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This article lists the main levels of the Legend Stages. For the full article about time-limited events, see here. For the full article about Enigma Stages, see here. For the full article about the Challenge Battle, see here.

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Legend Stages (レジェンドストーリー, Rejendo Sutōrī, Legend Stories) is a game mode that is unlocked after clearing Empire of Cats Chapter 1 and was released in the Version 2.0 Update of The Battle Cats. It contains the Challenge Battle, the Enigma Stages, many new sub-chapters (each with 1-8 stages), new types of enemies, and new game mechanics, but also Event Stages and Collaboration Event Stages where the player can win unique rewards, such as Monthly Events (collectible units), Cyclone Stages (anti-Metal cats), Crazed Cat Stages (powerful variants of Normal Cats), and Awakening Stages (True Forms of certain cats), among many others.

These challenges wait for the bravest players to come. It is recommended to get Valkyrie Cat before starting these stages. Later, Bahamut Cat will be essential to progress further into the Stories of Legend and special stages. The production cost of all cats in this mode is the same as in Empire of Cats Chapter 2 and the other Main Chapters outside of Empire of Cats Chapters 1 & 3.


After Empire of Cats, the Cats constructed a time machine to travel back in time before The Cat God was born (at least 20 years ago in the English version, at least before the Heisei era in the Japanese version), to rescue Legend Cats sealed away by a certain organization, and collect Cat Food. After completing their goals, encountering an organization seeking to revive an ancient power, and returning to the present, however, the Cats soon find themselves travelling even further back into the past as they realize some of the Legend Cats unlocked in Stories of Legend were merely descendants of the real heroes of Legend (i.e., Ururun is implied to be a descendant of Urs).

In the ancient past, the Cats found themselves facing the powerful Relic enemies they had seen a glimpse of in the Laboratory of Relics, including the "REAL ultimate superweapon" (presumably Relic Bun-Bun), and later the True Legend Cats they were seeking. After freeing the True Legend Cats, they defeat and befriend humanity's ancestor, but before they return home, an ancient god appears from a golden tree, telling them to find a sage from another world, then leaving while drawing a golden can of Cat Food in the sky. The Cats then travel to another world, the dimension-transcending "Zero World," to try to find the sage and even more Cat Food.

The Cat God is not usable on any Legend Stage due to this mode taking place before his birth, although God and Cat God the Great can still be used.

Stories of Legend Opening (EN)
Stories of Legend Ending (EN)
Uncanny Legends Ending (EN)

After the Battle Cats invaded the world
they moved to the next step of their plan...

I thought what they wanted was
to blend into our world and
live a cozy and peaceful life...
I was wrong.

The Battle Cats took over
nuclear power plants
all over the world.

They were trying to feed
all the world's power into one place!

Their mission was really…
Time Travel!

A couple of days ago I ran into
The Marketing Manager of the Battle Cats
(He was a Cat) and we had a chat, but
I don't think he knew what
Strictly Confidential

So I knew their plan,
but I was too busy playing games
and going out.
Oh, I also paid a visit to my folks too.
I'm a good kid.
Trust me.
... and so I forgot about their plan.

We need to release the Legendary Cats!
We need free them before they were sealed!
We need to travel in time!
We need some Cat Food!

... I think that was what the Cat was saying.
Though I can barely remember,
because I was pretty drunk too.

Oh right,
I was having some nuts with my beer.

So anyway,
they succeeded in time travel
and the Battle Cats traversed to
another world.

They remembered to shut down
all the nuclear power plants safely
and even left a note saying
Thank you

... I guess
They aren't so bad after all?

Hey, I forgot to add
You know Cat God? Yeah, THAT Cat God.
He is around 20 years old.

He shouldn't exist in the past… Yet.

And so, having freed the Cats
trapped in the lands of Legend
the Cats came back to their own time.

Welcome home, Cats!

Oh, they brought souvenirs! How kind!
...Chocolate macadamia nuts??
Well, we were hoping for a bit more...


With the help of the Legend Cats
the Battle Cats can finally retire
and live in peace forever. what I thought,
but that didn't actually happen.

Someone accidentally sat on
the time machine's button
and now the Cats were sent to
a weird place no one had ever heard of.

(It wasn't me, I promise)

Yesterday, I ran into the Marketing Manager
of The Battle Cats (again). I didn't ask, but
he told me a lot of top secret info (again).

It seems like where they ended up,
the lost Cat Army discovered other Cats
dressed like bosozoku biker gangs or
members of idol groups with number IDs
and other unusual creatures

It was really hard to tell WHEN
the Cats actually were.

They discovered some of the Legends
were actually just descendants of the
real heroes of Legend.

The Cats had also found a dark guild
researching forbidden knowledge.

Naturally, they were too curious and
immediately decided to stay.
There's no helping it, they're only Cats.

I tried to stop him, but he kept talking loudly.
And the next morning, it was all over the news.

Of course, the government immediately
demanded answers, but the Cats
just hid on top of a cupboard until they left.

Anyhow, it seems the Battle Cats are
the undisputed masters of time travel.

Maybe this time they'll discover the
REAL ultimate superweapon?

Go for it, Cats!
You can do it, Cats!
Three cheers for the Battle Cats!

to the Uncanny Legends!


And so, the army of Cats that freed
the Cats of Uncanny Legend
conquered the distant past...

At last

thanks to the efforts of the Cat Army and
the Legendary Cats, all of Catkind begins
to experience a rebirth.

...Or so they thought.
In the end
the present day is not overrun with Cats
as they might have hoped.

The one thing that has changed
is that there is a small increase in
the number of people that can live carefree.

That is all.

Oh, yeah, that's right...
Some Cat professors came to
the cafe I opened after leaving my
office job. They were talking to each other.

When the Cats of the past saved
the Legendary Cats, they met
humanity's ancestors
and became friendly with them.

After that, an ancient god appeared
from a shining gold tree, proclaiming,
"I task thee with finding a sage from
another world."

In the swirling energy in the night sky,
it drew a golden can of Cat Food, then left.

I remember taking their order
for a cafe au lait with no coffee
and being confused as to how to make it.

Who exactly is the sage in
the proclamation from the ancient god...?

I can't even imagine who it could be.

I bet that the Cats have probably
gone off to yet another world chasing down
more Cat Food! Heh heh!

And with that, I must say...

Battle Cats!
Safe travels,
Battle Cats!

to the Zero World!


Stories of Legend Opening (JP)
Stories of Legend Ending (JP)
Uncanny Legends Ending (JP)

The Cat Army, who conquered Japan,
finally started moving...

To integrate into our world and
live a peaceful life.
That was what I thought, but
apparently I was wrong.

The Cat Army suddenly occupied
nuclear power plants
all over the country.

They restarted operations all
at once and began feeding all the
the electricity into one place.

The goal was...
time travel!

The other day, I happened to
be seated next to the Cats' PR manager (a Cat)
at a bar. We got along, but I learned
a lot of different things because he
kept saying things he shouldn't say.

I've known about their actions for
a while this time, but I wasn't
expecting to be so busy with things
like going back to my parents' home
and the release of my favorite game's
newest version, so I had completely
forgotten about it.

We need to transcend time and space
to free the Legend Cats
from long ago, who were sealed away
by a certain organization!

...and, I barely remember
what part the Cat was talking about
while I was drinking oolong highball.

I also just remembered that
the snack served with the drink
was dried squid.

Anyway, their time travel was
a great success, and the
Cat Army set off
to a new world.

What's more, they put all
the nuclear power plants into
cold shutdown and even left
behind a note saying "thank you".

As usual, the "Cat Army"
isn't so bad.

Ah, yes,
I think there's a "God" of Cats,
but it seems that God was born
in the Heisei era.

So, in the world of the past,
there is no God.

And so, the Cat Army,
having released the Legend Cats,
returned to modern times.

Welcome back, Cat Army!

It's a little disappointing that
the time travel souvenirs were
chocolates with macadamia nuts in them.

At last,

a bright and fun new life
begins for the Cat Army and
the Legend Cats!


The Cat Army had
time traveled to the
wrong era!

Once again, I happened to meet the
Cat Army's PR manager (a Cat) at a bar.
I was informed of a lot of different things,
even though I didn't ask.

During their time travel, the Cats met other Cats
that were idols with member numbers or
dressed like bosozoku biker gangs.

Apparently, they were vaguely aware
that they were in the wrong era...

And, it turns out that the ones they
had helped were not the Legend Cats,
but their descendants.

A certain organization was doing research to
awaken ancient power.

Time travel is being attempted again
to release the True Legend Cats.

that was the reason for
the Cats' meeting at the summit of Mt. Fuji
that was all over the news this morning!

This time, their time travel was
a great success, and the Cat Army set off
to the even more ancient past.

That is why.

Don't worry,
Cat Army!
Do your best,
Cat Army!

Cat Army,
go on a journey of truth!


And so, the Cat Army
released the True Legend Cats
and conquered the ancient past...

The creation of Catkind by
the Cat Army and the Legend Cats begins.

...was what I thought, but,
in the end,
the modern era we live in
was not overflowing with Cats.

Speaking of things that have changed,
the number of people who live carefree
has increased just a bit.

That's about it.

Come to think of it, that reminds me
of how the other day, some Cat researchers (Cats)
got together to have a private chat at the
coffee shop I opened after quitting my job.

Apparently, after saving the
Cats of legend in ancient times,
the Cats met and befriended
humanity's ancestor.

After that, someone calling themselves an
ancient god appeared from a shining
golden tree, saying, "I want you to
find a sage in another world."

It was said that the ancient god drew a
shining golden can of Cat Food in
a swirling maelstrom of energy in
the night sky, then disappeared.

I just remembered that when I took
the Cats' order, they said, "Cafe au lait,
with no coffee!" and I was confused.

Who is the sage mentioned
by the ancient god?

I can't even imagine.

