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Meow Medals are a feature implemented in the Version 9.0 Update. They are achievements earned by completing certain tasks, such as beating Legend Stages or earning cents during battle. Unearned Meow Medals are displayed as grayed-out question mark tokens, except for secret Meow Medals, which just appear as question marks. Secret Meow Medals' names and descriptions are displayed as "???" before they are unlocked, they are unlocked just before beating their respected criteria. The player can view their Meow Medals in the Meow Medals menu, which can be accessed from the Cat Base Menu.

Meow Medals currently serve little purpose other than bragging rights. Their only use is unlocking the last 5 lineups, each of which requires the player to have a specific amount of Medals before it can be purchased using Cat Food:

  • 11th lineup - 25 Meow Medals
  • 12th lineup - 50 Meow Medals
  • 13th lineup - 60 Meow Medals
  • 14th lineup - 70 Meow Medals
  • 15th lineup - 80 Meow Medals

List of Meow Medals

Icon Name Description
Medal 000.png Builder of Empires Collect all Gold Treasures from Empire of Cats Ch. 1
Medal 001.png Builder of Empires 2 Collect all Gold Treasures from Empire of Cats Ch. 2
Medal 002.png Builder of Empires 3 Collect all Gold Treasures from Empire of Cats Ch. 3
Medal 003.png Undead Slayer Clear all Empire of Cats Ch. 1 Zombie Outbreak Stages
Medal 004.png Undead Slayer 2 Clear all Empire of Cats Ch. 2 Zombie Outbreak Stages
Medal 005.png Undead Slayer 3 Clear all Empire of Cats Ch. 3 Zombie Outbreak Stages
Medal 090.png World of Darkness Clear all stages in "The Aku Realms"
Medal 006.png The Future Is Ours Collect all Gold Treasures from Into the Future Ch. 1
Medal 007.png The Future Is Ours 2 Collect all Gold Treasures from Into the Future Ch. 2
Medal 008.png The Future Is Ours 3 Collect all Gold Treasures from Into the Future Ch. 3
Medal 009.png ...And Stay Dead Clear all Into the Future Ch. 1 Zombie Outbreak Stages
Medal 010.png ...And Stay Dead 2 Clear all Into the Future Ch. 2 Zombie Outbreak Stages
Medal 076.png ...And Stay Dead 3 Clear all Into the Future Ch. 3 Zombie Outbreak Stages
Medal 011.png Cosmos Conquistador Collect all Gold Treasures from Cats of the Cosmos Ch. 1
Medal 012.png Cosmos Conquistador 2 Collect all Gold Treasures from Cats of the Cosmos Ch. 2
Medal 013.png Cosmos Conquistador 3 Collect all Gold Treasures from Cats of the Cosmos Ch. 3
CAFD2A9D-D8EC-4E3A-9011-2FB27211677C.png No More Worlds to Conquer? Defeat Filibuster Obstructa.
43E4C6BE-22C6-4DD0-B113-8DFA119415B6.png I Am Legend Clear All Level 1 Legend Stages
6AE1E144-1C75-4362-985B-AF709073229C.png I Am Legend 2 Clear All Level 2 Legend Stages
17B00423-0E08-48A2-8E01-74E4FD078643.png I Am Legend 3 Clear All Level 3 Legend Stages
Medal 085.png I Am Legend 4 Clear All Level 4 Legend Stages
Medal 086.png Elder Annihilator Defeat Idi:Re and clear her stage.
0FE36043-1BA0-4C98-9B38-31FD8AC17F2E.png Red Horizon Clear "Crimson Catastrophe"
4A05EF9F-1971-485C-8D84-7BCBDA95C172.png Dark Skies Clear "Heaven of Darkness"
C4A9DAA7-D61B-44A9-9370-20BED175A7D1.png White Winds Clear "Peerless"
A68A6BED-601C-458C-8019-5C0A0596B9A6.png Holy Squall Clear "Wrath of Heaven"
57CA4094-4B69-4D19-B377-781DA6A9FEA5.png Storm of Steel Clear "Sweet Irony"
7E4C66DD-5803-418B-A33B-E9D8A42AC57D.png Alien Weather Clear "Dimension of Despair"
9A41660F-8B22-4D6C-AFC1-881CF5975532.png Perfect Threat Clear "Red Sky at Morning"
50497E65-4B06-4DFD-8B66-B16CE53681CA.png Typhoon Z Clear "The Rolling Dead"
3030835D-C849-4CC9-B9A6-C61A99A92F8C.png Dimensional Rift Clear "The 2nd Dimension"
A082DF32-2853-4477-8BA6-8AFA151F2E2D.png Ancient Tempest Clear "Typhoon Nemo"
Medal 089.png Storm of Evil Clear "The Great Diablo"
ECF1A223-B338-41AE-A4D8-0804BEF95041.png Angel's Cruelty Clear "Clionel Ascendant"
D5029A9E-8322-4B5D-91AC-91C714E00ACA.png Charon's Crossing Clear "River Styx"
