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Not to be confused with the Heavenly Tower version of Floor 40.

Floor 40 is the 40th floor of Infernal Tower.


  • 1 Spiritual Yulala spawns as the boss after 10 seconds300f.
  • Infinite Croconators spawn after 23.33 seconds700f, delay 16.67~23.33 seconds500f~700f.
  • Infinite Trolly Bloggers spawn after 30 seconds900f, delay 20~30 seconds600f~900f.
  • Infinite Croconators spawn after 56.67 seconds1,700f, delay 60~63.33 seconds1,800f~1,900f.
  • 1 Lowkey spawns after 70 seconds2,100f.
  • Infinite Trolly Bloggers spawn after 90 seconds2,700f, delay 30~40 seconds900f~1,200f.
  • Infinite Trolly Bloggers spawn after 150 seconds4,500f, delay 40~60 seconds1,200f~1,800f.
  • Infinite Miz Devils spawn after 60 seconds1,800f, delay 40~53.33 seconds1,200f~1,600f.
  • Infinite Miz Devils spawn after 120 seconds3,600f, delay 53.33~66.67 seconds1,600f~2,000f.
  • Infinite Miz Devils spawn after 180 seconds5,400f, delay 66.67~80 seconds2,000f~2,400f.
  • Infinite Relic Doges spawn after 100 seconds3,000f, delay 73.33~80 seconds2,200f~2,400f.
  • When the base reaches 90% HP:


The main and preferred strategy for this stage is to steamroll Yulala with extreme amounts of damage before the nasty peons get in the way, as the battle only gets worse when Miz Devil (whose shield protects her from status effects) joins the fray. Otherwise, players are advised to stick with CC units that can consistently stall Yulala or whatever that counters the peons. Feel free to bring any Uber that could be helpful.

Even though Lowkey may present a threat, he's too slow to support Yulala, whose defeat effectively wins you the stage, as Idi:N has no trouble killing Lowkey with Doron's help.

Recommended Units[]

  • Idi - The essence of many strategies, Idi is a short-ranged rusher with a decently low cooldown (~91 seconds), deals massive damage to relics, is curse immune and can survive a Yulala hit when over level 37 (30750>30000). Idi's damage exceeds 200,000 at level 40, and can reach an insane 354,375 (which is just a few thousand points shy of knocking back Yulala) at level 50 with the best attack combos in the entire game (+25% damage) for players who have cleared Revival of Origin. Even at level 40 with more accessible combos (+20% damage), she is still able to deal a whopping 277,200 damage per hit. Obviously, her only weaknesses are peons getting in her way, low range (170) and very low health. This makes any strategy revolving her incredibly difficult without meticulous timing and assorted support, but when used well, can possibly raze the stage. After Yulala is gone, Idi can be used to kill Lowkey, again only with support.
  • Doron - Doron is a primarily anti-relic CC unit who can disable them for several seconds, and his True Form even has knockback to recover ground. Aside from having extreme health, Doron also has immunity to warp and curse, ensuring he will almost always hit Yulala. Doron's cooldown is somewhat long (~1 minute), so he has to be used where it counts, such as to let Idi get one more hit in which can make all the difference. Doron also comes in handy when dealing with Lowkey.
  • Bullet Train - Bullet Train works just as well as it did in Heavenly Tower, able to survive a Yulala hit at level 50. It is especially useful in rush strategies to get some chip damage, and possibly supplement Idi with its lower overall cooldown.
  • Manic Mohawk/Stone - Due to how Yulala's warp works, slow meatshields are out of the picture. Manic Mohawk is cheap and can reach Yulala quickly, while Stone (if boosted by research combos), with its absolutely massive health and warp immunity, will prevent Yulala from pushing and bait one more attack, while stalling peons. Idi chain strategies are heavily reliant on such sources of consistent meatshielding, as knocking Yulala back allows her to barely avoid his Omni Strike.
  • Manic Lion - For dealing with Croconators and stopping Yulala in the event of an emergency.
  • Sniper the Deadeye/Cyberpunk - For players comfortable with an endurance battle and can deal with the peons, they are able to slow Yulala and gradually chip him at range.
  • Slime - A more common solution to the peons while also abusing them to fire its wave and chip Yulala. Its high damage helps crippling Miz Devil and Relic Doge.
  • Ape Lord Luza - Although Ape Lord Luza does not outrange Yulala (400 range), it has massive damage and resistance to Relics. It is also immune to curse and warp, allowing it to stand for itself temporarily.
  • Reborn Warrior Doguemon - Being resistant to Relic and immune to warp/curse, Reborn Warrior Doguemon is an excellent option to hold off Yulala briefly while doing decent damage, and can also deal with Relic Doge. Unfortunately, this unit struggles when other peons arrive, so it must be backed by meatshields and attackers nevertheless. While it doesn't have too much uptime, its reduced recharge time means it can keep up more comfortably.
  • Esoteric Uril - While not available for your first playthrough, Esoteric Uril is a very useful unit for future runs. With his curse disabling Yulala's warp, which can help Future Cat and Cone Cat stall better but may be a hindrance to units like Bullet Train. Uril's Strong vs Relic also helps in chipping down Yulala while the UL Legends are on cooldown. Uril's Slow is a nice bonus for this stage.

