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The subject of this article is something that is no longer available.

Kumanchu Royale (クマんちゅ ロワイアル Kumanchu Rowaiaru), also known by the unofficial name of Battle Bears, was a sequel to the original mobile phone version of Nyanko Daisensou. Developed by PONOS and only available on older generations of mobile phones, the game was discontinued on January 6th, 2015.


Kumanchu Royale was a tower defense game about a variety of bears advancing through the world and defeating enemies. Just like Nyanko Daisensou, the game played exactly the same as its prequel.

Some enemies from Nyanko Daisensou reappeared in this game alongside new, never-before-seen enemies.


Bear Units

There were 9 different bears in Kumanchu Royale, each based on a different Normal Cat. The only special ability in the game was "Strong against Red Enemies".

Name (Normal) Name (Evolved) Normal Cat Counterpart Notes
"Real Bear"
(リアルぐま )
"Square Bear"
Tātoru Kuma
"Turtle Bear"
Tank Cat
Wanryo Kuma
"Muscle Bear"
Unknown, looked like a boxer Axe Cat Evolved Form's design was later used as a base for Welterweight Cat.
Take Panda
"Bamboo Panda"
Unknown, looked like a stack of four pandas Gross Cat Normal Form was a possible inspiration for Stilts Cat.
"Missile Bear"
Cow Cat
Menoshitaino Kuma
"Eyeball Bear"
Unknown Bird Cat Normal Form was a possible inspiration for the Cyclones.
Sensha Kuma
"Tank Bear"
Gunji-yō Sensha Kuma
"Military Tank Bear"
Fish Cat
Unknown, looked like a skinny humanoid bear Lizard Cat
Bōsō Kumangeon
"Rampaging Kumangeon"
Titan Cat Evolved Form was a possible inspiration for Dark Merchant Babil.

Enemy Units

There were 21 Enemy Units in Kumanchu Royale, though only 12 have been identified. Like in the original mobile phone version, there were only 2 enemy types: Traitless and Red. Some of these enemies were brought straight from The Battle Cats, while others were exclusive to this game; two such enemies, Angelic Sleipnir and Mr. Mer, were reimported to The Battle Cats at a later date.

Name Category Notes
Doge Traitless
Snache Traitless
Those Guys Traitless
Gory Traitless
B.B.Bunny Red
Squire Rel Traitless
Angelic Sleipnir Traitless Sources:

Presumably had lower stats and no abilities.

Mr. Mer Traitless Name was the same.
Was much weaker, with no Mini-Waves.
Zeusuppoi Hito
"Zeus-ish Guy"
Mobile Moai Traitless Actual name was allegedly "Moai-kun" or something similar.
Possible inspiration for Leggsy.
Gun-toting Soldier Traitless Conjectural name.
Ghostly Woman Traitless Conjectural name.
Possibly based on Kaguya-hime, as she appeared on the Moon.
The remaining 9 enemies are currently unknown.

Possible Extra Info

In the comments section of this video, there is a conversation between two people who seem to have played Kumanchu Royale. One helped to jog the other's memory of the enemies' names, including Mr. Mer's; this was before he was added to The Battle Cats. The rest of the comment thread sheds some more light on the enemy lineup:

  • The final boss was indeed Kaguya-hime.
  • Kaguya-hime had a Red sister named Akarakaguya-hime (赤羅かぐや姫) who appeared in the Challenge Battle.
  • The Gun-toting Soldier was introduced in Hollywood and was named Iessā Taisa (イエッサー大佐, "Colonel Yessir").
  • Machu Picchu introduced an Incan leader enemy.
  • Saudi Arabia introduced an "Arabian Nights" themed enemy.
  • Spain introduced a Red variant of Cow Cat as an enemy.

Since they got Mr. Mer's name right, it's more likely than not that they were telling the truth, but the lack of footage means it can never be completely confirmed.



  • Most of the enemy bases from this game were reused for the English version of Empire of Cats. The only known exception is the Moon stage: in BCEN, it uses an English-localized version of Iriomote Island's base (a tree) from BCJP, leaving the original Moon base unused. In The Battle Cats POP!, however, the Moon stage uses a similar but shorter version of the one from Kumanchu Royale.

    The Moon's base in The Battle Cats POP!

    • There is also Cambodia's base, which was shown to have a different color in the Kumanchu Royale title screen.
  • Kuma is the Japanese word for bear.
  • Most of the new enemies were based on different cultures or myths.
  • Ursamajor's Japanese name, Kumanchū, is a possible throwback to this game.

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