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Not to be confused with the Heavenly Tower version of Floor 42.

Floor 42 is the 42nd stage in Infernal Tower. This is a No Continues stage.



The omission of Zyclone and Divine Cyclone definitely eases the stage, but Aku Cyclone and Primeval Cyclone can really cause some serious trouble since they both aren't Floating enemies. Aku Cyclone is arguably easier as its health isn't all that high with the abundance of Shield Piercing units, but Primeval Cyclone can be a rather dangerous threat since it has massive health, one knockback, and pushes rapidly when its strengthen activates. While it's often mandatory to dedicate many units for most of the other threats, it would be definitely wise to reserve a couple of Anti-Relic specialists. To a lesser extent, Cosmic Cyclone can also pose a threat due to its surprisingly high range.

Recommended Units[]

  • Sanzo/Seafarer - Without Sanzo's AOE slow against Floating enemies at close range and Seafarer's Freeze against Aliens, defeating the first few Cyclones could be outright impossible.
  • Cameraman - A spammable attacker whose strong ability against Floating gives her the upper hand against most of the threats, while her range even allows her to batter down Aku Cyclone. However, assistance from other units might be necessary against Cosmic Cyclone and Primeval Cyclone, as Primeval Cyclone eats through everything at lightspeed when left unchecked, and she only barely outranges Cosmic Cyclone.
  • Fishman - Despite being a fast rusher with short range, Fishman is actually able to outrange most of the threats and put its Massive Damage ability against Floating enemies to good use. Destroying one of the Cyclones early can already grant a massive resource boost, making the rest of the stage that much easier.
  • Uril - Uril is a staple in many strategies due to his slow ability against Relics and Surges. He shouldn't be used alone, but a fair bit of support will allow him to greatly impede Primeval Cyclone, enough for other units to swarm and destroy it quickly. Once Uril's True Form has been unlocked after F50, he can even be used against Aku Cyclone in future replays.

Recommended Ubers[]

  • Empress Chronos - Chronos' closely-spaced LD multi-hits Freeze traited enemies for 1 second each. Provided if Aku Cyclone's Shield is dealt with and other supplementary CC units are factored in, Chronos can greatly impede their advance and significantly expand windows of opportunity.
  • Mitama the Oracle - With LD slow and resistance against traited enemies, Mitama's decent uptime can slow the entire cyclone cluster, allowing for safe accumulation of other attackers.
  • Lufalan Pasalan - This stage contains a handful of durable, short-ranged single threats, and since other specialists will be doing most of the work, Lufalan can actually get a few opportunities to hit them for extreme damage while its long range keeps it safe, offsetting its fragility entirely. If done correctly, it could quickly take out Cosmic Cyclone and assist in demolishing Primeval Cyclone.
  • King of Extinction Phonoa - Despite this unit's horrendous slow uptime against all enemies, Phonoa's excellent LD reach hits much further than his standing range to provide support with decent DPS himself.