Kirsten (キルステン Kirusuten) is an enemy that appears in the Puella Magi Madoka Magica Collaboration Event.


This enemy unit consists of a flying computer monitor accompanied by two wooden angel-like creatures. It may look like a floating type just because it is above the ground, but this particular one does not count as floating. Instead, it has only the “witch” trait. In this case, it will stand no chance against anti-witch cats such as Chibi Madoka, Chibi Homura, or any Uber Rares from the collaboration event.

Defeat Strategy

Kirsten should be a pushover as long as you use anti-witch cats or other long range-attacking cats leveled up enough and protect them with smaller cats like the basic Cat or Tank Cat. Remember that this enemy is not a floating type, so do not waste your anti-floating cats on it.


Health Attack Power Attack Range Time between attacks Movement Speed Knockback Attack Animation
750,000 20,000 250 0 9 3 9f
Special Ability Attribute
- Witch