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Not to be confused with the Heavenly Tower version of Floor 31.

Floor 31 is the 31st floor of Infernal Tower.



Much like its Heavenly Tower counterpart, the stage is tight on cash with strong melee pushers, and Oldhorn only complicates this further. Your goal would be to delay the Manic Mohawk Cat and defeat the Manic Lions, as well as Oldhorn, or Manic Mohawk would keep pushing due to its somewhat high range for a melee enemy.

Recommended Units[]

  • Jagando - A staple on this stage, Jagando's anti-Traitless abilities come into use here, being strong against them and knocks them back on his third hit, with a surge that can deal extra damage, while his extra defense agains Traitless may allow him to finish an attack that makes all the difference. As Manic Mohawk and Manic Lion can be difficult to hold back with brute force alone, Jagando's knockback makes it much easier to keep them at bay. It certainly helps that he can outrange all threats. Make sure Oldhorn doesn't get to him, as even with his curse immunity, he doesn't work against Relics.
  • Uril/Idi - These two form a great combination in this stage. Uril can slow Relics with Surge attacks that can hit Oldhorn beyond the Traitless threats until Oldhorn gets close, giving Idi the necessary time to finish him off.
  • Can Can - A high-leveled Can Can serves as your melee attacker to accumulate damage on the Manic Lions and Oldhorn. With the Extra Money talent, Can Can could possibly turn the battle in your favor if it gets the last hit on a Manic Lion. You're always welcome to invest in its damage talent as well.
  • Doron - Doron's ability to freeze Relics stops Oldhorn for a few seconds and causes knockback in True Form. Hitting Oldhorn and hindering his advance allows you to focus on the Traitless threats.
  • Crystal - Crystal's knockback and slow abilities against Traitless helps greatly in stalling Manic Mohawk at the beginning where your resources are scarce due to its low cost. It's good for the whole battle as long as it could hit Manic Mohawk, but you might want to hold off using it when Jagando's in play due to Jagando also getting extra damage in, as well as how Crystal can cause Jagando to miss his attack.
  • Thaumaturge/Cat Jobs - Thaumaturge works similarly as she did in Deathhawk where her weaken ability greatly relieves the pressure on your meatshields. If available and with weaken combos, Cat Jobs can be used as well due to his far superior effect that reduces Manic Mohawk/Oldhorn's damage to almost nothing.