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The hapless tanuki Kachi Kachi strides boldly forth as a living shield against the enemy of the cat army, able to withstand the hottest flames from the attacks of the Pyro Corps Cats taking cover behind him. Maybe if you evolve them, the next strategy will be just a little bit better thought out... - PONOS' announcement

Kachi-Kachi (also known as Kachi Kachi) is an Uber Rare Cat that can be unlocked by playing the Rare Cat Capsule during the Ancient Heroes Ultra Souls event. This cat was added since 20 Million Downloads Celebration Event of Nyanko Daisensou on July 30th, 2015. True Form added in the Version 6.1 Update increases movement speed and is strong against Angels and Aliens.

Cat Unit # 203
Uber Rare Cat


Fire Squad Kachiyama
Fire Squad Kachiyama.png

Kachiyama Assault Brigade
Kachiyama Assault Brigade.png


Evolves into Fire Squad Kachiyama at level 10.

Evolves into Kachiyama Assault Brigade at level 30 using Catfruit.



  • May decrease the attack power of Angels/Aliens (Evolved/True Form has 100% chance)

Normal Form

  • High DPS for his cost
  • Fast attack rate, movement speed and recharge time

Evolved/True Form

  • Good range along with good HP
  • Short recharge time for an Uber Rare
  • True Form is strong against Angels/Aliens


Normal Form

  • Low damage per hit
  • Short range

Evolved/True Form

  • Low DPS for an Uber Rare, except against Angels/Aliens in True Form
  • Too fast for its own good
  • Quite expensive
  • Few knockbacks
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Like the other Ultra Souls, Kachi-Kachi has significantly different stats between Normal (spammable) and Evolved Form (high performance), both of which can be used effectively depending on the situation.

Normal Form

Kachi-Kachi has mediocre stats, but he attacks fast and is quite speedy, meaning that he can be useful for both short ranged targets, in aid of defensive units, or against longer ranged units who don't attack often, such as Sunfish Jones or Cli-One, as a proc can lead the cat units who inevitably get caught by the attack to take less damage from it.

Evolved Form

This units tends to clip into hitboxes way too often, but, with a wise choice or timing of the cat cannon, he can be a solid supporter, who helps from a distance. Use him with many meatshields and, possibly, an army that doesn't make it so the enemies are pushed back and forth too much for the most effect.

He can also be used as a general damage dealer, especially for enemies that few can outrange, but keep in mind that this unit cannot consistently outrange THE SLOTH and Master A. due to his tendency to clip with his high speed.

True Form

Faster speed means that this form is riskier to use, especially against traits they do not target, but the added strength will make Kachiyama Assault Brigade act as a much better supporter, one who can also tank some attacks if there is need and one who can, like the normal form, be once again effective against super-backliners, just thanks to health and ability instead of replaceability.


Resist Slow is a situational, but decent talent, as it allows this unit to resist the slowing effects of Sunfish Jones and maybe others. Only unlock it if you need it for a particular situation, there is no reason to preemptively have it there, as it is very unlikely to randomly save you at some point. As for everything else... there is little to say; all other talents are very direct and straight-forward improvements, although none makes much of a difference due to this unit's role in a fight.


Switch EN/JP

Cat Unit # 203 Uber Rare Cat
Uni203 f00.png
EN Description
Cat army R & D cloned an ancient superweapon: a cute Tanuki that can survive being set on fire... Might weaken Alien/Angel attacks (Area Attack)
Fire Squad Kachiyama
Uni203 c002.png
EN Description
Communing with ancient spirits, Kachi now gathers all the heat he has absorbed for explosive assaults! Weakens Alien/Angel attacks (Area Attack)
Kachiyama Assault Brigade
Uni203 s00.png
EN Description
Ancient magic empowered by modern technology. Burn it all down and leave no evidence behind! Weakens Alien/Angel attacks (Area Attack)
Cat Unit # 203 Uber Rare Cat
カチカチヤマンズ (Kachikachiyamanzu)
Uni203 f00.png
JP Script

泥船計画実行のためには手段を選ばない たまに天使とエイリアンの攻撃力を下げる(範囲攻撃)

EN Translation
The SCAT squad, dedicated to finding and tracking down ancient cryptids.

