaced by Luxury Bath Cat as it outranges Moneko and it has a good damage output.
  • NERV Moon has an ability against zombies and red enemies, making it really useful for both stages.

At the start of the stage, level up the wallet twice and spawn a Ramen Cat, it will stop the first Gabriel. Keep one or two Ramen Cats (depending on level) at all times and max up the wallet. Once the Heavenly Hippoes are dealt with, spam everything except the NERV Moon.

Try to hold your position once the boss come out of the base. When Zir Zeal comes out try to use the cat cannon to interrupt it's borrowing animation, if you fail, spawn the NERV Moon to take care of Zir Zeal.

Both Orbital Platform Armageddon and the NERV Moon outrange Sleipnir and have the zombie killer ability, so once you eliminate Zir Zeal for good nothing should stop you.

To be continued in the next stage...


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