Lords of Destruction Dragon Emperors (超破壊大帝ドラゴンエンペラーズ chō hakai taitei doragon enperāzu, Lit. Ultra-Destruction Great Dragon Emperors) is one of the Rare Cat Capsule events in Battle Cats. This event was added December 21st, 2014 in The Battle Cats[1].


By playing the Rare Cat Capsule/Gacha during this special event, players have a chance to get the Uber Rare characters:

  • Megidora - Existing solely to purify the wicked world!
  • Sodom - A legendary beast sealed away since ancient times!
  • Raiden - Catkind's ultimate weapon against Ancient Cat Dragons!
  • Vars - A cat knight of legend who has ridden over 1000 dragons!
  • Kamukura - Commanding powers that can move both heaven and earth!
  • Dioramos - The draconian dominator prophesied to appear and sear the Earth until only ash remains!

Also, get a chance to unlock the Legend Rare unit High Lord Babel!

During the VIP edition of this Gacha, which only appears on the PC Version, one more Uber Rare Cat can be obtained:

  • King Berius, Deals massive damage to Cats and Alien enemies, also knock back them occasionally.

Other Characters

All Gacha/Jackpot Rare and Super Rare Cats



  • The main role of this Uber set is Knockback and Slow one certain type of enemies, excluding Ganglion added in 6.8, which is strong against 2 types of enemies.
  • This is the first Uber set in which all 6 (earlier) members received a True Form, while Megidora is one of the first ever Ubers that gained True Form.
  • Sodom shares the same name with an ancient city that was destroyed by fire.
  • Kamukura looks very similar to Shenron from Dragon Ball.
  • Dioramos is a big reference to one of Godzilla's worst enemies: Destoroyah.
    • Dioramos is also a reference to another PONOS' game with the same name on the PS1.
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