Recommended Ubers[]

  • Lufalan Pasalan - Lufalan Pasalan has 720 range, allowing it to comfortably deal with Yulala. At level 50 without talents, it does nearly 200,000 damage in a single hit, and if things go awry, has enough health to survive and reposition once. Its critical hit isn't consistent, but can tremendously speed up the fight when it occurs. The only problem with it is the fast pace of the stage, meaning it must be spawned immediately at the start before the peons can interfere.
  • Piccolan Pasalan - Piccolan acts similar to Cyberpunk, supplementing attackers at extreme range (900) with a 3-second freeze and a 6-second weaken in exchange for having low damage. Piccolan certainly doesn't work alone and is best suited for endurance approaches, but is a great addition to any associated strategies.
  • Assassinlan Pasalan - Assassinlan's brief 3-second slow at 1250 range makes it near-identical to Cyberpunk without the blindspot. The absolutely massive coverage allows Assassinlan to essentially slow every enemy on the field at once. The effect is brief, but it does pay off when used alongside other crowd-controllers to ensure the enemies can never push far. It is especially useful if Cyberpunk is included, as they can potentially cover each other's downtime.
  • King of Destiny Phonoa - Massive damage to traited enemies, 600 standing range with a three-part multi-hit that improves his overall consistency, be it against the peons or Yulala.
  • King of Extinction Phono - Can slow all the peons and Yulala, and although they have a shorter range than Phono, they are immune to curse and combined with the surges and multi-hit can slow Yulala for quite a while.
  • Almighty Hades - He have huge health of 675,000 at level 50 without talents and it allows him to tank 22 hits from Yulala. Although it is not recommended to use him for tanking where units are outranged by Yulala, he still can be used as secondary-meatshield or tanker, protecting units that outclasses Yulala's omnistrike. Besides, his fast attack rate and decent attack power can clear out the peons easily, only leaving out Yulala in the battle field.

Strategy 1[]

Lineup: Sister Act, Brave Cutter, Manic Mohawk Cat 30, Idi:N2 40+, Manic Lion Cat 30, Bullet Train Cat 50, Cat Mask Doron 30+

Cannon: Thunderbolt

Items: Rich Cat, Sniper the Cat

Notes: Feel free to replace the Attack Combos with anything better if owned, such as Research Combos in Stone-based strategies, or Land-Air Assault if you have Obliterator Diabolosa. This lineup leaves one empty slot, which can be filled by any other useful unit like Can Can, Slime (the recommended choice if you can't find anything else, as the peons can prove a handful) or even a suitable uber if possible. Boosting your Idi and having a helpful Uber makes this stage much more consistent, but it's doable without them.

Battle: The aim of this strategy is to chain Idi hits and kill Yulala before too many peons arrive. Spawn a Bullet Train immediately at the start. When Yulala spawns, wait until the Bullet Train is destroyed, then let him get close and start spamming Mohawks non-stop.

