Battle Cats Wiki

Master Finals is the eighteenth and final stage in Tag Arena Challenge.


Max # of Deployable Cats: 2


  • 1 Berserkory spawns after 10 seconds300f.
  • 10 Miz Devils spawn after 20 seconds600f, delay 10~13.33 seconds300f~400f.
  • Infinite Assassin Bears spawn after 900 seconds27,000f, delay 900 seconds27,000f.


Strategy 1[]

Lineup: Some Freeze Effect Up combos (the stronger the better), Manic Eraser Cat, iCat, Courier Cat, Pizza Cat, Ubers or Legends with good DPS and at least 180 range (Awakened Bahamut, Greater Balrog Cat, Pai-Pai, etc)

Cannon: Thunderbolt (optional)

To win, you should try and take out the Berserkory as fast as you can. Don't spawn anything until a Miz Devil gets near your base. Send out a Manic Eraser Cat and a Pizza Cat or Courier Cat to kill the Miz Devils that get close and wait for Berserkory to get near the base. When he's close, spawn iCat and an Uber or Legend cat. It's fine if Berserkory does not get perma-frozen because Miz Devil will come along and knock your iCat back which will cause Berserkory to miss and not spawn a wave. When this happens, send out another iCat if needed and take out the Miz Devil. If you brought it, now's a good time to use the Thunderbolt cannon. Continue this until Berserkory dies and then you can take care of the remaining Miz Devils with ease.

Strategy 2[]

Lineup: Some Attack Up and/or Defense Up combos, Green Shell Cat (45), two Ubers with wave-immunity and good range (or Awakened Musashi if he's at a high level and you don't have any good Ubers)

Cannon: Slow

This strategy gets easier as your units gain more levels, especially Green Shell Cat. When the first Miz Devil gets near your base, spawn a Green Shell as close to the base as possible. When another Miz Devil gets near the base, spawn one of your Ubers. This is so that your Uber won't go forward and die to Berserkory (however, if you're using an Uber with Strengthen and Wave Immunity like Immortal Keji, you can try sending it out when the first Miz Devil gets close). When Berserkory gets near the base, your Green Shell should stall him for some time as your Uber damages him. When your Green Shell dies, use the Slow cannon to keep the enemies in place and send out another Green Shell. When this Green Shell dies, send out your second Uber. Berserkory is going to attack the base so you'll want to take him out as fast as possible. Once he dies, you should have no problem with killing the rest of the Miz Devils.