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After the Battle Cats invaded the world
they moved to the next step of their plan...

I thought what they wanted was
to blend into our world and
live a cozy and peaceful life...
I was wrong.

The Battle Cats took over
nuclear power plants
all over the world.

They were trying to feed
all the world's power into one place!

Their mission was really…
Time Travel!

A couple of days ago I ran into
The Marketing Manager of the Battle Cats
(He was a Cat) and we had a chat, but
I don't think he knew what
Strictly Confidential

So I knew their plan,
but I was too busy playing games
and going out.
Oh, I also paid a visit to my folks too.
I'm a good kid.
Trust me.
... and so I forgot about their plan.

We need to release the Legendary Cats!
We need free them before they were sealed!
We need to travel in time!
We need some Cat Food!

... I think that was what the Cat was saying.
Though I can barely remember,
because I was pretty drunk too.

Oh right,
I was having some nuts with my beer.

So anyway,
they succeeded in time travel
and the Battle Cats traversed to
another world.

They remembered to shut down
all the nuclear power plants safely
and even left a note saying
Thank you

... I guess
They aren't so bad after all?

Hey, I forgot to add
You know Cat God? Yeah, THAT Cat God.
He is around 20 years old.

He shouldn't exist in the past… Yet.

And so, having freed the Cats
trapped in the lands of Legend
the Cats came back to their own time.

Welcome home, Cats!

Oh, they brought souvenirs! How kind!
...Chocolate macadamia nuts??
Well, we were hoping for a bit more...


With the help of the Legend Cats
the Battle Cats can finally retire
and live in peace forever. what I thought,
but that didn't actually happen.

Someone accidentally sat on
the time machine's button
and now the Cats were sent to
a weird place no one had ever heard of.

(It wasn't me, I promise)

Yesterday, I ran into the Marketing Manager
of The Battle Cats (again). I didn't ask, but
he told me a lot of top secret info (again).

It seems like where they ended up,
the lost Cat Army discovered other Cats
dressed like bosozoku biker gangs or
members of idol groups with number IDs
and other unusual creatures

It was really hard to tell WHEN
the Cats actually were.

They discovered some of the Legends
were actually just descendants of the
real heroes of Legend.

The Cats had also found a dark guild
researching forbidden knowledge.

Naturally, they were too curious and
immediately decided to stay.
There's no helping it, they're only Cats.

I tried to stop him, but he kept talking loudly.
And the next morning, it was all over the news.

Of course, the government immediately
demanded answers, but the Cats
just hid on top of a cupboard until they left.

Anyhow, it seems the Battle Cats are
the undisputed masters of time travel.

Maybe this time they'll discover the
REAL ultimate superweapon?

Go for it, Cats!
You can do it, Cats!
Three cheers for the Battle Cats!

to the Uncanny Legends!


And so, the army of Cats that freed
the Cats of Uncanny Legend
conquered the distant past...

At last

thanks to the efforts of the Cat Army and
the Legendary Cats, all of Catkind begins
to experience a rebirth.

...Or so they thought.
In the end
the present day is not overrun with Cats
as they might have hoped.

The one thing that has changed
is that there is a small increase in
the number of people that can live carefree.

That is all.

Oh, yeah, that's right...
Some Cat professors came to
the cafe I opened after leaving my
office job. They were talking to each other.

When the Cats of the past saved
the Legendary Cats, they met
humanity's ancestors
and became friendly with them.

After that, an ancient god appeared
from a shining gold tree, proclaiming,
"I task thee with finding a sage from
another world."

In the swirling energy in the night sky,
it drew a golden can of Cat Food, then left.

I remember taking their order
for a cafe au lait with no coffee
and being confused as to how to make it.

Who exactly is the sage in
the proclamation from the ancient god...?

I can't even imagine who it could be.

I bet that the Cats have probably
gone off to yet another world chasing down
more Cat Food! Heh heh!

And with that, I must say...

Battle Cats!
Safe travels,
Battle Cats!

to the Zero World!