I guess the Cats have set out
on a journey to a world
that transcends dimensions,
chasing down Cat Food... again (laughs).

That is why.

Cat Army!
Take care,
Cat Army!

Cat Army,
to the World of 0!


Crown Difficulty

Clearing a sub-chapter for the first time rewards the player with 30 Cat Food and 1 Leadership. The player also unlocks the next sub-chapter and the next Crown difficulty of the current sub-chapter if it is already available (up to 4-Crown). Keep in mind that each Crown difficulty has its own separate "one-time-only" item reward, awarding the player 30 Cat Food and giving 1 Leadership again upon completion.

Generally speaking, the higher the Crown difficulty, the higher the magnifications. Additionally, you can only deploy Special Cats and Rare Cats in 4-Crown difficulty, although you can still have units of other rarities in your lineup, allowing you to use all the Cat Combos you want.

At the beginning of Stories of Legend, 2-Crown difficulty multiplies strength magnifications by 1.5, 3-Crown doubles the buffs, and 4-Crown multiplies them by 3, but these values steadily decrease as you progress, respectively becoming 1.2, 1.3, and 1.0 by the time you reach Mouseyland. Starting at A New Legend, the buffs for 2-Crown and 3-Crown shoot back up to early SoL levels, but 4-Crown remains the same. Again, the 2-Crown and 3-Crown multipliers slowly dwindle as the sub-chapters progress, respectively falling to 1.1 and 1.2 by Humanity Catified. Higher Crown difficulties are currently unavailable for Zero Legends.

The multipliers for each sub-chapter are as listed below:

Sub-chapter(s) 2♛ 3♛ 4♛
The Legend Begins to The Scratching Post 1.5 2 3
Parthenon to Alcatraz 1.5 2 2
Jail Break Tunnel 1.5 1.7 1.5
Capone's Jail 1.5 1.7 1.4
Silk Road 1.4 1.6 1.4
Stairway to Darkness 1.3 1.5 1.3
Prince of Darkness 1.2 1.4 1.3
Dead End Night & Battle Royale 1.2 1.4 1.2
Scars of War & Sea Polluter 1.2 1.4 1.1
Body & Soul to Quarantine Isles 1.2 1.4 1
Mouseyland to Laboratory of Relics 1.2 1.3 1
A New Legend to Coup de Chat 1.5 2 1
Cherry Isles to The Gelatin Mines 1.4 1.8 1
Drunken Foundry to Ancient Forest Labyrinth 1.3 1.7 1
Castle of the Sentinels 1.3 1.6 1
Spacetime Distortion to Behemoth's Peak 1.3 1.5 1
Moodist Beach to Between Truth and Lies 1.2 1.4 1
Humanity Catified & Sacred Forest 1.1 1.2 N/A
Event Stages Varies, but usually 1.5/2/3

In Stories of Legend and Uncanny Legends, the number of Crowns will also improve the rewards in materials as the difficulty increases.

Clearing a time-limited event for the first time also rewards the player with 30 Cat Food and 1 Leadership, and unlocks the next Crown difficulty if there is one.

Star Difficulty

Main article: Stage Difficulties

Separate from Crowns, each Legend Stages map and level is assigned a difficulty level ranging from ★1 to ★12. A map's ★ difficulty is always equal to that of its stages; map whose stages vary in difficulty will have multiple ★ difficulties itself (e.g., Vacation Awakes! is rated as both ★7 and ★8).

Currently, the main Legend Stages only go up to ★11, which starts at Castle of the Sentinels; ★12 difficulty is exclusive to Heavenly Tower, Infernal Tower, Legend Quest, Infernal Tyrant Climax, Ghost King Finale and some of the Gauntlets.


Most of the Stories of Legend stages have 2 treasures: an item with 1% drop with no limit and a certain amount of XP that has a 10% chance to drop that the player can only acquire once. The only Uncanny legend chapter which drops two treasures in a stage is A New Legend. Clearing any Crown difficulty for the first time also rewards the player with 30 Cat Food and 1 Leadership. Starting from Jail Break Tunnel, after every 5~13 sub-chapters, some boss characters can be recruited to your side as Legend Cats. After unlocking any cat from Legend Stages, Enigmas will become obtainable from any Legend Stage other than the Challenge Battle, Continuation Stages and Enigma Stages. Each Legend Stages cat except Idi:N raises the player's Enigma Level by 1 up to a maximum of 10.

Clearing all Stories of Legend sub-chapters on 1-Crown will unlock Uncanny Legends, the True Form evolutions of the Legends except Mecha-Bun (which is unlocked after beating An Ancient Curse), Growing Strange and the last floors of the Heavenly Tower. Clearing all Stories of Legend sub-chapters on 2-Crown and 3-Crown will each give the player a Platinum Ticket each. Clearing all Stories of Legend sub-chapters on 4-Crown difficulty will unlock a bonus stage in 4-Crown Laboratory of Relics from which the player can unlock Idi:N.

The Uncanny Legends stages Aku Altar's Seal, Reign of the Ape Lord, Ape Lord's Revenge and Birth of True Man each have Platinum Shards as a guaranteed one-time reward, adding up to a total of 9 Platinum Shards for all four stages. Clearing Atonement for Sin unlocks the True Form evolutions of the True Legends and Mining Epic. Clearing all Uncanny Legends sub-chapters on 2-Crown and 3-Crown will each give the player a Platinum Ticket each.


Stories of Legend

This part lists every sub-chapter and stage for the first part, Stories of Legend (レジェンドステージ). After clearing all chapters in this part for the first time, the next part, Uncanny Legends (真レジェンドステージ), will be unlocked.

Sub-chapter 1: The Legend Begins

The Legend Begins (伝説のはじまり, Densetsu no Hajimari, Beginning of the Legend) Added in Version 2.0, introduced three new enemies, Metal Hippoe, St. Pigge the 2nd and Doge Dark.

Sub-chapter 2: Passion Land

Passion Land (情熱の国, Jōnetsu no Kuni, Country of Passion) Added in Version 2.0, introduced one new enemy, Master A.

Sub-chapter 3: Glucosamine Desert

Glucosamine Desert (グルコサミン砂漠, Gurukosamin Sabaku, Glucosamine Desert) Added in Version 2.0, introduced two new enemies, Celeboodle and Dagshund.

Sub-chapter 4: Swimming Cats

Swimming Cats (ネコども海を渡る, Neko-domo Umi o Wataru, Cats Cross the Ocean) Added in Version 2.0, introduced two new enemies, Duche and THE SLOTH.

Sub-chapter 5: Risqué Terrain

Risqué Terrain (見つめてキャッツアイ, Mitsumete Kyattsuai, Stare at a Catseye) Added in Version 2.0, introduced one new enemy, Otta-smack-u.

Sub-chapter 6: Western Street

Western Street (ウエスタン街道, Uesutan Kaidō, Western Street) Added in Version 2.0, introduced one new enemy, J.K Bun Bun.

Sub-chapter 7: Sea of Tuna

Sea of Tuna (マグロ海域, Maguro Kaiiki, Tuna Area) Added in Version 2.0, introduced one new enemy, Bore.

  • Stage 7-1: Red Tuna Coast (ベニマグロ海岸, Benimaguro Kaigan)
  • Stage 7-2: Fresh Wharf (ピチピチ漁場, Pichipichi Gyojō)
  • Stage 7-3: Blue Ocean (ぷらっとオーシャン, Puratto Ōshan)
  • Stage 7-4: Carapaccio Waters (カルパッチョ沖, Karupatcho Oki)
  • Stage 7-5: Economic Sea (排他的経済水域, Haitateki Keizai Suiiki)
  • Stage 7-6: Tactical War Tuna (最終兵器トロ, Saishū Heiki Toro)
  • Stage 7-7: Frozen Tuna Front (冷凍マグロ戦線, Reitō Maguro Sensen)
  • Stage 7-8: Cave Fillet (解体ショー洞窟, Kaitai Shō Dōkutsu)

Sub-chapter 8: Bamboo Island

Bamboo Island (バンブー島, Banbū Shima, Bamboo Island) Added in Version 2.0, introduced two new enemies, Shadow Boxer K and Rain D.

Sub-chapter 9: Squishy Cave

Squishy Cave (ぷにぷに鍾乳洞, Punipuni Shōnyūdō, Squishy Cavern) Added in Version 2.0, introduced three new enemies, Gory Black, Owlbrow, and Camelle.

Sub-chapter 10: Volkanos Volcano

Volkanos Volcano (ボルケーノ火山, Borukēno Kazan, Volkano Volcano) Added in Version 2.0, introduced one new enemy, Kory.

  • Stage 10-1: Hot Bath Rock (半身浴岩, Hanshin-yoku Iwa)
  • Stage 10-2: Gentle Geyser (ほっこり間欠泉, Hokkori Kanketsusen)
  • Stage 10-3: Thick Magma (とろーりマグマ, Torōri Maguma)
  • Stage 10-4: Fire Cage (炎の檻, Honō no Ori)
  • Stage 10-5: Volcanic Defender (火口を守る者, Kakō o Mamoru Mono)
  • Stage 10-6: Flame Caldera (メラメラカルデラ, Meramera Karudera)

Sub-chapter 11: Neverending Cat Story

Neverending Cat Story (千里の道, Senri no Michi, Journey of a Thousand Miles) Added in Version 2.0, no new enemies introduced.

Sub-chapter 12: Castle of Fish

Castle of Fish (アオ・ザ・カナ, Ao・Za・Kana, Blue・Za・Kana) Added in Version 2.0, no new enemies introduced.

