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It's Not Your Fault (Veteran) (君のせいじゃない 超上級) is the first stage in Unit-13 Strikes!


For a few seconds, nothing spawns. Then, Awakened Eva Unit-13 spawns, with Those Guys being spawned at a light rate. They might not look threatening, but they make it much harder to stall Awakened Eva Unit-13.


This stage might only be veteran difficulty, but don’t let that fool you. The boss, Awakened Eva Unit-13, attacks often, allowing it to perma-weaken your cats, as well as perma-freezing them if a cat stays in its standing range without being knocked back. It also knocks back cats and is immune to shockwaves, allowing it to push extremely easily. On top of this, it has Omni-strike hitting all the way up to 1200 range, even being able to hit even Cyberpunk Cat! However, it has one weakness: its standing range is a low 200, which can be exploited by high-DPS Attackers from a distance, however, this makes recovering ground after an attack almost impossible unless your meatshields can survive the 15,000 damage hit AND are immune to Knockback or Freeze.

The You Will Find Happiness combo (Kaworu and Shinji) is extremely helpful, especially when using more Eva Angel Killers.

Awakened Bahamut can be of great help if aided by Sexy Legs cat or something else to clear the peons.


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