Languid Lakeside is the final stage in Abyss Gazers. Lowkey is introduced in this stage.


  • Lowkey spawns as the boss after 5 seconds.
  • Sir Rel is spawned somewhat infrequently throughout the battle.
  • Bore appears after 66.7 seconds.
  • Another Bore appears after 166.7 seconds have passed.


Lowkey has 500 range, that means S. Nyandam can outrange it, so bring him in this stage. As there a not much peons in this stage, rich cat helps a lot in this stage, but it is not required. Sniper may help because your Jamieras cannot knockback Lowkey when they are cursed. ICat and Enchantress helps slow/freeze the Bores.

Strategy 1 (by Link9058)

Row 1: *Gross Cat, *Crazed Gross Cat, *Creepmallow, Li'l Nyandam, iCat

Row 2: Manic Mohawk Cat, Manic Eraser Cat, Mohawk cat, Eraser Cat, Cyborg cat

Things to note:

-Units with a "*" indicate that they are required for a Cat Combo.

-You can replace Li'l Nyandam with any Uber that you want with standing range longer than 500, and you can replace Cyborg Cat with any other spammable area attacker, such as Figure Skating Cats

Begin the battle by upgrading your worker cat to level 4, and then waiting for the first Sir Rel to come close to your base. Simply spam a few manic mohawks and manic erasers with a cyborg cat or two to deal with it. Wait for the first Bore to come near your base, then begin spamming all your meatshields, along with iCat and a few cyborgs. Always try to remember to time your iCat stacking so that they can permafreeze the Bore. Once he is permafrozen, simply spam your meatshields (but not too many cyborg) to save up money for when the Bore gets knocked back. Wen it does happen, don't stop spamming your meatshields, and wait for it to exit Lowkey's range and begin stalling it again. When it dies, you haven't won yet, you must stall until the next Bore comes. When it comes, wait for it to exit Lowkey's range and then begin spamming again, always remembering to keep extra cash for the first knockback. Once it does, you've essentially won the battle, just let out Li'l Nyandam and spam your meatshields, maybe a few cyborgs if Sir Rels are wanting to get in the way.

Congratulations, you won!


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