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Not to be confused with the Heavenly Tower version of Floor 34.

Floor 34 is the 34th floor of Infernal Tower.


  • Infinite Those Guys spawn, delay 6.67~10 seconds200f~300f.
  • 1 Ururun Wolf spawns as the boss after 10 seconds300f.
  • 1 Super Cosmic Cyclone spawns after 30 seconds900f.
  • 3 Miz Devils spawn after 33.33 seconds1,000f, delay 3.33~6.67 seconds100f~200f.
  • Infinite Those Guys spawn after 60 seconds1,800f, delay 13.33~20 seconds400f~600f.
  • 3 Mr. Angels spawn after 66.67 seconds2,000f, delay 3.33~6.67 seconds100f~200f.
  • 3 Miz Devils spawn after 100 seconds3,000f, delay 3.33~6.67 seconds100f~200f.
  • Infinite Those Guys spawn after 120 seconds3,600f, delay 20~30 seconds600f~900f.
  • 3 Mr. Angels spawn after 133.33 seconds4,000f, delay 3.33~6.67 seconds100f~200f.
  • 3 Miz Devils spawn after 166.67 seconds5,000f, delay 3.33~6.67 seconds100f~200f.
  • Infinite Mr. Angels spawn after 200 seconds6,000f, delay 36.67~40 seconds1,100f~1,200f.
  • Infinite Miz Devils spawn after 233.33 seconds7,000f, delay 23.33~26.67 seconds700f~800f.
  • Infinite Mr. Angels spawn after 266.67 seconds8,000f, delay 23.33~26.67 seconds700f~800f.


This stage becomes easier with a rich cat, but still manageable without rich cat. Recommended Ubers are LD Ubers such as Aphrodite and D'arktanyan.

Strategy 1[]

Lineup: Manic Eraser Cat 50, Eraser Cat 20+72, Catellite 45+12, Macho Crystal Cat 30, Corrupted Psychocat (Weaken Talent helps Catellites stay alive longer.) 36+3, Manic Macho Legs 50, Bakery Cat 30, Housewife Cat (Maxed Savage Blow and Attack Buff.) 50+5, Manic King Dragon 30, Cat Mask Doron 40

Cannon: Thunderbolt 10+


  • Corrupted Psychocat can be any level as long as it is true formed.
  • It helps for Manic King Dragon to be a higher level.
  • Other options for the Cannon are the Default Cannon and Breakerblast (8+)

Right as the battle starts, you want to keep on sending Manic Erasers, spawn Manic Macho Legs when possible and continue to spawn Manic Erasers. When Ururun spawns with the bosswave, start spawning Eraser Cats, and when the Super Cosmic Cyclone spawns, start spawning Catellite. Housewife Cat should be sent when Miz Devils start spawning.

Your goal is to make the Super Cosmic Cyclone get in front of the Ururun so you can use wave, surge, LD units to attack Ururun while keeping your meatshielding constant and crowd controlling the cyclone. Eventually the cyclone will slowly get in front Ururun and let it keep on going forward until your Housewife Cat can attack without getting hit by Ururun’s attack. Once that moment happens, spawn your C. Psychocat and Bakery Cat to control the cyclone. You should have only one Bakery Cat on the field so you don’t lose money. You can spawn 2-3 C. Psychocat and you’ll also be fine.

This is the part where money is tight since you want to constantly want to attack Ururun so you can kill her before killing the cyclone. You should mainly try to spawn Manic Macho Legs but since MML can’t defend against Miz Devils and Mr. Angel, you would need Housewife Cat and Manic King Dragon go take care of them. When you have enough money, try to spawn Doron. Once you spawn Doron, it’ll be a game of chance so pray that Doron’s surge will hit Ururun.

Ururun will get damage knockbacked here and there but if you put too much damage onto the cyclone, the cyclone will get damage knockbacked. This is where you will spawn Macho Crystal Cat hoping that he’ll hit Ururun so your stack doesn’t die. But if you aren’t very sure of your Macho Crystal Cat being able to hit, you can use the Thunderbolt, Breakerblast or regular Cat Cannon to interrupt Ururun. It is suggested to use Thunderbolt to stop her attack and letting your attackers knock her back. After this, repeat the process over and over again. Ururun will mostly likely die before Super Cosmic Cyclone, but if she doesn’t, that’s also fine as you can still attack her but it will be very annoying since there aren’t a lot of stepping stones to work with after the cyclone’s death.