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Into the Future Opening (EN)
Into the Future Ending (EN)

It is the future…
1st April, 29XX
On that day, Aliens came to this planet.

But, hey, what's this?
Was it just bad timing?
The people of Earth brushed
the visitors off like weirdos.

Their revenge on the humans who
ignored them took many forms:

Sinking Japan… Psychic activity…
Mind-control implants… Floating cities
Reality television… Unspeakable probing…

Sure, some guys weren't too happy.
But lets not worry about that.

Oh yeah, by the way:
I've been an alien from space all along.

The changes we made to earth
creatures are the symbol of our rule.
Lately, you see guys on the street
with THAT growing from their head.

Earth has no words to
explain what THAT is.

You'd definitely die of embarassment
if you tried to even describe THAT.

A real gentleman would never dare
mention THAT in public.


That's how awfully shocking THAT is.

Anyhow, I've got 8 of THAT
growing on my head.

We had just about invaded
every country in the world, but then…
some really troublesome guys
appeared without warning.

Their name is… Cat Army.

We heard they'd conquered the past…
and now they came to invade our future.
I mean, they didn't even look tired…

There's just one thing I
want to say to the Cat Army:

♪Aliens aren't so
bad after all ♪

Well, it is true that we sunk Japan…

Well, lets not waste any more time.
On to the greatest showdown:

And so…
the Alien empire fell before
the power of the Cat Army.

A new world has emerged:
of the Cats, by the Cats, for the Cats!
This life will surely become even
more punishing and cruel! Aaagh!

Well, that's what I thought.

In the end, nothing really changed.

Well, if I have to say something.
Cats star in a lot more
TV dramas these days.

That's pretty much it.

Now we have lots of cute
"big sister" characters on TV.
Aliens became less trendy
so we don't get parts anymore.

Hey, do you remember THAT?
Well, pushing and pulling on THAT
is the new comedy boom.

Oh, one more thing.

I just got back from drinking
with the Cats…

They were a little tipsy, but they
seemed very interested in our planet.

I was cornered for over an hour…
They kept asking things like:
"Is there Cat Food over there?"

They were so persistent
I finally just said, "Yeah, sure!"

Suddenly their eyes were
gleaming with childlike joy.

I hear they're building a rocket now.

Do you think…? No, there's no way…

Congratulations to The Battle Cats!

Thank You Battle Cats!

Onward into an endless universe!!!