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Kai is an Uber Rare Cat that can be unlocked by playing the Rare Cat Capsule during the Cyber Academy Galaxy Gals event or the Air Busters event. True Form greatly increases her attack power, health, movement speed, and grants Knockback immunity.

Cat Unit # 106
Uber Rare Cat


Kai, type μ
Kai type mu.png

Divine Kai
Divine Kai.png


Evolves into Kai, type μ at level 10.

Evolves into Divine Kai at level 30 using Catfruit and XP.


+ Resistant to Floating enemies
+ Survives a lethal strike
+ Immune to knockback [True]


  • Very high health
  • High DPS
  • Low cost
  • Short recharge time


  • Slow movement speed [Normal, Evolved]
  • Slow attack rate and animation
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Kai is a very tough and durable tank unit, especially against Floating enemies. Despite her short range, Kai is extremely useful to stop slow and strong Floating enemies such as the Crazed Bird Cat for a while and inflict good damage. Her DPS may seem incredible, but due to her short range and long attack animation, she'll often only get a couple hits in before she gets knocked back. At the very least, though, she has the stats to tank and OHKO a group of Brollows.

Kai's usage against non-Floating enemies is limited, as well as many Floating enemies in the game having a non-Floating backliner that punishes the player for using a frontline tank like Kai. Since most Floating enemies have another trait and may inflict status effects (such as Maawth), they may inflict said debuffs onto her.

Despite being resistant to Floating, it is not recommended to use her against any Cyclone other than The Perfect Cyclone due to her short range, as the Cyclones' DPS will shred her as quickly as any other unit.

Her Combo, Pork on Rice, is a really nice Defense Combo. Riceball Cat and Kai both have good uses on certain stages, and it has good synergy with other Combos like Cool Japan or Cheating Heart?.

True Form

Divine Kai doubles her health, along with gaining more damage and higher speed. This makes her especially good against Long Distance enemies, even more so than before. Her newfound knockback immunity now allows her to be a powerful asset in stages such as Floor 39 of the Heavenly Tower, where Mr. Mole would easily knock her back.

Her base stats improve more than significantly, meaning that what she did well previously in her Normal and Evoled, she now does best in. This True Form is a massive improvement over what she was before, giving you an even better reason to bring her into battle. Furthermore, her generalist usage is now decent, and along with being able to tank fairly well against non-Floating enemies, makes her damage output worth it for her cost. However, in late Stories of Legend and Uncanny Legends, this means nearly nothing against most peons, as most have enough sheer DPS to end her quickly.


Presumably due to her already tremendous pool of health, Kai was not given a Defense Buff Talent. Unfortunately, most of what she got instead isn't too great; Resist Slow and Weaken are about as useful as they always are, and while Resist Wave can make her a decent anti-Wave unit, better options for that already exist plentifully. Attack Buff is a little bit better, as her attack power is already quite high, but the NP investment isn't likely to be worth it when Catseyes are still an option.

She does, however, have one outstanding Talent in Shield Piercing. At max level, her attacks are guaranteed to break Shields, some of which can be incredibly tough to take down otherwise. Her general tankiness also makes her easily capable of walking directly into the enemies' attacks to get rid of their Shields. This combined with the lack of alternate options makes her one of the best Shield Piercers in the game, proving her worth incredibly well in stages like the Mount Aku Invasion and Temptation's Symphony.

Cat Combo

Combo Units Cat Images Effect
Pork on Rice [Uber Rare] Kai
[Special] Riceball Cat
Unit Defense Up (Sm)


Switch EN/JP

Cat Unit # 106 Uber Rare Cat
Uni106 f00.png
EN Description
Airheaded girl riding her machine pig "Tonton".
Fires powerful point blank beams (Area Attack).
Reduced damage from Floating, survives once.
Kai type μ
Cro 106.png
EN Description
Ends up liking anyone who is nice to her.
Her love hurdle is mere 3cm (Area Attack).
Reduced damage from Floating, survives once.
Divine Kai
Uni106 s00.png
EN Description
If any cute guy is your type, is that really a type?
Always travels via her trusty Boarborg (Area Atk)
Reduced damage from Flying, Survives Once.
Cat Unit # 106 Uber Rare Cat
召し豚のカイ (Meshi Buta no Kai, Pig Caller Kai)
Uni106 f00.png
JP Script
EN Translation
Inadvertently airheaded girl riding her mechanical pig "Tonton".
The beam fired by the pig at super-close range is overwhelming (Area Attack).
Resistant to Floating enemies, survives a lethal strike only once.
召し豚のカイμ (Meshi Buta no Kai μ, Pig Caller Kai μ)
Cro 106.png
JP Script
EN Translation
Falls in love with anyone that is gentle with her.
Pig Caller Kai's love hurdle is 3 centimeters (Area Attack).
Resistant to Floating enemies, survives a lethal strike only once.
召し猪のカイμ (Meshi Inoshishi no Kai μ, Boar Caller Kai μ)
Uni106 s00.png
JP Script
EN Translation
She's fallen in love someone who is her type!
Recklessly charges forward on her mechanical boar "Uriborg".
Resistant to Floating enemies, survives a lethal strike only once.


