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Not to be confused with the Heavenly Tower version of Floor 48.

Floor 48 is the 48th stage in Infernal Tower. This is a No Continues stage.


  • 3 Metal Snaches spawn after 6.67 seconds200f, delay 6.67~10 seconds200f~300f.
  • 5 Aku Doges spawn after 23.33 seconds700f, delay 16.67~20 seconds500f~600f.
  • 5 Metal Snaches spawn after 40 seconds1,200f, delay 3.33~6.67 seconds100f~200f.
  • 4 Aku Doges spawn after 60 seconds1,800f, delay 2~3.33 seconds60f~100f.
  • 3 Midnite Ds spawn after 333.33 seconds10,000f, delay 6.67~10 seconds200f~300f.
  • When the base reaches 99% HP:


As with its Heavenly Tower Counterpart, the best way to tackle on this stage is to stall the Steel Snakes in order to stack Cyberpunk Cats and other units that can deal with Mecha-bun and its support. Do note that, this time around, Aku Doges also spawn at the start, and can easily give you trouble, so remember to pack some units that can deal with them without doing too much damage to the Steel Snakes.