Searching for a way to make their mud-ship plan work.

Sometimes lowers the attack power of Angels and Aliens. (Area attack)

炎護射撃車ウーウー (Honō Mamoru Shageki-sha ūū)
Uni203 c002.png
JP Script

共鳴した古代兵器は幾干の時を経てついに再始動する 天使とエイリアンの攻撃力を必ず下げる(範囲攻撃)

EN Translation
With the completion of their mud-ship plan, they've synced up an ancient war machine to their cryptid.

Always lowers the attack power of Angels and Aliens. (Area Attack)

豪炎狙撃車ウーウー (Ōsutoraria-en Shageki-sha ūū)
Uni203 s00.png
JP Script

機密任務完遂のため全ての証拠を焼却処分する(範囲攻撃) 天使とエイリアンにめっぽう強く、攻撃力を必ず下げる

EN Translation
Now that the syncing is in full effect, the ancient war machine is on a rampage, reducing all incriminating evidence into ash!

Is strong against and lowers the attack power of Angels and Aliens. (Area Attack)

Upgrade Cost

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
0x 0 9,800 14,800 21,800 42,500 64,300 93,200 118,000 197,400 513,500 1,075,300
1x 15,600 19,600 29,600 43,600 85,000 128,600 186,400 236,000 394,800 1,027,000 2,166,200
2x 23,400 29,400 44,400 65,400 127,500 192,900 279,600 354,000 592,200 1,540,500 3,249,300
3x 27,300 34,300 51,800 76,300 148,750 225,050 326,200 413,000 690,900 1,797,250 3,790,850
4x 31,200 39,200 59,200 87,200 170,000 257,200 372,800 472,000 789,600 2,054,000 4,332,400
Total XP Cost 14,614,050
  • Level 30-49 upgrades cost Catseyes: 30-44 = 1 Catseye, 45-49 = 2 Catseyes


Health Attack Power Attack Range Attack Frequency Movement Speed Knockback Attack animation Recharge Time
600 HP 70 290 0.63s 16 4 times 3f 0.1 seconds 16.33-7.53s
Health (Lv.30) Attack Power (Lv.30) Attack Type Special Ability
10,200 HP 1,190 damage Area Attack Weakens the attack power of Angel and Alien enemies to 50% for 70f 2.33 seconds. (15%)
Fire Squad Kachiyama
Health (Lv.30) Attack Power (Lv.30) Attack Range Attack Frequency Movement Speed Knockback Attack animation Recharge Time
54,400 HP 20,382 damage 460 5.73s 38 2 times 61f 2.03 seconds 80.33-71.53s
Attack Type Special Ability
Area Attack Weakens the attack power of Angel and Alien enemies to 50% for 140f 4.67 seconds. (100%)
Kachiyama Assault Brigade
Health (Lv.30) Attack Power (Lv.30) Attack Range Attack Frequency Movement Speed Knockback Attack animation Recharge Time
54,400 HP 20,382 damage 460 5.73s 48 2 times 61f 2.03 seconds 80.33-71.53s
Lv.MAX Attack Type Special Ability
40+60 Area Attack Weakens the attack power of Angel and Alien enemies to 50% for 140f 4.67 seconds. (100%);

Inflicts 1.5 times damage to Angel/Aliens; while takes 1/2 damage from them.

*First stats are 1st form's initial, second and third stats include 300% Empire of Cats Treasures; recharge time may vary.
*Time between attacks is the time from the attack's execution to the start of the next attack (includes backswing).
*For units with multi-hit attacks, attack animation is the part of the animation leading up to the first hit.
*Fruit Treasures not included.
*See this section to calculate Kachi-Kachi's stats.

Normal Form Kachi-Kachi
Level HP AP DPS Attack Cycle 19f 0.63 seconds
Initial 600 70 110 Attack Animation 3f 0.1 seconds
10 4,200 490 773 Attack Range 290
50 + 70 25,200 2,940 4,642 Attack Type Area
Recharge Time 16.33 - 7.53 seconds Knockback 4 times Movement Speed 16
Cost (¢) Abilities
Ch. 1 Ch. 2 Ch. 3

Multi Hit (7070 + 00)
15% chance to Weaken Angel and Alien enemies by 50% for 70f 2.33 seconds.