  • Stage 12-1: The Sea Whispers (磯のささやき, Iso no Sasayaki)
  • Stage 12-2: Ripples Island (サザナミ・アイランド, Sazanami・Airando)
  • Stage 12-3: Octopus Sea (ダークオクトパスの海, Dākuokutopasu no Umi)
  • Stage 12-4: Poseidon Rest (ポセイドンのこしかけ, Poseidon no Koshikake)
  • Stage 12-5: Moonlight Beach (月明かりのビーチ, Tsukiakari no Bīchi)
  • Stage 12-6: Coral Coral Reef (コーラルサンゴ礁, Kōraru Sangoshō)
  • Stage 12-7: Ark of the Month (月の箱舟, Tsuki no Hakobune)
  • Stage 12-8: Killer Sardines (殺戮兵器シラ・ス, Satsuriku Heiki Shira・Su)

Sub-chapter 13: Sushi Island

Sushi Island (軍艦島, Gunkanjima, Warship Island) Added in Version 2.0.6, introduced one new enemy, Director Kurosawah.

  • Stage 13-1: Tuna Field (ネギトロ平野, Negitoro Heiya)
  • Stage 13-2: Crab Field (カニミソ草原, Kanimiso Sōgen)
  • Stage 13-3: Salmon Cave (イクラ岩窟, Ikura Gankutsu)
  • Stage 13-4: Sea Urchin Cave (ウニ街道, Uni Kaidō)
  • Stage 13-5: Caviar Woods (トビコ原生林, Tobiko Genseirin)
  • Stage 13-6: Natto Bay (納豆海岸, Natto Kaigan)
  • Stage 13-7: Halibut Forest (エンガワの森, Engawa no Mori)
  • Stage 13-8: Shrimp Frontier (アマエビフロンティア, Amaebi Furontia)

Sub-chapter 14: The Scratching Post

The Scratching Post (つめとぎの廊下, Tsumetogi no Rōka, Hall of Sharpening) Added in Version 2.0.9, no new enemies introduced.

Sub-chapter 15: Parthenon

Parthenon (パルテノン神殿, Parutenon Shinden, Parthenon) Added in Version 2.1, introduced two new enemies, Metal One Horn and Bun Bun Black.

Sub-chapter 16: Low Tide Beach

Low Tide Beach (ずんどこ海水浴場, Zundoko Kaisuiyokujō, Zundoko Beach) Added in Version 2.2.3, introduced one new enemy, H. Nah.

  • Stage 16-1: Clammy Cove (潮干狩りの浜, Shiohigari no Hama)
  • Stage 16-2: Beached Mammals (ムツゴロウパーク, Mutsugorō Pāku)
  • Stage 16-3: Bikini Territory (水着美女の面影, Muzigibijyo no Omokage)
  • Stage 16-4: Apple Bobbing Ocean (イモ洗いプール, Imoarai Pūru)
  • Stage 16-5: Parasol Field (ビーチパラソル畑, Bīchiparasoru Batake)
  • Stage 16-6: Ancient One-Piece (いにしえのビキニ, Inishie no Bikini)
  • Stage 16-7: Glassy Sands (カラフルカクテル, Karafuru Kakuteru)
  • Stage 16-8: Star Ocean (星降る大海, Hoshi Furu Ōumi)

Sub-chapter 17: Alcatraz

Alcatraz (アルカトラズ島, Arukatorazu Shima, Alcatraz) Added in Version 2.2.3, introduced two new enemies, R.Ost and Dober P.D.

Sub-chapter 18: Jail Break Tunnel

Jail Break Tunnel (脱獄トンネル, Datsugoku Tonneru, Escape Tunnel) Added in Version 2.2.3, introduced two new enemies, Sir Metal Seal and the first Legend enemy, Ururun Wolf.

Sub-chapter 19: Capone's Jail

Capone's Jail (カポネの監獄, Kapone no Kangoku, Capone's Prison) Added in Version 2.9, introduced three new enemies, Gabriel, Heavenly Hippoe, and Angelic Gory.

Sub-chapter 20: Silk Road

Silk Road (シルクロード, Shirukurōdo, Silk Road) Added in Version 3.0, introduced three new enemies, Ginger Snache, Wall Doge, and Sunfish Jones. Super Metal Hippoe makes his first Stories of Legend appearance here.

Sub-chapter 21: Stairway to Darkness

Stairway to Darkness (闇へと続く地下道, Yami e to Tsuzuku Chikadō, Underpass to Darkness) Added in Version 3.2, introduced three new enemies, Pigeon de Sable, Dark Otter, and Angelic Sleipnir.

  • Stage 21-1: Safe and Not Sorry (転ばぬ先の杖, Korobanu Saki no Tsue)
  • Stage 21-2: Claustronyctophobia (暗い・狭い・怖い道, Kurai・Semai・Kowai Michi)
  • Stage 21-3: Red Alert (レッド・アラート, Reddo・Arāto)
  • Stage 21-4: Pitfalls of Life (人生の落とし穴, Jinsei no Otoshiana)
  • Stage 21-5: Subtle Curfew (かすかな晩鐘, Kasukana Banshō)
  • Stage 21-6: Underground (アンダーワールド, Andāwārudo)

Sub-chapter 22: Prince of Darkness

Prince of Darkness (魔王の豪邸, Maō no Gōtei, Mansion of Satan) Added in Version 3.4, introduced two new enemies, Trolly Blogger and Metal Doge.

Sub-chapter 23: Dead End Night

Dead End Night (終わりを告げる夜, Owari o Tsugeru Yoru, Ending Night) Added in Version 3.5, introduced two new enemies, Le'noir and the second Legend enemy, Li'l Nyandam.

Sub-chapter 24: Battle Royale

Battle Royale (バトルロワイヤル, Batoru Rowaiyaru, Battle Royale) Added in Version 3.5, introduced one new enemy, Chickful A.

Sub-chapter 25: Scars of War

Scars of War (戦争のつめあと, Sensō no Tsumeato, Aftermath of War), Added in Version 4.0, no new enemies introduced.

  • Stage 25-1: Valkyrie Plains (ワルキューレ平原, Warukyūre Heigen)
  • Stage 25-2: Minefield (ぶっとび地雷原, Buttobi Jiraigen)
  • Stage 25-3: Kugel Schreiber (クーゲルシュライバー, Kūgeru Shuraibā)
  • Stage 25-4: Muddy Trench (ぬかるみ塹壕, Nukarumi Zangō)
  • Stage 25-5: Sniper Jungle (スナイパージャングル, Sunaipā Janguru)
  • Stage 25-6: Sunset Soldier (斜陽のソルジャー, Shayō no Sorujā)
  • Stage 25-7: Father's Back (父の背中, Chichi no Senaka)
  • Stage 25-8: Winning Back (境界線奪還作戦, Kyōkai-sen Dakkan Sakusen)

Sub-chapter 26: Sea Polluter

Sea Polluter (海を汚す悪しき者, Umi o Yogosu Ashiki Mono, One Who Pollutes the Ocean) Added in Version 4.4, introduced three new enemies, Capy, Brollow, and Berserkory.

Sub-chapter 27: Body & Soul

Body & Soul (心と体、繋ぐもの, Kokoro to Karada, Tsunagu Mono, Linking Soul and Body) Added in Version 4.7, introduced one new enemy, Mr. Mole.

Sub-chapter 28: Weak & Mildly Acidic

Weak & Mildly Acidic (脆弱性と弱酸性, Sejakusei to Jakusansei, Vulnerability and Weak Acidity) Added in Version 5.0, introduced two new enemies, Two Can and the third Legend enemy, Codename "Red Riding".

Sub-chapter 29: Intrepid Cats

Intrepid Cats (導かれしネコ達, Michibikareshi Neko-tachi, Guided Cats) Added in Version 5.1, introduced two new enemies, Tackey and Mr. Angel.

  • Stage 29-1: Renewed Conflict (新たなる戦い, Aratanaru Tatakai)
  • Stage 29-2: Mysterious Order (ミステリーサークル, Misuterī Sākuru)
  • Stage 29-3: Birdwatching (野鳥観察, Yachō Kansatsu)
  • Stage 29-4: Thorny Dialogue (言葉の端のトゲ, Kotoba no Hashi no Toge)
  • Stage 29-5: Darkweb (ブラックウェーブ, Burakku Wēbu)

Sub-chapter 30: Shadow Cosmopolis

Shadow Cosmopolis (暗黒コスモポリス, Ankoku Kosumoporisu, Dark Cosmopolis) Added in Version 5.2, introduced one new enemy, Boraphim.

Sub-chapter 31: Galapa-Goth

Galapa-Goth (ガラ・パ・ゴス, Gara・Pa・Gosu, Gala Pa Goth) Added in Version 5.3, introduced one new enemy, Henry.

Sub-chapter 32: Kombu Cape

Kombu Cape (岩海苔半島, Iwa Nori Hantō, Seaweed Peninsula) Added in Version 5.4, introduced one new enemy, Li'l Bun Bun.

Sub-chapter 33: Axis of Evil

Axis of Evil (恐ろし連邦, Osoroshi Renpō, Terrifying Federation) Added in Version 5.5, introduced two new enemies, Professor A. and Razorback.

Sub-chapter 34: Suburbs of the Dead

Suburbs of the Dead (亡者の住まう地, Mōja no Sumau Chi, Land of the Dead) Added in Version 5.6, no new enemies introduced.

Sub-chapter 35: Quarantine Isles

Quarantine Isles (絶島パンデミック, Zettō Pandemikku, Island Pandemic) Added in Version 5.7, introduced one new enemy, Big Sal.

Sub-chapter 36: Mouseyland

Mouseyland (ふくろのねずみランド, Fukuro no Nezumi Rando, Trapped Mouseland) Added in Version 5.8, introduced two new enemies, Coffin Zoge and Zamelle.

Sub-chapter 37: Walk of Fame

Walk of Fame (ハリーウッド帝国, Harīuddo Teikoku, Hollywood Empire) Added in Version 5.9, introduced two new enemies, the Doge Base and the fourth Legend enemy, Inumusha.

