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A Leadership

Leadership is a feature that was introduced to Battle Cats in the Version 8.2 Update. It essentially acts as a Cat Energy refill item, which will fill your energy to the maximum limit when used and also adds any currently remaining energy to the new total.

Obtaining Leaderships

Leaderships can be obtained in the following ways:

Leadership Mechanics

When using a Leadership or Cat Food to refill your energy, any remaining Cat Energy will be rolled over as energy overflow. This means that if you still have any energy left prior to your energy refill, it will still be included in your total amount of energy as an extra amount. For example, if your total energy cap is 600 energy, and you currently have 50 energy left in total, by using an energy refill your total energy will become 650 (50 being the energy overflow). The number of Leaderships you have is shown in a small box next to your current energy amount.


  • The Leadership update replaced a previous system prior to Version 8.2, which would refill your energy to the limit if you either beat the last stage of a Stories of Legend Subchapter or the last stage of a Special Event, or if you claimed a User Rank Reward.


Total amount of energy exceeding the energy limit