  • Chapter 1: 2,660¢
  • Chapter 2: 3,990¢
  • Chapter 3: 5,320¢

Upgrade Cost

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
0x 0 9,800 14,800 21,800 42,500 64,300 93,200 118,000 197,400 513,500 1,075,300
1x 15,600 19,600 29,600 43,600 85,000 128,600 186,400 236,000 394,800 1,027,000 2,166,200
2x 23,400 29,400 44,400 65,400 127,500 192,900 279,600 354,000 592,200 1,540,500 3,249,300
3x 27,300 34,300 51,800 76,300 148,750 225,050 326,200 413,000 690,900 1,797,250 3,790,850
4x 31,200 39,200 59,200 87,200 170,000 257,200 372,800 472,000 789,600 2,054,000 4,332,400
Total XP Cost 14,614,050
  • Level 30-49 upgrades cost Catseyes: 30-44 = 1 Catseye, 45-49 = 2 Catseyes


Health Attack Power Attack Range Attack Frequency Movement Speed Knockback Attack animation Recharge Time
4,300 HP 3,110 damage
(296.19 DPS)
175 315f 10.5 seconds 8 2 times 76f 2.53s
(75f 2.5s backswing)
80 ~ 71.2 seconds
Health (Lv.30) Attack Power (Lv.30) Attack Type Special Ability
73,100 HP 52,870 damage
(5,035.24 DPS)
Area Attack Resistant to Floating enemies

100% chance to survive one lethal strike

Kai, type μ
Health (Lv.30) Attack Power (Lv.30) Attack Range Attack Frequency Movement Speed Knockback Attack animation Recharge Time
96,900 HP 84,830 damage
(8,079.05 DPS)
175 315f 10.5 seconds) 8 2 times 76f 2.53s
(75f 2.5s backswing)
80 ~ 71.2 seconds
Attack Type Special Ability
Area Attack Resistant to Floating enemies

100% chance to survive one lethal strike

Divine Kai
Health (Lv.30) Attack Power (Lv.30) Attack Range Attack Frequency Movement Speed Knockback Attack animation Recharge Time
193,800 HP 118,830 damage
(11,317.14 DPS)
175 315f 10.5 seconds 16 2 times 76f 2.53s
(75f 2.5s backswing)
80 ~ 71.2 seconds
Lv.MAX Attack Type Special Ability
Lv.50+70 Area Attack Resistant to Floating enemies

100% chance to survive one lethal strike
Immune to Knockback

*First stats are 1st form's initial, second and third stats include 300% Empire of Cats Treasures; recharge time may vary.
*Time between attacks is the time from the attack's execution to the start of the next attack (includes backswing).
*For units with multi-hit attacks, attack animation is the part of the animation leading up to the first hit.
*Fruit Treasures not included.
*See this section to calculate Kai's stats.

Catfruit Evolution

GreenFruit.png x7 PurpleFruit.png x4
BlueFruit.png x3 YellowFruit.png x3
RainbowFruit.png x3 XP.png1,000,000


  • Shield Piercing: Adds a 10% chance per level to instantly pierce Shields, up to a maximum of 100%. (Total Cost: 235 NP)
  • Resist Wave: Reduces damages from Wave Attacks by 5% per level up to a maximum of 50%. (Total Cost: 175 NP)
  • Resist Weakn: Decreases weaken duration by 16%, increases by 6% per level up to a maximum of 70%. (Total Cost: 175 NP)
  • Resist Slow: Decreases slow duration by 16%, increases by 6% per level up to a maximum of 70%. (Total Cost: 175 NP)
  • Attack Buff: Upgrades attack power by 2% per level up to a maximum of 20%. (Total Cost: 175 NP)


  • Normal Form: A clumsy-looking girl wearing a big hat with a cat face on it. Her face seems to show panic, and she rides a giant pig head whose eyes roll, accompanied by two smaller, flying mechanical pigs that have closed eyes. Attacks by the pig opening its mechanical mouth, and charging a point-blank energy weapon. When the pig fires, its rider is pushed back from the force.
  • Evolved Form: Now in full color. Takes yellow/green as a color scheme. The smaller pigs' eyes are now open and the big pig is more detailed. Also, Tonton's eyes don't roll. The small pigs now charge energy along with the mount during its attack.
  • True Form: The giant pig Kai rides on is now a boar and is much more detailed and aggressive-looking, while Kai's outfit is altered to be more detailed and revealing. The two smaller pigs by her side now have yellow stars around them. Her hat is much more detailed and has two strands on each side of it. Instead of looking frightened, she has a smile. Her attack now produces star shaped energy blasts.

Existence Elsewhere

Princess Punt Sweets

Kai's outfit is obtainable in Princess Punt Sweets during the collab.



  • Kai is the name of a female samurai who served under Hojo Ujisayu.
  • She is supposed to be modeled after Zhu Bajie/Cho Hakkai from Journey to the West, with Kuu and Coppermine also representing other characters. Her portrayal is the least explicit amongst the other Galaxy Gals.
    • Prior to version 5.0, putting Kai, Kuu and Coppermine in the first row would activate a Cat Combo named Journey to the West.
    • Kai's oversized hat, predominantly yellow outfit and especially hair style and color are also reminiscent of Alena from the Dragon Quest series.
  • She is the only Galaxy Gal to not be floating.
  • Divine Kai's description mistakenly refers to the Floating trait as "Flying".
  • The "Uribo" in the Boarborg's Japanese name, Uriborg, is derived from the Japanese word uribō, meaning "young wild boar".
  • Version 3 of The Battle Cats allowed her to survive one lethal strike.
  • She is the first Uber Rare Cat to have two seasonal variants: Frosty Kai and Seashore Kai. She is also one of the only three Uber Rares to have more than one seasonal variant, the others being Kuu and Coppermine.
  • The μ in her name is the Greek letter "mu" (pronounced like me).
  • She was added to the game alongside Kuu and Coppermine on May 14th, 2014.


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