  • Stage 37-1: Paparazzi Paradise (パパラッチフィーバー, Paparacchi Fībā, Paparazzi Fever)
  • Stage 37-2: Gossip Rags (因縁ゴシップスター, Innen Goshippusutā, Fate Gossip Star)
  • Stage 37-3: Beverly Hills Scoop (バブリーヒルズ白書, Baburīhiruzu Hakusho, Beverly Hills White Book)
  • Stage 37-4: Lovechild Lane (子役上がり, Koyaku Agari, Child Raising)
  • Stage 37-5: Saucy Scandals (セクシースキャンダル, Sekushī Sukyandaru, Sexy Scandal)
  • Stage 37-6: Multiversal Studios (ウニバーサンスタジオ, Unibāsansutajio, Universal Studios)

Sub-chapter 38: Cutpurse Coast

Cutpurse Coast (こしぎんちゃくの浜辺, Koshiginchaku no Hamabe, Follower's Beach) Added in Version 6.0, introduced one new enemy, Dolphina.

Sub-chapter 39: Above & Below

Above & Below (雲泥温泉郷, Undei Onsenkyō, Cloud Mud Bath Village) Added in Version 6.1, introduced one new enemy, Cala Maria.

  • Stage 39-1: Electric Bath (自家製電気風呂, Jikasei Denkiburo)
  • Stage 39-2: Boiling Spring (熱湯風呂我慢大会, Nettōburo Gaman Taikai)
  • Stage 39-3: Mineral Treatment (ケミカル長寿の湯, Kemikaru Chōju no Yu)
  • Stage 39-4: Soap Scum (垢い敵、黒い汗, Akai Teki, Kuroi Ase)
  • Stage 39-5: The Sauna Crew (源泉に潜む者達, Gensen ni Hisomu Monotachi)
  • Stage 39-6: Steamed to Death (湯けむり極楽地獄, Yukemuri Gokuraku Jigoku)

Sub-chapter 40: Windless Island

Windless Island (風待ちアイランド, Kazamachi Airando, Waiting for Wind Island) Added in Version 6.2, no new enemies introduced.

  • Stage 40-1: Narrow Docks (むっちり隠れ港, Mucchiri Kakureminato)
  • Stage 40-2: Romantic Highway (ロマンスグレーハイウェイ, Romansu Gurē Haiwei)
  • Stage 40-3: Drunken Backrub (泥酔マッサージャー, Deisui Massājā)
  • Stage 40-4: Gulag of Love (豚箱恋愛沼, Butabako Ren'ai Numa)
  • Stage 40-5: Perfume Room (フェロモン門, Feromon Mon)
  • Stage 40-6: Houses of the Holy (天空秘宝の館, Tenkū Hihō no Yakata)

Sub-chapter 41: IT Catacombs

IT Catacombs (ITカタコンベ, Ai-tī Katakonbe, IT Catacomb) Added in Version 6.3, introduced one new enemy, Croakley.

Sub-chapter 42: Grotesque Gallery

Grotesque Gallery (変覧会の絵, Henrankai no E, Painting at a Bizarre Exhibition) Added in Version 6.4, no new enemies introduced.

  • Stage 42-1: Cubist Crimes (ヘタうまキュビズム, Hetauma Kyubizumu)
  • Stage 42-2: Surrealist Sins (癒し系地獄絵図, Iyashi-kei Jigokuezu)
  • Stage 42-3: Gouache Ghouls (和尚のスケベな水墨画, Oshō no Sukebe na Suibokuga)
  • Stage 42-4: Death by Dada (一筆三億五千万円, Hitofude San'okugosenman-en)
  • Stage 42-5: Baroque Beasts (ヤンキー宗教画, Yankī Shūkyōga)
  • Stage 42-6: Atrocious Deco (館長の自画像, Kanchō no Jigazō)

Sub-chapter 43: Area 22

Area 22 (エリア22, Eria Nijūni, Area 22) Added in Version 6.6, introduced one new enemy, Youcan.

  • Stage 43-1: Roswell Incident (ローズウェイ事件, Rōzuwei Jiken)
  • Stage 43-2: Cat Abduction (キャットミューティレーション, Kyatto Myūtirēshon)
  • Stage 43-3: Adamski Type (マダムスキー型UFO, Madamusukī-gata Yūfō)
  • Stage 43-4: Chupacabra Love (チュパチュパカブラ遭遇, Chupachupa Kabura Sōgū)
  • Stage 43-5: Tunguska Event (グースカツンツン大爆発, Gūsuka Tsuntsun Daibakuhatsu)
  • Stage 43-6: Offworld Weary (あなた疲れてるのよ, Anata Tsukareterunoyo)

Sub-chapter 44: Beyond the Savannah

Beyond the Savannah (超越サバンナ, Chōetsu Sabanna, Transcendence Savanna) Added in Version 6.7, introduced one new enemy, Winged Pigge.

  • Stage 44-1: Eat the Weak (弱肉朝食, Jakuniku Chōshoku)
  • Stage 44-2: Nikumanjaro (霊峰ニクマンジャロ, Reihō Nikumanjaro)
  • Stage 44-3: The Noble Tribe (原始の強敵、再び, Genshi no Kyōteki, Futatabi)
  • Stage 44-4: Dry Season (ウキウキ乾季, Ukiuki Kanki)
  • Stage 44-5: Electrosafari (エレクトロサファリパーク, Erekutoro Safaripāku)
  • Stage 44-6: Heaven's Oasis (天国に一番近い水飲み場, Tengoku ni Ichiban Chikai Mizunomiba)

Sub-chapter 45: Blizzard Boulevard

Blizzard Boulevard (ブリザード自動車道, Burizādo Jidōshadō, Blizzard Expressway) Added in Version 6.8, introduced one new enemy, Hackey.

  • Stage 45-1: Shiver Junction (あかぎれジャンクション, Akagire Jankushon)
  • Stage 45-2: Leaky Tunnel (ダダ漏れ海底トンネル, Dada-more Kaitei Tonneru)
  • Stage 45-3: Frostbite Park (しもやけパーキング, Shimoyake Pākingu)
  • Stage 45-4: Toasty Turnpike (ぬくもり対向車線, Nukumori Taikōshasen)
  • Stage 45-5: Sleepy Signals (眠眠交通警備隊, Minmin Kōtsū Keibitai)
  • Stage 45-6: Scorched Tollbooth (料金所ヒートショック, Ryōkinjo Hītoshokku)

Sub-chapter 46: Singularityville

Singularityville (シンギュラリティ村, Shingyurariti Mura, Singularity Village) Added in Version 6.9, introduced one new enemy, UltraBaaBaa.

Sub-chapter 47: Ends of the Earth

Ends of the Earth (オワーリ大陸, Owāri Tairiku, Owari Continent) Added in Version 6.10, no new enemies introduced.

Sub-chapter 48: The Legend Ends

The Legend Ends (伝説のおわり, Densetsu no Owari, End of the Legend) Added in Version 7.0, no new enemies introduced.

Sub-chapter 49: Laboratory of Relics

Laboratory of Relics (古代研究所, Kodaikenkyūjo, Ancient Laboratory) Added in Version 7.0, introduced the enemy version of Mecha-Bun. After beating all of Stories of Legend on 4♛ difficulty, the 4♛ version of this sub-chapter will be invaded by the enemy version of Idi:N.

Uncanny Legends

Uncanny Legends (真レジェンドストーリー Shin Rejendo Sutōrī, True Legend Story), is the second main campaign in Legend Stages, unlocked by clearing Stories of Legend on 1-Crown difficulty. It can be accessed from the Legend Stages menu at any time and was added in Version 7.0 of The Battle Cats.

Uncanny Legends introduces two new types of enemies: Relics and Aku. Relics appear as early as Stage 1, boasting exceptional stats and the Curse ability, which disables cat abilities that target specific traits, but only those. Aku are introduced in sub-chapter 38, Spacetime Distortion; some have Shields which regenerate each time they receive a damage-based knockback, while others have a chance to spawn Surge Attacks when killed.

Like the final chapter of the previous campaign, the first sub-chapter, A New Legend, only contains one level. Completing this level unlocks Mecha-Bun's True Form and the ability to upgrade cats 10 more levels using Catseyes, including Legend Cats. Doing so is highly recommended, as all of the Stories of Legend Cats' True Forms are immune to Curse and have anti-Relic abilities, and Relics are featured prominently here.

After clearing all Uncanny Legends stages for the first time, Legend Cats become upgradable to level 50 using Catseyes and the third campaign, Zero Legends, is unlocked.

Unlike Stories of Legend, Uncanny Legends does not follow a completely linear progression: the 39th sub-chapter, Imminent Disaster is inaccessible unless you have beaten Unleashing the Cats, which in turn requires you to clear the Empress' Research stages Wicked Cat, Wicked Tank and Wicked Axe. This also allows for you to then in turn unlock and play through another story chapter, The Aku Realms, which is necessary to lessen the effect of the Aku Altar in Imminent Disaster and the following sub-chapters.

