Japan is the 1st stage of Into the Future and is pretty straightforward in all 3 chapters.

The next stage is Korea.

Caution to newcomers

Into the Future introduces the Alien class of enemies, which have their stats scaled to 700% of normal when you first arrive here. Each time you complete a set of treasures from Into the Future, you will see a stat-boost reduction of based on the value of the bronze, silver and gold treasures you have acquired.

Once all superior treasures from a single set are obtained alien stats are reduced 100% and there are 2 sets of alien treasures in each ITF chapter. This means that once all superior treasures are collected from all ITF chapters that we will see alien stats reduced to a normal 100% of base value.

It is generally recommended that you only attempt Into the Future AFTER you finish Empire of Cats Chapter 3, even though it is unlocked after you defeat The Face in Chapter 1 Moon. The jump in difficulty can be drastic if you do not have very many cat levels and Alien units are unforgiving at first..



Into the Future - Stage 1
Chapter 1
Energy: 30
Enemy's Castle Health: 4000
Enemies: - Doge (200%)
- Snache (200%)
- Those Guys (200%)
Enemy Boss: - Shibalien (Alien) (100%)
Treasure: EN: Home Electronics

JP: ちょんまげ (Topknot)

Score Rewards: 8500: Cat Food +10

5000: Cat CPU +1

XP earned: 1000
Stage Width: 4000
Max number of Enemies: 5
Chapter 2
Energy: 40
Enemy's Castle Health: 6000 HP
Enemies: - Doge (400%)
- Snache (400%)
- Those Guys (400%)
Enemy Boss: - Shibalien (Alien) (250%)
Treasure: EN: Home Electronics

JP: ちょんまげ (Topknot)

Score Rewards: 9000: Cat Food +10

7000: Cat CPU +1

XP earned: 1000
Stage Width: 4000
Max number of Enemies: 5
Chapter 3
Energy: 50
Enemy's Castle Health: 8000 HP
Enemies: - Doge (800%)
- Snache (800%)
- Those Guys (800%)
- Shibalien (Alien) (500%)
Enemy Boss: - Doge (800%)
Treasure: EN: Home Electronics

JP: ちょんまげ (Topknot)

Score Rewards: 9000: Cat Food +10

7500: Cat CPU +1

XP earned: 1000
Stage Width: 4000
Max number of Enemies: 8


Chapters 1 and 2

The stage begins with a few Doges, Snaches and Those Guys appearing as peons. However, after hitting the enemy base a Shibalien comes out as a main threat; as it is an Alien, its stats are buffed by 700% (Provided you have no anti-Alien Treasures), meaning it has 6300 HP and does 1050 damage per hit. Players coming from Chapter 1 of Empire of Cats should take caution.

Chapter 3

Plays out similarly to the previous chapters, but three Shibaliens will spawn instead of one.


For all Chapters - Since it's the first stage of ItF, it's relatively easy: Even if the Shibalien overpowers your troops, it has a moderate attack rate and single-target attack, meaning:

Once the Shibalien is dead, the remaining peons pose no threat and you can claim victory.


The Treasure in this stage is a part of the Aqua Crystal, which reduces the stats of Alien enemies. This will make them deal less damage to your units and have less health.


  • This level is most likely underwater because the intro to this chapter says the Aliens sunk Japan. However, on the in-game map, some of Japan appears above water.


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