Kasa Jizo is an Uber Rare Cat that can be unlocked by playing the Rare Cat Capsule during the Ancient Heroes Ultra Souls and Best of the Best events. True Form added in 7.4 gains increased health and range, multi-hit and a reduced delay between attacks.

Cat Unit - 137
Uber Rare Cat

Kasa jizo

Jizo's moving castle

Jizo true form


Evolves into Jizo's Moving Castle (Kamui in BCP!) at level 10.

Evolves into Jizo’s Mega-Castle at level 30 using Catfruit.


  • Massive damage to Black and Angel Enemies.
  • Cheap and spammable in Normal Form.
  • High damage for a spammable attacker in Normal Form.
  • High health in Evolved Form. (Better in True Form.)
  • Evolved Form has long range. (Even longer in True Form.)
  • Evolved and True Form have very high attack power.
  • True Form has a somewhat fast attack rate.
  • Fast movement speed in Normal Form.


  • Evolved and True Form are very slow, have a high cost and long recharging time.
  • Evolved and True Form have 2 knockbacks, decreasing survivability.
  • First form has slightly below average range.


While Jizo's evolved and True Forms have extremely high attack power, it's the normal form of this cat that shines. Kasa Jizo has a very short cooldown, and a stack of them will annihilate most black and angel enemies in their path. Once leveled up, this cat is virtually unstoppable on Black-dominant stages like the XP StagesRefined PalateXP Colosseum, and Taste of Success (though Bombercat is needed for the last one), as well as Angel-heavy stages like Broken Mask and No Plan A. Even against other enemies it still has very high stackable DPS, more than twice that of a Paris Cat with the same level. Be sure to keep Jizo protected, as enemies still deal full damage to it. It is recommended to keep this cat in its normal form, as it is more useful almost all the time.

The evolved form can actually be very useful on stages with powerful decent-ranged bosses with supporting Black or Angel Enemies, such as the Crazed Tank and Manic Eraser stages, or, in some cases, where the boss is an angel or a black enemy like Angry Fighting. A range of 450 is quite good, outranging most enemies, and the triple damage buff is very helpful, as many mid-late game threats have Black or Angel type. At level 50 Moving Castle has a whopping 150k HP and a grand 129,600 damage. That's 518,400 against Black and Angels, enough to kill almost all in only a few hits. A level 50 Jizo‘s Moving Castle can kill a 100% Le’noir in just one hit. Because of its range increase from 450 -> 485 in TF, he can even outrange enemies such as master A and THE SLOTH!

As most players who have acquired this cat frequently uses its unevolved form for stacking+high DPS, a very important point for those who have proceeded far into the game is that there are some enemies that Jizo can't defeat but its second or third form can, if well protected, annihilate, such as Winged Pigge in Beyond the Savannah.

If you are a player who is lucky enough to obtain Kasa Jizo, be extremely grateful. The Uber is widely considered to be one of the best in the entirety of the game, and obtaining him early game will allow you to basically cheese the first two chapters.


English Version

  • Normal Form: It's said there's a shadowy organization who grants wishes made to these statues. (Area Atk) Deals massive damages to Black/Angel types
  • Evolved Form: The hidden fortress of the Jizo organization. ...wait isn't this classified? (Area Attack) Deals massive damages to Black/Angel types.
  • True Form: Escaping the government’s tactical missile strikes, the Jizo Organization is on the offensive. (Area Attack) Deals massive damage to Black/Angel types

Japanese Version

Japanese Version info. translation
Normal Form name かさじぞう (kasa jizou) Umbrella Jizo
Evolved Form name 地蔵要塞カムイ (Jizō yōsai Kamui) Jizo fortress Kamui
True Form name 地蔵要塞ゼロカムイ Jizo Fortress Zero Kamui
Normal Form description 雪降る中、依頼内容を書いたカサをかぶせると

その依頼を叶えてくれる謎の組織「かさじぞう」 天使と黒い敵に超ダメージを与える(範囲攻撃)

When snow is falling, write down the content of a request and cover it with an umbrella.

