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The Main Menu is the first screen that the player will see when booting up The Battle Cats.

Language option

The language menu

When the game starts, the player is greeted with a language option and is able to choose their preferred language to play in. The language options range from: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Thai. After choosing one of the options, the player is then greeted with a message:

"※After changing display Language, additional required data will be downloaded.
If you are not connected to a stable Wi-fi environment,
you may incur additional charges from your network data plan.
※ This process will not delete your Save Data."

Once agreeing to the language option, the game will download the games files. Once finished a message will appear:

"The Battle Cats" is completely free to play. However, please be aware that there is paid content.

The intro will play with the option to skip or not. After the intro has ended or been skipped, the player must agree to the Application License Agreement, Privacy Policy and input their date of birth.

Main menu ver 10

The Main menu in Version 10.10


Play button


Settings and returner mode buttons

Settings and Returner Mode

  • Settings: Opens the settings option.
  • Returner Mode: Opens an IAP that allows veteran players to restart their progress to after clearing Empire of Cats Chapter 3.

The Mailbox

  • Mailbox: Gives rewards from the Arena of Honor or special events PONOS holds over their social media.


Pressing the "Settings" button on the main menu brings up a menu that allows the player to view or change certain functions of the game to their liking.

Settings menu

The Settings menu

  • Energy Notice: Notifies the player via a notification when the energy has reached maxed capacity.
  • Help: Opens up the help menu, which displays functions of the game and information on how to use them.
  • Data Transfer: Allows the player to transfer their data to another device.
  • Opening: Shows all modes' openings the player has seen, including Empire of Cats, Into the Future, Cats of the Cosmos, Legend Stages and The Aku Realms.
  • Ending: Shows all modes' endings the player has seen, including Empire of Cats, Into the Future, Cats of the Cosmos, Legend Stages and The Aku Realms.
  • PONOS Facebook page: Directs the player to PONOS' Facebook page.
  • PONOS Twitter page: Directs the player to PONOS' Twitter page.
  • Language: Allows the player to change the language of their game.


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