Sub-chapter 1: A New Legend

A New Legend (真・伝説のはじまり, Shin Densetsu no Hajimari, True Beginning of the Legend) Added in Version 7.0, introduced two new enemies, Relic Bun-Bun and Relic Doge. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

Sub-chapter 2: Here Be Dragons

Here Be Dragons (まんぷく秘境, Manpuku Hikyō) Added in Version 7.1, introduced one new enemy, Oldhorn. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

  • Stage 2-1: Pilaf Field (ピラフ大草原, Pirafu Daisōgen)
  • Stage 2-2: Nyandaria (にゃんダルメシアン, Nyandarumeshian)
  • Stage 2-3: Annin Pass (アンニン峠, An'nin Tōge)
  • Stage 2-4: Ajillo Highlands (アヒージョ高原, Ahījo Kōgen)
  • Stage 2-5: Pasta Desert (パスタ砂丘, Pasuta Sakyū)
  • Stage 2-6: Mince Hill (ルーロウ丘陵, Rūrō Kyūryō)

Sub-chapter 3: The Endless Wood

The Endless Wood (アドベン大森林, Adoben Daishinrin) Added in Version 7.1, introduced one new enemy, Sir Rel. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

Sub-chapter 4: Primeval Currents

Primeval Currents (じゃぶじゃぶ旧海道, Jabujabu Kyūkaidō) Added in Version 7.1, introduced one new enemy, Othom. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

Sub-chapter 5: Barking Bay

Barking Bay (ワンワン湾, Wanwan Wan) Added in Version 7.2, introduced one new enemy, Loris. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

Sub-chapter 6: Abyss Gazers

Abyss Gazers (深淵を覗く者, Shin'en wo Nozoku Mono) Added in Version 7.3, introduced one new enemy, Lowkey. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

Sub-chapter 7: Neo-Necropolis

Neo-Necropolis (デスメガシティ, Desumega Shiti) Added in Version 7.4, introduced one new enemy, M. Ost. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

  • Stage 7-1: Midnight Lycopene (リコピンの夜更け, Rikopin no Yofuke)
  • Stage 7-2: Metroasis (メトロポリスオアシス, Metoroporisu Oashisu)
  • Stage 7-3: Paper Skyscraper (はりぼて摩天楼, Haribote Matenrō)
  • Stage 7-4: Rogue's Twilight (ならず者の黄昏, Narazumono no Tasogare)
  • Stage 7-5: Concrete Ocean (コンクリートオーシャン, Konkurīto Ōshan)
  • Stage 7-6: Unmanned Station (無人駅の決闘, Mujineki no Kettō)

Sub-chapter 8: Law of the Wildlands

Law of the Wildlands (無法地帯のオキテ, Muhōchitai no Okite) Added in Version 7.5, no new enemies introduced. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

Sub-chapter 9: Pararila Peninsula

Pararila Peninsula (パラリラ半島, Pararira Hantō) Added in Version 8.0, no new enemies introduced. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

  • Stage 9-1: Escolar Coast (シロマグロ海岸, Shiromaguro Kaigan)
  • Stage 9-2: Project Walrus (究極兵器トド, Kyūkyoku-heiki Todo)
  • Stage 9-3: Loach Breach (ドジョウ破り, Dojō Yaburi)
  • Stage 9-4: Seagull Reserve (ウミネコ海岸, Umineko Kaigan)
  • Stage 9-5: Roe Row (べろべろ沼, Berobero Numa)
  • Stage 9-6: Heron's Call (おれおれサギ, Oreore Sagi)

Sub-chapter 10: Coup de Chat

Coup de Chat (キャットクーデター, Kyatto Kūdetā) Added in Version 8.1, no new enemies introduced. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

Sub-chapter 11: Cherry Isles

Cherry Isles (桜んぼ島, Sakuranbo Jima) Added in Version 8.2, no new enemies introduced. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

  • Stage 11-1: Magma Bath (溶岩温浴, Yōgan On'yoku)
  • Stage 11-2: Pyroclastic Flow (音速火砕流, Onsoku Kasairyū)
  • Stage 11-3: Ashen Rain (灰の雨、愛のため, Hai no Ame, Ai no Tame)
  • Stage 11-4: Sage of the Peak (頂の大賢者, Itadaki no Daikenja)
  • Stage 11-5: Raging Caldera (暴虐カルデラ, Bōgyaku Karudera)
  • Stage 11-6: Supervolcano (スーパーボルケーノ, Sūpā-Borukēno)

Sub-chapter 12: Depths of My Heart

Depths of My Heart (魂底からの帰化, Tamashī Sokokara no Kika) Added in Version 8.4, introduced the enemy version of Dogumaru. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

  • Stage 12-1: A Joyful Song (へんな讃美歌, Hen'na Sanbika)
  • Stage 12-2: Cave Maidens (練乳修洞窟の乙女, Rennyūshū-dōkutsu no Otome)
  • Stage 12-3: Good Spirits (良いノリの祈り, Iinori no Inori)
  • Stage 12-4: Woods of Resentment (ルサンチマンの森, Rusanchiman no Mori)
  • Stage 12-5: Hermit Chatterbox (おしゃべり世捨て人, Oshaberi Yosutebito)
  • Stage 12-6: Primitive Souls (原始に宿る魂, Genshi ni Yadoru Tamashī)

Sub-chapter 13: Ghost Sea

Ghost Sea (絶滅海洋タウン, Zetsumetsu Kaiyō Taun) Added in Version 8.5, no new enemies introduced. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

  • Stage 13-1: Iwa Rock Reef (イワロック岩礁, Iwarokku Ganshō)
  • Stage 13-2: Nautilus Tomb (オウム貝の墓場 ,Ōmugai no Hakaba)
  • Stage 13-3: Lost Sailors (海より還りし亡者, Umi yori Kaerishi Mōja)
  • Stage 13-4: Caged Carp (人面魚の渚, Jinmengyo no Nagisa)
  • Stage 13-5: Quay of Camels (らくだ岸壁, Rakuda Ganpeki)
  • Stage 13-6: Endless Dead Zone (視界なき死海, Shikai naki Shikai)

Sub-chapter 14: Exile's Resort

Exile's Resort (島流しリゾート, Shimanagashi Rizōto) Added in Version 8.6, no new enemies introduced. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

Sub-chapter 15: Roads of Torment

Roads of Torment (まどいの魔道路, Madoi no Madōro) Added in Version 8.7, no new enemies introduced. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

Sub-chapter 16: Heaven's Back Alley

Heaven's Back Alley (天界バル横丁, Tenkai Baru Yokochō) Added in Version 8.8, no new enemies introduced. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

Sub-chapter 17: Battle in the Bath

Battle in the Bath (バトル銭湯, Batoru Sentō) Added in Version 8.9, introduced one new enemy, Mr. Puffington. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

Sub-chapter 18: Ancient Mountains

Ancient Mountains (はえぬき三連山, Haenuki Sanrenzan) Added in Version 8.10, no new enemies introduced. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

Sub-chapter 19: Marine Ministry

Marine Ministry (マリン官邸, Marin Kantei) Added in Version 9.0, no new enemies introduced. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

Sub-chapter 20: The Devils' Academy

The Devils' Academy (学園に巣くう悪意, Gakuen ni Sukū Akui) Added in Version 9.1, no new enemies introduced. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

  • Stage 20-1: A Classroom in Ruins (学園紛争遺跡, Gakuen Funsō Iseki)
  • Stage 20-2: Lonely Goldfish (一匹しかいない水槽, Ippiki Shika Inai Suisō)
  • Stage 20-3: Demon COO (購買部を牛耳る鬼, Kōbaibu wo Gyūjiru Oni)
  • Stage 20-4: Principal's Rebellion (校長先生の反逆, Kōchō Sensei no Hangyaku)
  • Stage 20-5: Bell Collector (鐘のマークを集めし者, Kane no Māku wo Atsumeshi Mono)
  • Stage 20-6: Campus Law (校則と罰則, Kōsoku no Bassoku)

Sub-chapter 21: The Gelatin Mines

The Gelatin Mines (ところてん金鉱, Tokoroten Kinkō) Added in Version 9.2, introduced two new enemies, Croconator and the fifth Legend enemy, Urs & Fenrir. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

Sub-chapter 22: Drunken Foundry

Drunken Foundry (酩酊製鉄所, Meitei Seitetsujo) Added in Version 9.3, introduced one new enemy, Gobble. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

Sub-chapter 23: Unearthed Artifacts

Unearthed Artifacts (暴かれし神殿の秘宝, Abakareshi Shinden no Hihō) Added in Version 9.4, no new enemies introduced. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

Sub-chapter 24: Realm of Whyworry

Realm of Whyworry (帝政エイジャナイカ, Teisei Enjanaika) Added in Version 9.5, Introduced one new enemy, St. Dober. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

Sub-chapter 25: Pumping Titanium

Pumping Titanium (鋼鉄スポーツジム, Kōtetsu Supōtsujimu) Added in Version 9.6, introduced one new enemy, Koronium. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

  • Stage 25-1: Treadmill Powered (人力ルームランナー, Jinryoku Rūmu Ran'nā)
  • Stage 25-2: Vengeful Sandbag (倍返しサンドバッグ, Baigaeshi Sandobaggu)
  • Stage 25-3: Protein Cartel (プロテイン粉末吸引, Purotein Funmatsu Kyūin)
  • Stage 25-4: Anaerobic Cycling (無酸素鵠アロバイク, Musanso Kugui Arobaiku)
  • Stage 24-5: Sauna Handstands (逆立ちサウナ, Sakadachi Sauna)
  • Stage 25-6: Lakeside Bootcamp (レイクサイドブートキャンプ, Reikusaido Būtokyanpu)

Sub-chapter 26: Morningstar Isle

Morningstar Isle (明星おきの島, Myōjō Oki no Shima) Added in Version 9.7, introduced two new enemies, Johnnyleon and the Relic Doge Base. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

Sub-chapter 27: In the Sleeping Forest

In the Sleeping Forest (眠れる森の何か, Nemureru Mori no Nanika) Added in Version 9.8, introduced one new enemy base, the Surge Base. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

Sub-chapter 28: Laboratory Island

Laboratory Island (ラボラ・トリ島, Rabora Tori Jima) Added in Version 9.9, no new enemies introduced. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

Sub-chapter 29: Forgotten Graves

Forgotten Graves (忘らるる墓所, Wasuraruru Bosho) Added in Version 9.10, introduced one new enemy, Zollow. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

Sub-chapter 30: Dawn of the Beginning

Dawn of the Beginning (始まりを告げる朝, Hajimari wo Tsugeru Asa) Added in Version 10.0, no new enemies introduced. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

Sub-chapter 31: The Happy Lucky Temple

The Happy Lucky Temple (ハッピーラッキー寺院, Happīrakkī Jiin) Added in Version 10.1, no new enemies introduced. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