"Umbrella Jizo," a mysterious organization that will grant the request. Deals ultra- damage to Angels and Black enemy (Area attack)

Evolved Form description ついに「かさじぞう」の本体中枢が動き始める

絶対的な存在感は連邦政府をも震え上がらせる 天使と黒い敵に超ダメージを与える(範囲攻撃)

Finally the body center of the "umbrella Jizo" starts moving

Absolute presence shakes even the federal government. Deals ultra- damage to Angels and Black enemy (Area attack)

True Form description 吹雪を抜け、輝く黄金ボディをあらわにした「かさじぞう」は連邦政府殲滅に向け動き出す


When the snow storm fades, "umbrella Jizo" reveals its shiny golden body and move towards destroying the federal goverment. Deals ultra- damage to Angels and Black enemy (Area attack)


Normal Form:

  • Chapter 1: $500
  • Chapter 2: $750
  • Chapter 3: $1000

Evolved/True Form:

  • Chapter 1: $3950
  • Chapter 2: $5925
  • Chapter 3: $7900

Upgrading Cost

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
0x 0 9800 23400 21800 42500 64300 93200 118000 197400 513500 1,075,300
1x 15600 19600 29600 43600 85000 128600 186400 236000 394800 1027000 2,166,200
2x 23400 29400 44400 65400 127500 192900 279600 354000 592200 1540500 3,249,300
3x - - - - - - - - - - -
Total XP Cost 6,490,800
*shows the XP required at the level indicated to attain next level
*example : Level 19 (Row 1x, Column 9), shows a 1027000 XP cost to advance to level 20


Kasa Jizo
Health Attack Power Attack Range Time between attacks Movement Speed Knockback Attack animation Recharging Time
900 HP 400 damage 320 3.27 seconds 14 3 19f 0.63 seconds 13 - 4.2 seconds
Health (Lv.30) Attack Power (Lv.30) Attack Type Special Ability
15300 HP 6800 damage Area Attack Deals x3 damage to Black Enemies and Angel Enemies.
Jizo's Moving Castle
Health (Lv.30) Attack Power (Lv.30) Attack Range Time between attacks Movement Speed Knockback Attack animation Recharging Time
98600 HP 81600 damage 450 16.7 seconds 4 2 102f 3.4 seconds 160.33 - 151.53 seconds
Attack Type Special Ability
Area Attack Deals x3 damage to Black Enemies and Angel Enemies.
Jizo's Mega-Castle
Health (Lv.30) Attack Power (Lv.30) Attack Range Time between attacks Movement Speed Knockback Attack animation Recharging Time
115600 HP 81600 damage 485 13.37 seconds 4 2 46f 1.53 seconds 160.33 - 151.53 seconds
Lv.MAX Attack Type Special Ability
Lv.50+60 Area Attack Multi-hit:10200 - 10200 - 61200 damage

Deals x3 damage to Black Enemies and Angel Enemies.

*Includes treasures; recharge time may vary.
*Time between attacks is the interval used to calculate DPS (assuming constant attack)
*See this section to calculate Kasa Jizo's stats.

Catfruit Evolution

GreenFruit x2 PurpleFruit x7
RedFruit x3 YellowFruit x7
RainbowFruit x4 XP1 000 000


  • Normal Form: A slightly-chubby cat wearing a kasa hat and a backpack carrying a statue. The statue in the attack animation appears to bring out a gun.
  • Evolved Form: A very large castle referencing Howl's Moving Castle, complete with robotic legs. Has 4 statues that wear hats positioned on cannon platforms, along with a very large cannon that appears to charge up and attack with yellow "orbs". The cat now sits on top of the castle with his hat removed.
  • True Form: A coloured version of evolved form of yellow. Top cannons are larger and the gun platforms have numbered shields. The cat's pot contains an unidentified liquid. The castle's spikes and robotic legs now are larger and more menacing looking. Overall, the whole castle is metallic, looking like a realistic AI armoured, heavily armed tank.


  • This cat is based on Kasa Jizo, a tale about an old man who offered his kasa(a japanese traditional hat) to 6 Jizo Statues. Since he only has 5 hats left, he offered his own to the last statue, which explains the hat-less Jizo in this Cat's evolved form.
  • The Evolved Form is based on Howl's Moving Castle which is greatly shown on the legs.
  • This unit's evolved form has the highest attack out of all the cats with "Massive Damage" ability that hit two types of enemies.
  • This unit's Normal Form has the shortest recharge time of any Uber Rare cat.



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