Lifesaving Shovel (スコップ一つに) is the final stage in The Gelatin Mines. Urs & Fenrir and Croconator are introduced in this stage. It is a No Continues stage.


  • At the start of the battle, 400 Croconators spawn, delay 8~12 seconds.
  • After 3.3 seconds100f, Urs & Fenrir spawns as the boss.
  • After 5 seconds, 8 Croconators spawn, delay 2~4 seconds.
  • After 26.7 seconds800f, 3 Rain Ds. spawn, delay 80 seconds.


The use of units with more than 500 range is higly recommended.

Strategy 1


Anv 30 01 2020 shovel lineup

Levels/talents used: Ramen Cat(50+16/max defence up), a similarly high level is mandatory, as he needs to tank some hits to be effective; Bullet Train Cat(50), Awakened Bahamut Cat(40), Cyberpunk Cat(40+1/no talents); attack up and slow up are, however, recommended.

Battle: Wait for the boss wave by upgrading the worker once; after it happens, summon Ramen and spam it for the rest of the fight, just a bit less often to spare money if Urs is yet to be reached. Next step is to summon Cyberpunk, then Sniper the Heavy. For the whole fight, Ramen will take care of the Croconators while the 2 backliners help preventing the enemies from advancing, but that isn't going to be enough when 3 Rain Ds stack, so the use of Bullet and Bahamut is mandatory.

Anv 30 01 2020 shovel

Make sure that Urs is attacking and no Croconator is about to get in the way when spawning one of these rushers, then use the cannon to allow Bahamut to deliver a second hit. This way, each Rain D will die shortly before the one after the next is summoned, so 3 should never stack. Eventually, you'll stack 2 Cyberpunks and Snipers, and you'll push the boss close to the base, where they'll easily die, granting you a victory.

In place of Sniper the Heavy or A. Bahamut, the use of eventual Uber Rare Cats with amazing range is recommended, especially some Tales of the Nekoluga Ubers, but it is far from necessary.


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