Sub-chapter 32: Theatre of Fear

Theatre of Fear (キネマ怪館, Kinema Kaikan) Added in Version 10.2, introduced one new enemy, Bore Jr.. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

  • Stage 32-1: Spiralling Ring (らせん状リング, Rasenjō Ringu)
  • Stage 32-2: Payday the 13th (13日の給料日, 13 Nichi no Kyūryōbi)
  • Stage 32-3: Normal Activity (ノーマル・アクティビティ, Nōmaru Akutibiti)
  • Stage 32-4: Darkened House (ほんのり黒い家, Honnori Kuroi Ie)
  • Stage 32-5: Internal Scream (冷静スクリーム, Reitō Sukurīmu)
  • Stage 32-6: A Pile of Guts (はらわたの史料室, Harawata no Shiryōshitsu)

Sub-chapter 33: Diver's City

Diver's City (ダイバー都市, Daibā Toshi) Added in Version 10.3, introduced one new enemy, Raynard. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

Sub-chapter 34: Nasi-Go-Round

Nasi-Go-Round (ナシゴ・レン, Nashigo Ren) Added in Version 10.4, introduced one new enemy, Mr. Mer. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

  • Stage 34-1: Angkor S.W.A.T. (アンコールS.W.A.T, Ankōru S.W.A.T)
  • Stage 34-2: Tropical Garden (熱帯チョコバナナ園, Nettai Chokobanana En)
  • Stage 34-3: Kuala Lum-Pool (クアラルン池, Kuararun Ike)
  • Stage 34-4: Poison on Rice (ポイズンチキンライス, Poizun Chikinraisu)
  • Stage 34-5: Khao Man Guys (燃えるカオマンガイ, Moeru Kaomangai)
  • Stage 34-6: Fish-Legged Beauty (魚足魅惑のマーメイド, Sakana-ashi Miwaku no Māmeido)

Sub-chapter 35: DNA Plantation

DNA Plantation (DNA果樹園, DNA Kajuen) Added in Version 10.5, introduced one new enemy, Ragin' Gory. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

  • Stage 35-1: Banana Genomes (ゲノムバナナ狩り, Genomu Banana Gari)
  • Stage 35-2: Artificial Strawberries (偽いちごハウス, Nise Ichigo Hausu)
  • Stage 35-3: Organic Chromosomes (無農薬で造った染色体, Munōyaku de Tsukutta Senshokutai)
  • Stage 35-4: Nano-Grapes (食べごろナノぶどう, Tabegoro Nano Budō)
  • Stage 35-5: Cloned Farmers (クローン農夫, Kurōn Nōfu)
  • Stage 35-6: Gene Salesmen (遺伝子情報直売所, Idenshi Jyōhō Chokubaisho)

Sub-chapter 36: Ancient Forest Labyrinth

Ancient Forest Labyrinth (古代樹の迷宮, Kodaiju no Meiro) Added in Version 10.6, introduced the enemy version of Elder Mask Doron. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

  • Stage 36-1: The Ivy-Sealed Door (蔦に閉ざされた扉, Tsuta ni Tozasareta Tobira)
  • Stage 36-2: Reincarnation Ring (輪廻を表す年輪, Rin'ne wo Arawasu Nenrin)
  • Stage 36-3: Re-Leaf Towers (レ・リーフの双塔, Re Rīfu no Sōtō)
  • Stage 36-4: Canopy Altar (樹冠の祭壇, Jukan no Saidan)
  • Stage 36-5: Sappy Underpass (樹液の湧き出る地下道, Jueki no Wakideru Chikadō)
  • Stage 36-6: The Face of God (神の面を賜りし者, Kami no Men wo Tamawarishi Mono)

Sub-chapter 37: Castle of the Sentinels

Castle of the Sentinels (立ちはだかる者達の城, Tachihadakaru Monotachi no Shiro) Added in Version 10.7, no new enemies introduced. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

Sub-chapter 38: Spacetime Distortion

Spacetime Distortion (時空のゆがみ, Jikū no Yugami) Added in Version 10.8, introduced one new enemy, Aku Doge. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

Sub-chapter 39: Imminent Disaster

Imminent Disaster (大厄災のはじまり, Daiyakusai no Hajimari) Added in Version 10.9, introduced one new enemy base, the Aku Altar. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

Sub-chapter 40: Bikura, Harbor of Evil

Bikura, Harbor of Evil (魔海域ビックラ港, Ma Kaiiki Bikkura Minato) Added in Version 11.0, introduced many of The Aku Realms' enemies to Uncanny Legends alongside three new enemies, Miz Devil, Medu-san and Ackey. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

Sub-chapter 41: Dead Heat Land

Dead Heat Land (デッドヒートランド, Deddohīto Rando, Dead Heat Land) Added in Version 11.1, introduced three new enemies, Red EnerG, Midnite D. and Deathkory. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

Sub-chapter 42: Rose-Colored Road

Rose-Colored Road (バラ色の袋小路, Bara-iro no Fukurokōji, Rose-Colored Dead End) Added in Version 11.2, no new enemies introduced. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

  • Stage 42-1: Speechless Tongues (モノ言わぬ舌, Mono Iwanu Shita, Reticent Tongue)
  • Stage 42-2: Lamps Aloft (ランプを手にした群衆, Ranpu wo Te ni Shita Gunshū, Lampbearing Crowd)
  • Stage 42-3: Ashes Just Ahead (一寸先は炭, Issunsaki wa Sumi, Charcoal is One Step Ahead)
  • Stage 42-4: Cloak of Hiding (権力者の隠れミノ, Kenryokusha no Kakure Mino, Hiding Place of Those in Power)
  • Stage 42-5: Hall of Feasting (晩餐の館, Bansan no Kan, Mansion of Supper)
  • Stage 42-6: Roast Meat, Not Cities (焼肉焼いても街焼くな, Yakiniku Yaite mo Machi Yakuna, Grill the Meat but Don't Burn the Town)

Sub-chapter 43: Behemoth's Peak

Behemoth's Peak (千年獣の霊峰, Sen Nenjū no Reihō, Sacred Mountain of the Millennium Beast ) Added in Version 11.3, introduced the enemy version of Elder Beast Naala. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

  • Stage 43-1: Fountain of Memories (霧散した記憶の泉, Musan Shita Kioku no Izumi, The Fountain of Faded Memories)
  • Stage 43-2: Chaotic Pulse (無秩序な鼓動, Muchitsujona Kodō, Chaotic Heartbeat)
  • Stage 43-3: Beyond the Haze (霞む視界の先には, Kasumu Shikai no Sakiniwa, Beyond the Haze of Vision)
  • Stage 43-4: Border Soil (隣り合う冥土, Tonariau Meido, Adjacent Netherworld)
  • Stage 43-5: Silver Current (銀色清流, Gin'iro Seiryū, Clear Silver Stream)
  • Stage 43-6: Immortal Zenith (天寿を授ける頂, Tenju wo Sazukeru Itadaki, The Summit That Gives Life)

Sub-chapter 44: Moodist Beach

Moodist Beach (ムーディストビーチ, Mūdisuto Bīchi, Moodist Beach) Added in Version 11.5, introduced three new enemies, J.J. Jackrabbit, Li'l Doge and Golem Sunfish. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

  • Stage 44-1: Stars in the Tumbler (星降るウイスキーグラス, Hoshi Furu Uisukīgurasu, Starry Whiskey Glass)
  • Stage 44-2: Night of the Hustler (ボッタクリにむせぶ夜, Bottakuri ni Musebu Yoru, A Night Choking in Tears at Rip-Offs)
  • Stage 44-3: Don't Rush Love (急がないで傍にいて〜慕情〜, Isoganaide Sobaniite〜Bojō〜, Don't Hurry, Be By My Side ~Affection~)
  • Stage 44-4: Tear-Soaked Puppy (涙にぬれた子犬よ, Namida ni Nureta Koinu Yo, Puppy Wet with Tears)
  • Stage 44-5: Shinobi Showdown (忍び遭い, Shinobi Ai, Shinobi Encounter)
  • Stage 44-6: Ancient Sea Blues (いにしえ深海ブルース, Inishie Shinkai Burūsu, Ancient Deep Sea Blues)

Sub-chapter 45: Cat-Chasing Village

Cat-Chasing Village (猫追いしふるさと, Neko Oishi Furusato, Cat-Chasing Hometown) Added in Version 11.6, introduced one new enemy, Haniwanwan. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

  • Stage 45-1: Pithouse Academy (竪穴式校舎, Tateanashiki Kōsha, Pit-Schoolhouse)
  • Stage 45-2: Local Harvest Forecast (収穫量を占う地方放送, Shūkakuryō o Uranau Chihōhōsō, Local Harvest Yield Broadcast)
  • Stage 45-3: Clay Pot Soul Food (火焔型土器でおふくろの味, Kaengata Doki de Ofukuro no Aji, Mom's-cooking-taste Flame Earthenware)
  • Stage 45-4: Chiefs' Smoking Area (豪族の集う喫煙所, Gōzoku no Tsudou Kitsuenjo, Smoking Area Where Powerful Families Gather)
  • Stage 45-5: Rest Stop Sacrifice (生贄探して道の駅, Ikenie Sagashite Michi no Eki, Sacrifice-seeking Roadside Station)
  • Stage 45-6: Outta This Village (おらこんな故郷出るだ, Ora Konna Kokyō Deruda, I'm Leaving My Hometown)

Sub-chapter 46: Bazaar of the Pirate King

Bazaar of the Pirate King (海賊王商店街, Kaizokuō Shōtengai, Pirate King Shopping Street) Added in Version 11.8, introduced one new enemy, Great Angel Chibinel. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

  • Stage 46-1: Stylist Mononoke (理容ももの毛姫, Riyō Momo no Kehime, Barber Hair Princess)
  • Stage 46-2: Stand By Motel (スタンバイ民宿, Sutanbai Minshuku, Standby Guest House)
  • Stage 46-3: Aven-Jazz Cafe (アベン・ジャズ喫茶, Aben・Jazu Kissa, Aven-Jazz Cafe)
  • Stage 46-4: Retreat of the Living Dead (ばたり庵, Batarian, Batari Hermitage)
  • Stage 46-5: Titanic Steakhouse (タイタ肉屋, Taita Nikuya, Tita Butcher)
  • Stage 46-6: Inn-Dependence Day (イン・デペンデンス亭, Independensu・Tei, Independence Pavilion)

Sub-chapter 47: Between Truth and Lies

Between Truth and Lies (真なる虚実を紡ぐ道, Shin Naru Kyojitsu o Tsumugu Michi, Road that Weaves the Real Truth) Added in Version 11.9, introduced no new enemies. Available up to 4♛ difficulty.

