In THE MOON is the final stage in Moneko World Tour.


Since you need to beat In NEWYORK first before proceeding to this stage, you need to make a lineup that works for both stages. The difficulty comes from the different enemy types that you need to counter.

Strategy 1 (Spamming)

This strategy belongs to Lucas IV. Link of the video here.


  • Row 1 : Necromancer Cat, Skelecat, Mr., Polevaulter Cat, Seafarer Cat
  • Row 2 : Crazed/Manic Tank, Artist/Ramen Cat, Cameramen Cat, Thaumaturge Cat, Crazed/Manic Lizard.

For the first level, In NEWYORK, you need to hold your position at the start of the level with artist cat, to max and fill your wallet. Thaumaturge Cat may help you stall the Heavenly Hippoes. After wallet is full, start spamming Artist and Camera, and also spawn in 1 Polevaulter. After the Boss Shockwave comes, spam every non-combo units. Manage your money, if you are low, start spamming Artist and Crazed Tank to hold your position. Once the Gories and Zeal stop spawning, prioritize on spawning Crazed Lizard as attackers to kill Chickful-A and Sleipnir.

For the second level, In THE MOON, you need to send couple or more of Crazed Tanks to keep the Sir Seal in place. After the Hyppoh spawns, send non-stop Crazed Tanks, a Polevaulter, and few Cameramens to deal with the sir seals. After they're dead, stall Hyppoh with Crazed Tanks. If you have more than one hyppohs left, summon occasional Artists to keep the position. After the wallet is full, spam all non-combo cats except meatshields. Use the Crazed Tanks whenever the Bore is present. When Bore dies, Immediately stop spawning Crazed Tanks. The Cyberhorn won't do much because Seafarer freezes them. Rinse and Repeat, then you got yourself Crazed Moneko.

Level of Cats:

Seafarer: 30+

Polevaulter: 30+

Crazed/Manic Tank: 40/30

Artist/Ramen: 40+3/31

Cameramen Cat: 40+

Thaumaturge: 30+

Crazed/Manic Lizard: 40/27