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'''Loris''' (ダテメガネル Datemeganeru, '''Date glasses''') is a [[:Category:Relic Enemies|Relic]] version of [[LeMurr (Alien)|LeMurr]] that appears in [[Uncanny Legends]].
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{{Enemy Info
|name = Loris|image = [[File:Loris.PNG]]|first appearance = '''UL''': [[Young Cuttlefish|Sub-Chapter 5 - Young Cuttlefish]]|money drop = 750$ - 2,962$|latest appearance = '''UL''': [[Smokestack to Heaven|Sub-Chapter 22 - Smokestack to Heaven]]}}
== Enemy ==
This enemy keeps itself relatively safe at a range of 449 and has much higher health and damage than a normal LeMurr, making it even more irritating. Yet, it has lower speed, more time between attacks, and less knockbacks. Ability-wise, it inflicts Curse instead of Weaken. It also has a long-distance attacking units 500-800 from him.
== Strategy ==
Not to bad to deal with, however Loris will curse your back line with his range and stop some of your attackers from using their abilities(massive damage, slow, freeze, etc.) and thus can cripple your army. Still he isn’t to hard to deal with thanks to his low (for a Relic) damage and slow attack speed.
|Enemy Unit Number = 422
|enemy category = Relic
|Enemy name = Loris
|enemy_endesc1 = Last year's in-vogue celebrity, famous for his flashy taste in eyewear. But it's actually just what his eyes look like... Weird how he can throw them like that. Relics, amirite?
|image1 = Enemy icon 420.png
|enemy_jpscriptc1 = 裸眼なのに古代メガネベストドレッサー賞に
|enemy_jpdesc1 = To the ancient spectacle best dresser award though it is naked eyes
The eyewear that has been chosen.
The comfort of wearing eyeglasses pressed as a product
I am irritated because I do not like it.
|Enemy name (JP) = ダテメガネル (Datemeganeru)}}
{{EnemyCharacter Stats|Enemy = Loris (Relic)|Health = 360,000 HP|Attack Power = 6,000 damage<br/>(1,200 DPS)|Attack Range = 449<br/>(area attack)|Time between attacks = 130f<br/>(150f attack frequency)|Movement Speed = 9|Knockback = 6 times|Ability = Long Distance (Effective range: 500~800)
Curses Cat units for 150f <sup>5 secs</sup> (100%)|Element = Relic|Occurrence = 11f<br/>(9f backswing)}}
:''*In each stage, there is strength magnification, the value of health and attack power varies because of this.''
:''*Time between attacks is the time of the attack motion end until the next attack motion starts.''
== Appearances ==
This enemy has always appeared at 100% strength magnification.
* Stage 5-6: [[Young Cuttlefish]]
* Stage 6-4: [[Glittering Peaks]]
* Stage 7-4: [[Rogue's Twilight]]
* Stage 15-6: [[Total Myopia]]
* Stage 20-6: [[Campus Law]]
* Stage 22-4: [[VIP Warehouse]]
* Stage 22-6: [[Smokestack to Heaven]]
== Reference ==
<p style="text-align:center;">[[Enemy Release Order|Enemy Release Order]]:</p>
<p style="text-align:center;">'''[[Cat God (Cool Dude)|&lt;&lt; Cat God (Cool Dude)]] | [[Le'saint (Event Enemy)|Le'saint &gt;&gt; ]] '''</p>
[[Category:Enemy Units]]
[[Category:Enemy Units]]
[[Category:Relic Enemies]]
[[Category:Relic Enemies]]

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