Lord Gravey is literally a coffin. He is a Zombie type enemy, who has two knockbacks and decent stats. He appears as a boss in on the Moon in Chapter 1 Zombie Outbreak as well as in the final stage of sub-chapter 34 of SoL.

Appearance: A white slab of (presumably) Marble shaped like a coffin. There is a Doge face on it, as well as a few incomprehensible characters underneath. It attacks by shooting a pair of purple arms from underneath the coffin, with guaranteed knockback. However, is range is not too high, and can be taken down by a large stack of ranged dealers like Macho Legs, Dragon Cat, and their Crazed/Manic counterparts.

Description (EN): Some squatter has made his home in Zoge's grave! How rude! Whoever this mysterious cadaver is, his will to rock seems to be alive and well.

First appearance: EoC Moon Zombie Outbreak; SoL 34-6, Suburbs of the Dead - Silent Meowing

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