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Kyoutou Project (京刀のナユタ Kyōtō no Nayuta) was a Japanese-exclusive tower defense game developed by PONOS. It played very similarly to The Battle Cats and even included some of its characters for a limited time, but was more story-based and had a number of exclusive features to distinguish itself, including voice acting and cutscenes.

Kyoutou Project was shut down on June 30th, 2020 (11:00). To commemorate the game, its protagonist Kyosaka Nanaho was added to version 9.5 of The Battle Cats and Nyanko Daisensou as a Legend Rare Cat.


A thousand years ago, the world was almost destroyed by a vast horde of demons called "Nayutaki Yakou" (The Night Parade of 100,000,000 Demons).
Abe no Seimei, the Onmyoji of his time, sealed them away, but now they have begun to revive in the present age.
In order to stop the return of "Nayutaki Yakou", the "Shintotsukai" (Divine Sword Masters) who oppose the demons begin to gather in Kyoto from all over Japan.
Katsumi Endo, a young man who yearns to be a part of the Shinsengumi, joins the young sword masters who share his ambition.
Together they form the Shinseidan (The Sincere Alliance), a group of swordsmen who are determined to defeat the demons.
This story is a record of the Shinseidan's battles.
A story that will not be left in history, but will protect history.


Main article: Kyoutou Project/Playable Characters
Main article: Kyoutou Project/Enemy Characters


Kyoutou Project had a collab with Nyanko Daisensou, adding Sakura Sonic as a Shintou unit; Cat, Tank Cat, Gross Cat, Bahamut Cat, Teacher Bun Bun as both allies and enemies; and Doge, Pigge and Those Guys as opponents only

ネコ (Neko, Cat) タンクネコ (Tanku Neko, Tank Cat) キモネコ (Kimoneko, Gross Cat) ネコムート (Nekomūto, Cathamut) 風隼さくら (Kazehaya Sakura, Sakura Kazehaya) ネコねこまた (Neko Nekomata, Nekomata Cat)
わんこ (Wanko, Doggy) 例のヤツ (Rei no Yatsu, Those Guys) ブタ野郎 (Buta Yarō, Bastard Pig) ぶんぶん先生 (Bun Bun-Sensei, Teacher Bun Bun)
ネコ (Neko, Cat) タンクネコ (Tanku Neko, Tank Cat) キモネコ (Kimoneko, Gross Cat) ネコムート (Nekomūto, Cathamut)

The game also had a collab with the Kyoto International Manga Museum, which added Miyu Karasuma - a mascot formed by the connection between the Manga Museum and Get on! Kyoto City Subway - as a playable character.


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  • The game's name makes a pun in Japanese: The real-world city of Kyōto is spelled 京都, while the word Kyoutou in the game's name is spelled 京刀; the second kanji means "sword", one of Kyoutou Project's main recurring motifs. Kyou also happened to be the name of one of the main characters - specifically the spirit dwelling within Kyosaka Nanaho's sword Honoka - so the title could literally mean Project of Kyou's Sword.

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