  • Stage 47-1: Fullstop Valley (ピリオド大渓谷, Piriodo Daikēkoku, Period Great Canyon)
  • Stage 47-2: Master of Demon Keep (暗い魔窟の主, Kurai Makutsu no Nushi, Master of the Dark Disreputables' Den)
  • Stage 47-3: Warning of the Setting Sun (斜陽の警告, Shayō no Keikoku, Warning of the Setting Sun)
  • Stage 47-4: Infinity Ridge (インフィニ峠, Infinitōge, Infini-Mountain Pass)
  • Stage 47-5: Eternal Ancient Woods (エターナル古森林, Etānaru Inishie Shinrin, Eternal Ancient Forest)
  • Stage 47-6: Neverending Footsteps (はじまりへ続く足跡, Hajimari e Tsuzuku Ashiato, Footsteps Leading to the Beginning)

Sub-chapter 48: Humanity Catified

Humanity Catified (人類ネコ化計画, Jinrui Neko-ka Kēkaku, Human Catification Project) Added in Version 12.0, introduced one new enemy, Great Ape Luza. Available up to 3♛ difficulty.

  • Stage 48-1: Soul in the Idol (偶像に宿る魂, Gūzō ni Yadoru Tamashī, Soul in the Idol)
  • Stage 48-2: Wager of Honor (名誉一つに賭す命, Mēyo Hitotsu ni Tosu Inochi, Risking Life for Honor)
  • Stage 48-3: Crown of Vanity (虚栄の冠を賜りし者, Kyoē no Kanmuri o Tamawarishi Mono, Those Bestowed with Crowns of Vanity)
  • Stage 48-4: Bestowing Eternity (永久を授ける頂, Ēkyū o Sazukeru Itadaki, The Summit That Gives Eternity)
  • Stage 48-5: Atonement for Sin (原罪を贖いし時, Genzai o Aganaishi Toki, Time for Atonement of Original Sin)
  • Stage 48-6: Reign of the Ape Lord (古代を統べる猿人, Kodai o Suberu Enjin, Ape-man Who Rules Over Ancient Times)
  • Stage 48-7: Ape Lord's Revenge (逆襲の大猿人, Gyakushū no Daienjin, Great Ape-man's Revenge)
  • Stage 48-8: Birth of True Man (真人類創生, Shin Jinrui Sōsē, Creation of True Humanity)

Sub-chapter 49: Sacred Forest

Sacred Forest (古代神樹, Kodai Shinju, Ancient Divine Tree) Added in Version 12.0, introduced two new enemies, Zero Luza and Origin Base. Available up to 3♛ difficulty.

  • Stage 49-1: Revival of Origin (起源の覚醒, Kigen no Kakusē, Awakening of Origin)

Zero Legends

Zero Legends (レジェンドストーリー0, Rejendo Sutōrī 0, Legend Story 0) is the third main campaign in Legend Stages, unlocked by completing Uncanny Legends on 1-Crown difficulty. It can be accessed from the Legend Stages menu at any time and was added in Version 12.0 of The Battle Cats.

Like the final chapter of the previous campaign, the first sub-chapter, Zero Field, only contains one level. Completing this level unlocks Filibuster Cat X's True Form.

Zero Legends has a much wider variety of enemies than the previous sub-chapters, featuring many former event-exclusive enemies such as Behemoths, Cyclones, Advent Bosses, Heavenly Tower bosses, and even monthly/seasonal event enemies like Le'mammoth and Bears Be Back.

In sub-chapter 9, Garden of Wilted Thoughts, Zero Legends introduces a brand new enemy type: Sage. Sage is a unique typing that works like Colossal and Behemoth, but also has the gimmick of resisting most special effects inflicted by Cat Units, with the exception of Sage Slayers.

As of Version 12.2, all Zero Legends stages drop Extra-Dimensional Materials, which are needed for Ototo to upgrade Cat Base Foundations and Styles.

Sub-chapter 1: Zero Field

Zero Field (ゼロフィールド, Zero Fīrudo, Zero Field) Added in Version 12.0, reintroduced Casaurian Ahirujo and Angelic Beast Rajakong and added two new enemies, Ancient Magamojoe and Metafilibuster. Available up to 1♛ difficulty.

  • Stage 1-1: A Whole New World (はじまりの世界, Hajimari no Sekai, World of Beginnings)

Sub-chapter 2: The Edge of Spacetime

The Edge of Spacetime (時空の最果て, Jikū no Saihate, Farthest of Spacetime) Added in Version 12.2, reintroduced The Cat God, White Cyclone, Crustaceous Scissorex and Hannya and added one new enemy, Mini White Cyclone. Available up to 1♛ difficulty.

  • Stage 2-1: Crimes Against the Cosmos (宇宙の法則が乱れた, Uchū no Hōsoku ga Midareta, Universe's Laws Disrupted)
  • Stage 2-2: Zero Horizon (ゼロの地平線, Zero no Chiheisen, Horizon of Zero)
  • Stage 2-3: Sunset Hadron (夕焼けのハドロン, Yūyake no Hadoron, Sunset Hadron)
  • Stage 2-4: The Theory of Felinity (ネコ対性理論, Neko-tai Sei Riron, Theory of Catativity)
  • Stage 2-5: Protons, Neutrons, and Morons (陽子と中性子と悦子, Yōshi to Chūseishi to Etsuko, Protons and Neutrons and Etsuko)
  • Stage 2-6: Neutrino Snowlands (ニュートリノ異雪原, Nyūtorino Isetsugen, Neutrino Snowfield)

Sub-chapter 3: Cats Cradle Basin

Cats Cradle Basin (バリチッチ盆地, Barichitchi Bonchi, Barichitchi Basin) Added in Version 12.3, reintroduced Daboo of the Dead, Devil Wife, Corrupted Valkyrie and Vermilingua Rangmaster and added one new enemy, Elephantidae Papaou. Available up to 1♛ difficulty.

  • Stage 3-1: Choco Highlands (グリ高原, Guri Kōgen, Glycogen Plateau)
  • Stage 3-2: Drowsy Paths (こっくり散歩道, Kokkuri Sanpodō, Kokkuri Promenade)
  • Stage 3-3: Loony Lakeside (にらめっ湖のほとり, Niramekko no Hotori, Niramekko Lake Shore)
  • Stage 3-4: Muddy Fjord (泥まみれ渓流, Doro Mamire Keiryū, Muddy Mountain Stream)
  • Stage 3-5: Hopscotch Peak (ケン・ケンパ峰, Ken・Kenpa Mine, Ken-Kenpa Peak)
  • Stage 3-6: Hokey Pokey Forest (おしくらまん樹林, Oshikuraman Jurin, Pitch-Black Forest)

Sub-chapter 4: The Ururuvu Journals

The Ururuvu Journals (ウルルブ島滞在記, Ururubu Tō Taizai-ki, Ururubu Island Travelogue) Added in Version 12.4, reintroduced Mystic Mask Yulala and added one new enemy, Lutrinae Gokurakko. Available up to 1♛ difficulty.

  • Stage 4-1: Extra Natives (エキストラ原住民, Ekisutora Genjūmin, Extra Natives)
  • Stage 4-2: Hard-Luck Homestay (野ざらしホームステイ, Nozarashi Hōmusutei, Weather-Beaten Homestay)
  • Stage 4-3: AI Fishing (目撃!AI伝統漁, Mokugeki! AI Dentōgyo, Witness! AI Tradition Fish)
  • Stage 4-4: Sacrifice Apprenticeship (いけにえ体験学習, Ikenie Taiken Gakushū, Sacrifice Learning Experience)

Sub-chapter 5: New World Ehen

New World Ehen (新世界アリ=エヘン, Shinsekai Ari=Ehen, New World Unbelievable) Added in Version 12.5, reintroduced Suidae Piggicus, THE FOLIVOREAN, Divine Cyclone and Queen B and added one new enemy, Lophiiformes Angaburu. Available up to 1♛ difficulty.

  • Stage 5-1: Interesting Inlet (おもろ入り江, Omoro Irie, Interesting Inlet)
  • Stage 5-2: Banishin' Tigers (虎穴に入らずんば, Koketsu ni Hairazunba, Without Risks)
  • Stage 5-3: Theheckareyou Island (オマエ・ナンヤ島, Omae Nan'ya Tō, How Dare You Island)
  • Stage 5-4: Can-Can Canal (チャウチャウチャ運河, Chau Chau Cha Unga, No No No Canal)
  • Stage 5-5: What the Waterway (どうなっとん堀, Dōnatton Hori, What's Going On Moat)
  • Stage 5-6: Ohno Road (いてもうたロード, Itemōta Rōdo, Threatening Road)
  • Stage 5-7: So-So City Center (ぼちぼち都心, Bochi Bochi Toshin, So-So City Center)
  • Stage 5-8: Hole Lotta Somethin' (シランケ洞, Shiranke Dō, I Don't Know Cave)

Sub-chapter 6: Cats of a Common Sea

Cats of a Common Sea (われら海の猫, Warera Umi no Neko, We Are Cats of the Sea) Added in Version 12.6, reintroduced Cruel Angel Clionel and added one new enemy, Mega Baa Baa. Available up to 1♛ difficulty.

