Maternity Leave Forever is the fourth stage that appears in Worker's Revolution.


  • This level starts off with a Owlbrow, mostly to stall the player so they can get money. About 30 seconds after the first one appears, the second will spawn. Owlbrows will appear periodically throughout the battle, about every 30 seconds. Make sure not to send out too many cats at the beginning as you will run the risk of pushing to the base early, triggering the boss or reaching the deploy limit, although this probably won't be the biggest problem, as you all know what the boss is. Wait till you have max worker cat and then, when you're feeling ready, send out all your cat units.
    Unfortunately, this stage contains, Teacher Bun Bun, CTO Seal, a few B.B.Bunnys and an Owlbrow will spawn as the boss shockwave, so be wary.
  • After the initial boss shockwave and CTO Seal. Another CTO Seal will spawn. If the attack out of sync it could cause you to lose ground quickly.


  • You can stall at the beginning as long as you need to. Use Tank Cat/Crazed Tank Cat to bait and stall the Owlbrow. As the attack animation of Owlbrow is quite long you can get a stack of them to attack one Tank Cat and allow the next one to take it's place effectively stalling the Owlbrow infinitely.
  • Butterfly Cat makes a good damage dealer against the Owlbrow and Teacher Bun Bun however will likely die to Teacher Bun Bun/CTO Seal after 1 or 2 attacks.
  • 3 meatshields is enough to beat this level if your ranged attackers are strong enough to kill the bosses before they take too much ground.


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