480 720 960
Evolved Form Fire Squad Kachiyama
Level HP AP DPS Attack Cycle 170f 5.67 seconds
Initial 3,200 1,199 211 Attack Animation 61f 2.03 seconds
20 38,400 14,387 2,538 Attack Range 460
50 + 70 134,400 50,357 8,886 Attack Type Area
Recharge Time 80.33 - 71.53 seconds Knockback 2 times Movement Speed 38
Cost (¢) Abilities
Ch. 1 Ch. 2 Ch. 3

Multi Hit (1,1991,199 + 00)
100% chance to Weaken Angel and Alien enemies by 50% for 140f 4.67 seconds.

3,400 5,100 6,800
True Form Kachiyama Assault Brigade
Level HP AP DPS Attack Cycle 170f 5.67 seconds
Initial 3,200 1,199 211 Attack Animation 61f 2.03 seconds
30 54,400 20,382 3,596 Attack Range 460
50 + 70 134,400 50,357 8,886 Attack Type Area
Recharge Time 80.33 - 71.53 seconds Knockback 2 times Movement Speed 48
Cost (¢) Abilities
Ch. 1 Ch. 2 Ch. 3

Multi Hit (1,1991,199 + 00)
100% chance to Weaken Angel and Alien enemies by 50% for 140f 4.67 seconds.
Strong Against Angel and Alien enemies.

3,400 5,100 6,800
  • HP = Health ; AP = Attack Power ; DPS = Damage Per Second ; 2 Movement Speed = 1 Range/f
  • f = frame ; 30f = 1 second ; Attack Animation = Idle + Foreswing + Backswing (f)
  • Catseye, User Rank and game progress are essential to achieving max level, see here for details.
  • See here to understand Treasure effects.

Catfruit Evolution

GreenFruit.png x3 PurpleFruit.png x3
BlueFruit.png x6 YellowFruit.png x6
RainbowFruit.png x3 XP.png1,000,000


  • Resist Slow: Reduces slow duration by 16%, increases by 6% per level up to 70%. (Total Cost: 175 NP)
  • Defense Buff: Upgrades health by 2% per level up to 20%. (Total Cost: 175 NP)
  • Attack Buff: Upgrades attack power by 2% per level up to 20%. (Total Cost: 175 NP)
  • Cost Down: Reduces cost by 40/60/80¢ per level up to 400/600/800¢ (Total Cost: 175 NP)
  • Recover Speed Up: Reduces recharge time by 20f (0.7 seconds) per level up to 200f (6.7 seconds) (Total Cost: 175 NP)


  • Normal Form: A cat wielding a large flamethrower running behind a tanuki carrying a burning pile of sticks. When attacking, the tanuki bends over and the cat blasts fire at the tanuki, which goes around it to burn the targets in front of them.
  • Evolved Form: Takes the form of a large, fire-truck-like vehicle. There are 4 cats driving the truck, one on the ladder, and a tanuki on the top of the ladder holding a hose. To attack, the tanuki fires a large fireball at the target which explodes.
  • True Form: The fire truck is now red with some grey parts, and is much more detailed, featuring flashing blue lights, and an exhaust vent. To attack, the ladder extends and the tanuki, who is now orange and on fire, lobs a bigger, more detailed fireball at the target.


  • Kachi-Kachi is the Japanese onomatopoeia that a fire crackle makes. Kachiyama roughly translates to "Fire-Crackle Mountain", which is the name of a Japanese story about a tanuki (a Japanese Racoon-dog) who tricks a farmer, and a rabbit who avenges the farmer by various means, including setting the tanuki on fire, and getting the tanuki to use a dissolvable mud-boat for a boat race. The setting for the story is Mount Tenjo, which people can ascend via a cable car named Kachi-Kachi Ropeway.
    • The English description gives the tanuki the name "Kachi".
  • The Year End Bash called him "Kachiyama" instead of Kachi-Kachi.



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