Into the Future is the second saga in The Battle Cats and is unlocked after clearing Chapter 1 of Empire of Cats. This mode contains 3 additional chapters, with 48 levels in each once again. This mode also introduces Timed Score Rewards, in which you gain bonus rewards depending on how quickly you complete a stage.

The main gimmick of this saga is the debut of Alien Enemies; they are extremely strong, don't give much cash, and have a 700% strength magnification by default, which can only be reduced by the anti-Alien Crystals you may obtain as Treasure.

Lastly, the deployment cost for Cat Units is that of Legend Stages and EoC Chapter 2, which means you pay 1.5x for the base price of a unit.


In Into the Future, the Cats have time traveled from Empire of Cats to 29XX, when hostile Aliens have invaded every country on Earth. The ending reveals that a rocket is being built by the Cats, alluding to Cats of the Cosmos. Unlike Empire of Cats, the English and Japanese versions of Into the Future take place across the same locations.


It is the future...
1st April, 29XX
On that day, Aliens came to this planet.
But, hey, what's this? Was it just bad timing?
The people of Earth brushed the visitors off like weirdos.
Their revenge on the humans who ignored them took many forms:
Sinking Japan... Psychic activity... Mind-control implants... Floating cities... Reality television... Unspeakable probing...
Sure, some guys weren't too happy. But lets not worry about that.
Oh yeah, by the way: I've been an alien from space all along.
The changes we made to earth creatures are the symbol of our rule. Lately, you see guys on the street with THAT growing from their head.
Earth has no words to explain what THAT is.
You'd definitely die of embarrassment if you tried to describe THAT.
A real gentleman would never dare mention THAT in public.
That's how awfully shocking THAT is.
Anyhow, I've got 8 of THAT growing on my head.
We had just about invaded every country in the world, but then... some really troublesome guys appeared without warning.
Their name is... Cat Army.
We heard they'd conquered the past... and now they came to invade our future.
There's just one thing I want to say to the Cat Army:
♪Aliens aren't so bad after all
Well, it is true that we sunk Japan...
Well, lets not waste any more time. On to the greatest showdown:


And so... the Alien empire fell before the power of the Cat Army.
A new world has emerged: of the Cats, by the Cats, for the Cats! This life will surely become even more punishing and cruel! Aaagh!
Well, that's what I thought.
But... In the end, nothing really changed.
Well, if I have to say something. Cats star in a lot more TV dramas these days.
That's pretty much it.
Now we have lots of cute "big sister" characters on TV. Aliens became less trendy so we don't get parts anymore.
Hey, do you remember THAT? Well, pushing and pulling on THAT is the new comedy boom.
Oh, one more thing.
I just got back from drinking with the Cats...
They were a little tipsy, but they seemed very interested in our planet.
I was cornered for over an hour... They kept asking things like: "Is there Cat Food over there?"
They were so persistent I finally just said, "Yeah, sure!"
Suddenly their eyes were gleaming with childlike joy.
I hear they're building a rocket now.
Do you think...? No, there's no way...
Anyhow... Congratulations to The Battle Cats!
Thank You Battle Cats!
Onward into an endless universe!!!

Chapter 1: Time Enough for Cats


Chapter 2: Alien Intrigue: A Maiden's Revenge

  • Old Aliens not introduced in this chapter have a strength magnification of 250%.
  • Boss of this chapter is Corrupted Valkyrie, with a stronger wave of Alien peons.
  • Players unlock Valkyrie Cat's True Form upon completion. She gains a ~50% attack boost, and a 35% chance to freeze all enemies (except Metal) for 2 seconds.
  • Completing this chapter also unlocks another set of Cat Combos.

Chapter 3: The Ancients Arise: Take Back Earth!

  • Old Aliens not introduced in this chapter have a strength magnification of 500%.
  • Boss of this chapter is Raging Bahamut Cat, with an even stronger wave of Alien peons.
  • Players unlock Bahamut Cat's True Form upon completion. He becomes more of a kamikaze unit, with extraordinarily high DPS, insane movement speed and much more frequent attacks. However, his range is greatly reduced in this form.
  • Completing this chapter also unlocks NP, Talents, Talent Orbs and another set of Cat Combos.