  • Stage 6-1: Undertow Coast (大潮の渚, Ōshio no Nagisa, Spring Tide Shore)
  • Stage 6-2: Great Barrier-free (グレートバリアフリー, Gurēto Baria Furī, Great Barrier Free)
  • Stage 6-3: Ominous Fin Alert (ふかひれ出没海域, Fukahire Shutsubotsu Kaiiki, Shark Fin Sea)
  • Stage 6-4: Two Miles Below (海底2マイル, Kaitei 2 Mairu, 2 Miles Deep)
  • Stage 6-5: Sea Cave Habitat (水中洞窟の生態系, Suichū-dōkutsu no Seitaikei, Underwater Cave Ecosystem)
  • Stage 6-6: Beyond the Hadal (深海限界の先に, Shinkai Genkai no Saki Ni, Beyond the Limits of Deep Sea)

Sub-chapter 7: Truth in Extremes

Truth in Extremes (対極にある真実, Taikyoku ni Aru Shinjitsu, Truth in Polarity) Added in Version 12.7, reintroduced Le'mammoth, Cosmic Cyclone, King Wahwah and Puffsley's Comet and added one new enemy, Mini Angel Cyclone. Available up to 1♛ difficulty.

  • Stage 7-1: Furious Field (猛る草原の巨象, Takeru Sōgen no Kyozō, Giant Elephant of the Raging Plain)
  • Stage 7-2: Mirage Meadow (静かなる草原の虚像, Shizuka naru Sōgen no Kyozō, Virtual Image of the Quiet Plain)
  • Stage 7-3: Crag of Monte Cristo (顔窟王, Gankutsuō, Face Cave King)
  • Stage 7-4: Beast of Monte Cristo (獣窟王, Jyūkutsuō, Beast Cave King)
  • Stage 7-5: Blessings in Sand (砂礫を牛耳る恵まれし者, Sareki o Gyūjiru Megumareshi Mono, The Blessed One Ruling Over Pebbles)
  • Stage 7-6: Misfortune in Sand (砂礫を牛耳る不遇な者, Sareki o Gyūjiru Fugū na Mono, The Unfortunate One Ruling Over Pebbles)

Sub-chapter 8: Demon of Deciliter Bay

Demon of Deciliter Bay (デシリットル湾の魔物, Deshirittoru no Mamono, Evil Spirit of Deciliter Bay) Added in Version 13.0, reintroduced Black Cyclone, Bears Be Back and Bakoo. Available up to 1♛ difficulty.

  • Stage 8-1: Pursuit of Understanding (解を求めて三千里, Kai o Motomete Sanzenri, 3000 Leagues in Search of the Solution)
  • Stage 8-2: Pythagorean Tributary (ピタゴラ水源, Pitagora Suigen, Pythagora Water Source)
  • Stage 8-3: 1 + 2 = Tor (イチタスニハ山, Ichitasuniha San, Mount One Plus Two Equals Three)
  • Stage 8-4: Sine-Cosine Mine (サインコサイン炭鉱, Sain Kosain Tankō, Sine Cosine Coal Mines)
  • Stage 8-5: Isosceles Valley (二等辺三角渓, Nitōhen Sankakukei, Isosceles Valley)
  • Stage 8-6: The Farthest Point (遥かなる点P, Harukanaru Ten P, Distant Point P)

Sub-chapter 9: Garden of Wilted Thoughts

Garden of Wilted Thoughts (枯れた思考の庭, Kareta Shikō no Niwa, Withered Garden of Thought) Added in Version 13.1, reintroduced Haterbaa 2.0 and Red Cyclone and added the enemy version of Master of Mind Soractes. Available up to 1♛ difficulty.

  • Stage 9-1: Uneducated Sophist (無学なソフィスト, Mugaku na Sofisuto, Ignorant Sophist)
  • Stage 9-2: A Life of Antithesis (反証だらけ半生, Hanshō Darake Han'nama, Half a Lifetime Full of Disproof)
  • Stage 9-3: Forest of Irony (イロニーの森, Ironī no Mori, Forest of Irony)
  • Stage 9-4: Aimless Dialogue (あてなき押し問答, Atenaki Oshimondō, Aimless Arguing Without Compromise)
  • Stage 9-5: Slanderous Wasteland (毒言に満ちた荒原, Dokugen ni Michita Kōgen, Wasteland Full of Venomous Remarks)
  • Stage 9-6: Adherence to Virtue (よき生への執着, Yoki-sei e no Shūchaku, Obsession Towards a Good Life)

Sub-chapter 10: Stratospheric Pathway

Stratospheric Pathway (異空行路の先に, Ikū Kōro no Saki Ni, Up Ahead on the Alternate Dimension) Added in Version 13.2, introduced 2 new enemies: Dogenstein and Tarsiriel. Available up to 1♛ difficulty.

  • Stage 10-1: Permission to Land (自由への上陸地, Jiyū e no Jōriku-chi, Landing Point to Freedom)
  • Stage 10-2: Steps Great and Small (大いなる小さき一歩, Ōinaru Chīsaki Ippo, One Great Little Step)
  • Stage 10-3: Burger Garden (ビッグバーガーガーデン, Biggu Bāgā Gāden, Big Burger Garden)
  • Stage 10-4: Small Inlet, Large Field (大草原の小さな入り江, Ōkusabara no Chīsana Irie, Little Inlet on the Prairie)
  • Stage 10-5: Bubbly Dream (バブリー感ドリーム, Baburī-kan Dorīmu, Bubbly-feeling Dream)
  • Stage 10-6: Prairie Harbor (グレートプレーリー港, Gurēto Purērī Minato, Great Prairie Harbor)

Sub-chapter 11: Konjac Valley

Konjac Valley (イトコンバレー, Itokon Barē, Itokon Valley) Added in Version 13.3, reintroduced Pure Gold R.Ost and Metal Cyclone and added 1 new enemy: Dark Dober. Available up to 1♛ difficulty.

  • Stage 11-1: Meandering Road (ぐるぐる自動車道, Guruguru Jidōshadō, Revolving Expressway)
  • Stage 11-2: One-Second Photo (インスタント写真館, Insutanto Shashin-kan, Instant Photographic Studio)
  • Stage 11-3: Metallic Metaverse (メタリックメタバース, Metarikku Metabāsu, Metallic Metaverse)
  • Stage 11-4: Pineapple Merchant (パイナップル商事, Painappuru Shōji, Pineapple Trading)
  • Stage 11-5: Groundscraper (マイクロ高層ビル, Maikuro Kōsō Biru, Micro Highrise Building)
  • Stage 11-6: Phantom Bluebird (青き鳥の幻影, Aoki Tori no Gen'ei, Illusion of the Blue Bird)

Sub-chapter 12: Candy Paradise

Candy Paradise (カルメ桃源郷, Karume Tōgenkyō, Karume Utopia) Added in Version 13.4, reintroduced CTO Seal and added 1 new enemy: Doctor K.O.. Available up to 1♛ difficulty.

  • Stage 12-1: Soybean Graveyard (きなこ墓地, Kinako Bochi, Kinako Cemetery)
  • Stage 12-2: Pointed Lakeshore (トンガリ湖畔, Tongari Kohan, Tongari Lakeside)
  • Stage 12-3: Candy Downpour (降り注ぐねりあめ, Furisosogu Neri Ame, Raining Neri Ame)
  • Stage 12-4: Yogurt Archipelago (ヨーグ列島, Yōgu Rettō, Yogu Archipelago)
  • Stage 12-5: Cookie Cutter Ruins (かたぬき遺跡, Katanuki Iseki, Katanuki Ruins)
  • Stage 12-6: Pop-pop Wonderland (パチパチワンダーランド, Pachi Pachi Wandārando, Pachi Pachi Wonderland)

Sub-chapter 13: Secluded Cavy Island

Secluded Cavy Island (隠されしモルモ島 Kakusareshi Morumotō, Hidden Island of Morumo) Added in Version 13.5, introduced 1 new enemy: Techn-Old Hyena. Available up to 1♛ difficulty.

  • Stage 13-1: Yodoyo Sea (ヨード液シー, Yōdo-eki Shī, Iodine Solution Sea)
  • Stage 13-2: Putrid Prison (薬品くさい牢屋, Yakuhin Kusai Rōya, Chemical-smelling Prison)
  • Stage 13-3: Pollution Isolation (蟲毒が生む孤独, Kodoku ga Umu Kodoku, Kodoku-induced Loneliness)
  • Stage 13-4: Nonsense Mutation (ナンセンス細胞変異, Nansensu Saibō Hen'i, Nonsense Cellular Mutation)
  • Stage 13-5: Accidental Toxicity (うっかり劇薬, Ukkari Gekiyaku, Carelessly Powerful Medicine)
  • Stage 13-6: Heartful Homunculus (ハートフル生体兵器, Hātofuru Seitai Heiki, Heartful Biological Weapon)

Other Permanent Stages


Requirement Reward
Complete all Level 2 Stories of Legend Stages to complete this mission. 1 Platinum Ticket
Complete all Level 3 Stories of Legend Stages to complete this mission. 1 Platinum Ticket
Complete all Level 2 Uncanny Legend Stages to complete this mission. 1 Platinum Ticket
Complete all Level 3 Uncanny Legend Stages to complete this mission. 1 Platinum Ticket

Splash Texts

  • Event Stage, On Now!
  • Event Stage, On Now! Try the Limited Stage!
  • Blitz Stage Available Now!
  • Only Now! Blitz Stage
  • Limited Collaboration happening right now!
  • Check out the Collab event!
  • Half-Energy Event!! On Now!
  • Stages cost 50% Energy! More battles!!! Let's go!
  • Half-Energy Event!! On in Special Stages!
  • Half-Off Energy, Only Now!