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Infernal Tyrant Climax (Brutal) is the fourth and final stage in Reign of the Tyrant. This No Continues stage is guaranteed to drop Jetpack Cat when cleared for the first time.


  • The enemy base here is an Aku Altar.
  • 4 Doge Darks spawn after 13.33 seconds400f, delay 13.33~16.67 seconds400f~500f.
  • 1 Haniwanwan spawns after 13.33 seconds400f.
  • Infinite Li'l Doges spawn after 13.33 seconds400f, delay 40~43.33 seconds1,200f~1,300f.
  • 1 Ragin' Gory spawns after 30 seconds900f.
  • 4 Sir Rels spawn after 36.67 seconds1,100f, delay 12~15.33 seconds360f~460f.
  • When the base reaches 99% HP:
    • 1 Infernal Tyrant Nyandam spawns as the boss.
    • 1 M. Ost spawns.
    • 15 Li'l Doges spawn, delay 20~23.33 seconds600f~700f.
    • 8 Doge Darks spawn, delay 12~15.33 seconds360f~460f.
    • 3 Haniwanwans spawn after 13.33 seconds400f, delay 60~63.33 seconds1,800f~1,900f.
    • 8 Sir Rels spawn after 13.33 seconds400f, delay 23.33~26.67 seconds700f~800f.
    • 1 Two Can spawns after 100 seconds3,000f.
    • 3 Doge Darks spawn after 113.33 seconds3,400f, delay 16.67~20 seconds500f~600f.
    • Infinite Doge Darks spawn after 113.33 seconds3,400f, delay 20~23.33 seconds600f~700f.


Almost every enemy that does not spawn indefinitely can be a huge threat. M.Ost pushes with terrifying ease, Sir Rels rip through everything and Two Can's Waves can be a handful. Even the easily countered Ragin' Gory can become rather threatening at the very beginning. You will want to bring anything helpful for these threats and remove them as quickly as possible, then finish off Nyandam.

With the tight startoff, you would want to use a Rich Cat, and Sniper is great for briefly stalling Nyandam or getting him off your base.

Recommended Units[]

  • Idi - Idi's high movement speed makes timing easier when trying to avoid Nyandam's attacks, while her massive damage to Relics can gravely cripple M.Ost, but requires lots of support in order to get a hit on. Not much different from the Puffington in Aku Reincarnation, using Idi to remove M.Ost early in battle makes the rest of the stage that much easier.
  • Courier/Pizza - Courier is less viable as a general unit, but having Behemoth Slayer and Massive Damage against Reds allows it to counter Ragin' Gory and Two Can with some support. Pizza's massive damage to Blacks and Wave talents also makes him more than a match for the same reason. Just make sure not to send them out too often.
  • Octopus - Blocks Two Can's waves so your attackers won't get demolished.
  • Exorcist - Much like previous stages, Exorcist is only really useful when Nyandam is unsupported or if you want to exploit an opening, and even then it isn't really consistent without research combos. Nevertheless, its high speed, somewhat low cooldown, decent chance to Freeze Aku enemies for 3 seconds and somewhat fast attack rate might just be able to completely disable Nyandam when given the opportunity.
  • Brainwashed Mohawk Cat - Its dodge chance against Relics/Aku/Blacks and low deploy cost makes stalling M.Ost and peons in this stage a lot easier if paired alongside Manic Eraser Cat.

Recommended Ubers[]

  • Any Uber with a range between 401 and 499 - Any Uber that accomplishes this requirement can make the stage easier due to standing in on the 1st Nyandam blindspot and it also makes the clean up faster.
  • Piccolan Pasalan - Surprisingly, this Uber is viable in the stage due to being able to stand in Nyandam´s second blindspot, while his freeze and weaken is able to help with the support (and Nyandam itself).
  • Kasli the Bane - Although she is outranged by Nyandam, the combination of fast and very recurring peons make Kasli being able to have a step stone to snipe Nyandam easily, and for an extra point, her Curse effect is able to disable Nyandam toxic and M.Ost curse, slow and knockback, making the pushing force way weaker while making your units survive longer.
  • Malevolent Mad-Duck - A very effective Uber for this stage as it outranges Nyandam, has toxic inmune and combining it with his high health he is able to survive in any of the 2 toxic attacks, and for extra is being able to target Red enemies, making the Two Can phase way easier.
  • Goddess of Light Sirius - Safely sits in Nyandam's first blindspot, is toxic immune so you don't have to time her, and deals a nice 9K dps. Can maybe help with the M. Ost due to her immunities.


  • Infernal Tyrant Climax is the first stage to have a difficulty of Brutal and the first Advent Stage to drop a Cat Unit at a 100% chance.