Into the Future Stages and Treasures

Aqua Crystal

Wt009 o

Attacks against unstarred Aliens are much more powerful!

Stage Location Treasure
1 Japan Home Electronics
5 Russia Piroshki
8 Denmark Hamlet
11 Spain Flamenco Dance
14 Greece Marble Pillar
17 India Maharajah Throne
20 Cambodia Apsara Crown
23 Australia Drop Bear

Plasma Crystal

Wt010 o

Attacks against unstarred Aliens are much more powerful!

Stage Location Treasure
25 Madagascar Nature Preserve
28 Egypt Mummy Wrappings
31 South Africa Swazi Candle
34 Machu Picchu Inti Watana
37 Mexico Sombrero
40 Alaska Dogsled
43 New York Hotdog Cart
46 Brazil Futbol

Ancient Tablet

Wt004 o

Your Cat Base's defense is increased!

Stage Location Treasure
2 Korea Ginseng Root
3 China Panda Cub
4 Mongolia Mongol Horse

Mysterious Force

Wt002 o

Cat Cannon recharge time is decreased.

Stage Location Treasure
24 The Great Abyss


Deep Sea Water

Cosmic Energy

Wt003 o

Cat Cannon attacks are now more powerful!

Stage Location Treasure
6 Norway Viking Boat
7 United Kingdom Double Decker Bus
9 Germany Bratwurst
10 France Chardonnay
12 Monaco Formula One Car

Void Fruit

Wt005 o

Abilities used on Black enemies are more effective!

Stage Location Treasure
29 Sahara Oasis
30 Ghana Highlife Bend
32 Argentina Mate
33 Easter Island Moai Mold

Blood Fruit

Wt006 o

Abilities used on Red enemies are more effective!

Stage Location Treasure
21 Philippines Balut
22 Singapore Peranakan Bowl
26 Kenya Running Shoes
27 Saudi Arabia Racing Camel

Sky Fruit

Wt007 o

Abilities used on Floating enemies are more effective!

Stage Location Treasure
35 Colombia Bag of Emeralds
36 Jamaica Dreadlocks
38 Hollywood Oscar Statue
39 Las Vegas Poker Chips

Heaven's Fruit

Wt008 o

Abilities used on Angel enemies are more effective!

Stage Location Treasure
41 Canada Poutine
42 Greenland Sea Kayak
44 NASA Astronaut Helmet
45 Bermuda Hurricane Wind

Time Machine

Wt001 o

Energy recovery speed is increased!

Stage Location Treasure
13 Italy Cannoli
15 Turkey Belly Dancer
16 Dubai Skyscraper
18 Nepal Prayer Flags
19 Thailand Massage Handbook

Future Tech

Wt000 o

Maximum energy total increased!

Stage Location Treasure
47 Floating Continent Floating Rock
48 Moon U.S Flag

Note: Void Fruit, Blood Fruit, Sky Fruit and Heaven's Fruit improve effects used against the specified enemy's type:

  • They increase the duration of Slow, Freeze and Weaken effects.
  • They increase the distance of the Knockback effect.
  • "Massive Damage" and "Insane Damage" units have their damage increased even further against that type of enemies.
  • "Resistant" and "Insanely Tough”units take decreased damage received from that type of enemies even further.
  • "Strong Against" units have their damage increased even further against that type of enemy, and decreases damage received from that type of enemies even further.
  • "Dodge Attack and "Curse" are not affected.

See Treasure for more information on each Treasure.

Splash Texts

  • Gather treasure so you can clear Chapter 3!
  • Into the Future has a lot of hard enemies!

(more to be added)


  • The Time Machine Treasure bears some resemblance to the DeLorean Time Machine from Back to the Future, as it has wheels that turn sideways like in the 2nd movie and rocket thrusters in the back.
  • China, Jamaica and the Moon are the only stages to retain their positions from Empire of Cats, being respectively the 3rd, 36th and 48th locations visited in both campaigns.
  • Maldives and Hawaii are the only locations visited in Empire of Cats to not appear in Into the Future, since Floating Continent and The Great Abyss weren't in Empire of Cats, so some levels had to be replaced.


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