The rest of the stage is heavily dependent on what approach you are taking and your timings, but here are a few things:

  • Only spawn Manic Lion when Croconators get ahead of Yulala, preferably just after he executes his attack. Slime should be used on peons, if brought along, and timed very well so Yulala gets chipped alongside.
  • Spawn Bullet Train whenever if you have a clear shot at Yulala and make sure it comes just after the attack.
  • Do your best to protect Idi and use her carefully. If she gets a hit and knocks Yulala away, make sure he doesn't get back up immediately. The best opportunity of her is ironically at the beginning, where it is possible, with the help of other meatshields, to get 3-4 Idi hits in which can remove more than a third of Yulala's health.
    • If you do bring some of the recommended Ubers as your ranged attackers, beware of Idi knocking Yulala away which can cause their attacks to miss.
  • Thunderbolt should be only used in desperate circumstances, such as getting one extra Idi hit in.
  • Balance between economy and ground. The units don't cost too much themselves, but saving up for Idi or Ubers could mess with the strategy.

Strategy 2[]

Lineup: Trainspotting, Little Warriors, Bullet Train Cat 50, Manic Mohawk Cat, Supercar Cat 50, Awakened Doron 50, Reborn Warrior Doguemon 50, Idi:N2 50

Cannon: Thunderbolt, Holy Blast (Style), Curseblast (Foundation)

Items: Rich Cat

Notes: If you really don't want to use a Rich Cat, Kunio-kun and Richest Cat can be used instead for their combos. Also, while using Z-Materials to upgrade the Holy Blast style and Curseblast foundation are not necessary, they can help with the annoying effect of Miz Devil's weakening shenanigans and enabling Doguemon to tank Yulala. Also, while level 50 units are not necessary, they certainly help.

Battle: At the start, wait for Yulala to spawn before spawning your own Doron and then Supercar after a short delay. Optimally, Doron's surge would hit Yulala multiple times for some good damage and keeping him back. At this phase, keep spawning Manic Mohawk until you have enough money for Doguemon, who will be the main line of defense in this level and should generally last long enough to cover the recharge for the next Doguemon.

Even with these combos, cash is always a concern, so keep an eye on that. Bullet Train and Doguemon should do well enough to handle the peons, with Manic Mohawk spam taking care of the Croconator spam. Eventually, you should have enough money to spawn Idi:N2, with either a fully-charged Thunderbolt or Doron ready to give Idi the chance to wreak immense havoc. Make sure, however, that no peons are in the way. Idi should chain several strong hits against Yulala, with proper stalling measures to ensure that Yulala doesn't advance. This is important, as Idi can avoid a hit from Yulala after a knockback to swoop in for the next hit. Idi can even take a hit from Yulala and bounce back. However, due to the peons in the front and the Lowkey in the back, Idi is not expected to carry the entire fight.

However, Idi would soften Yulala up a good bit. Continual use of Doguemon, Bullet Train, and Doron, with strategic timing of the Thunderbolt, can help finish Yulala off eventually. Yulala may hit the base, though the base can take a few hits. Saving a Supercar or Doron to knock Yulala back can help immensely. Overall, this fight is all about adapting to the various situations that Yulala and Co. throw at you.

Even with this, however, several attempts may be needed, as this is still a difficult stage without a Rich Cat. The idea behind this strategy is that none of these attempts would cost the player a Rich Cat. In addition to adapting in the middle of the fight itself, this lineup is open to players adapting in the lineup.

Strategy 3[]

Lineup: Thirteen, Manic Mohawk Cat 50, Future Cat 50, Manic Eraser Cat 50, Boulder Cat 50, Sniper the Deadeye 45, Jellycat 50, Green Shell Cat 50, Supercar Cat 50, Bullet Train Cat 50, Cyberpunk Cat (Slow 8) 49

Cannon: Breakerblast 20

Items: Rich Cat, Cat CPU, Sniper the Cat

Notes: I tried a with lower level units, but I think you need something in this ballpark to pull of this strategy. It still took a couple of tries, as I didn't pay close enough attention to what the CPU was doing a couple of times.

Spam Manic Mohawk (and maybe a Green Shell or two) until you have saved up about 10,000¢. Turn on the Cat CPU and wait. It will take a while, but they should go down.

The game might bear watching when the cooldown on Cyberpunk is up, since the CPU can decide to wait for money to spawn another instead of spamming the low-cost units.


Video Player Notes

The Battle Cats - Infernal Tower Floor 40

Anwar 04 No Ubers

Infernal Tower Floor 40 (Kunio-kun instead of Rich)

Shiny Delcatty aka Miaousquetaire No Rich Cat (ft. Kunio-kun)