Kosamin Ruins is the first stage in The Endless Wood. This level is a remake of Sesamin Ruins, but with Gabriels and Winged Pigges instead of Doges and St. Pigge the 2nds.


Gabriel spawns every 6~20 seconds, while Snache and Those Guys spawn every 3~20 seconds. Attacking the enemy base will spawn the boss, a trio of buffed Winged Pigges.


Four Meatshields and Ramen will help to form a strong defensive line against the Winged Pigges.

The level begins with only the peons, so as the boss wave operates on base-hit, use one Ramen at at a time to stall the peons without moving forward too far, and use that time to get to MAX Worker Cat and max monies within that wallet level.

A combination of angel or all-enemy-slowers and/or knock-backers will keep the Winged Pigge trio at a safe distance, and although it would take a long time without massive damage, this is a safe way to complete the stage.

Just make sure everything you bring on that second row can outrange the Winged Pigge, else they will decimate it within seconds and - mark my words - you will lose.


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