A1323194-9EB7-4187-B04A-76C1DD1096C4.png Uncrowned Clear "Queen's Coronation"
AE8350CA-2E03-4159-939A-A393E638EC41.png The Big Z Clear "Daboo of the Dead"
0455FBF2-95BA-4504-9F60-A473CA9FEAE1.png Usurper Clear "King Wahwah's Revenge"
7CF162AE-5B68-417F-AFB9-250C1DC073AB.png Time to Wake Up Clear "Deeply Dreaming"
E0442F31-086C-45A7-8B43-0E800603A51A.png Comet Celeb Clear "Blue Impact"
Medal 072.png Murky Details Clear "Bottom of the Swamp"
Medal 087.png Road to Ruin Clear "Prelude to Ruin"
Medal 091.png Alluring Composition Clear "Temptation's Symphony"
Okamemedal.png Tormented Clear "Courts of Torment"
Angeldaboomedal.png Vox Deus Clear "Papuu's Paradise"
Relicqueenbmedal.png Ancient Dynasty Clear "The Old Queen"
Medal 075.png Cosmic Wanwan Clear "Wanwan's Glory"
Medal 077.png Angel of Undeath Clear "Z-Onel Rises!"
Medal 078.png Helping Out Clear "First Errand"
Medal 092.png Lock the Gates Clear "Rashomon"
17161D07-3739-4112-A15A-5A2861BB66F5.png Crazy Enough to Work Clear all Crazed Stages.
7077FA32-0510-4052-B676-B817B997BA31.png Manic Episodes Clear all Maniac Stages.
Medal 074.png Frenzied Family Clear "Clan of the Maniacs"
E036C149-E35F-4D2F-B788-E8377F70CDC9.png Your Own Size Clear all Li'l Stages
4E043A21-980E-448A-AE06-369614AAC109.png Another Year Clear "Happy New Year...?"
CFF7EFDB-4B59-4461-B887-94EF57C502EC.png Ritually Speaking Clear "Ritual Happiness"
455AAB55-6597-4589-AE25-833E2C7A3B7F.png Unbearable Clear "Bears Be Bare"
8A2CBE0C-99F5-4F87-A054-D60926405999.png Young Love Clear "Teacher! It's Spring!"
5339C48E-5BAB-4D17-9426-84FFC95CA7E8.png Ambition's End Clear "Love is Sickness"
74EC5533-3D7D-4B6B-B853-70EE9C3FC0A5.png Man and Wife? Clear "The Forbidden Bride"
416C4A17-8ABB-47BA-B6B4-3A51A4B98C29.png Holidays in the Sun Clear "Never Summer!"
6F7EAA61-6D6A-42F1-8565-6FA370DB949C.png Who You Gonna Call? Clear "Ghostly Houseguests"
2C6B3B0A-5F54-478E-A9FC-9C2B3E0611D1.png Respect Your Elders Clear "Old Guys About Town"
0FD26F5E-9C16-4A91-9732-8F121CF234FA.png Work Up a Sweat Clear "Autumn = Sports Day"
A4807331-4CDA-4D12-87D2-8DD9A35BB311.png On Strike Clear "Loving Labor"
D50E32D0-B772-4B79-A89D-C5A861DB69FD.png A Catsmas Miracle Clear "Jingle Cat Bell"
Medal 080.png Rites of Spring Clear "Total War: Spring Special"
Medal 081.png Song of Summer Clear "Total War: Summer Special"
Medal 082.png Feast of Fall Clear "Total War: Fall Special
Medal 083.png Dance of Winter Clear "Total War: Winter Special"
Medal 084.png Year-Round Clear all Total War season maps
Medal 050.png Floor 30 Clear the 30th floor of Heavenly Tower
64099A7B-0586-4447-B5FD-B5926342DB46.png Floor 40 Clear the 40th floor of Heavenly Tower
Unnamed-0.png Floor 50 Clear the 50th floor of Heavenly Tower
Medal 093.png Inferno 30 Clear the 30th floor of Infernal Tower
A4DFD73D-44AB-40C8-BC1C-4ED888DE6D3C.png A True Master Complete the FINAL LEVEL of Legend Quest.
96B50BE3-A692-44F5-80F4-283C7C3D307B.png Making Money Earn a total of 1,000,000 cents.
8296D4A3-139D-48B4-9DAD-C401A69BB2FE.png Making Money 2 Earn a total of 5,000,000 cents.
CC36986A-C218-4FCE-B030-C513C3E6F4CE.png Nouveau Riche Earn a total of 10,000,000 cents.
330962BA-4499-46F9-A3BA-D5A1BC1B1BC7.png Nouveau Riche 2 Earn a total of 50,000,000 cents.
516F8E63-1964-4EC6-BB0B-9DD70B37781C.png One Percenter Earn a total of 100,000,000 cents.
4A4DF643-9FD1-464E-ADD5-141D2A2373C0.png One Percenter 2 Earn a total of 200,000,000 cents.
900CDEF8-853F-4CC2-B408-071641E4DEDF.png World Traveller Send Gamatoto to explore for over 1000 hours.
AE792AFC-C886-4C97-8368-9A9C6968DE62.png Innovator Complete 5 Cat Base Weapons
D6038B22-1C0C-4E0C-9B2D-55E0B6184AFE.png Ranked Reach User Rank 1000
1BF648C2-9A8E-411F-9918-E4E15C0820B2.png May I Assist You? Recruit an Assistant-grade Gamatoto helper.
33C3E375-D3B8-4B73-A220-8865EF7396CC.png Forest Child Unlock Ururun Wolf
EA3ACA76-399E-406F-9421-13252CBDCA0D.png Tiny Nemesis Unlock Li'l Nyandam
389823A3-BE66-4561-B6F3-A399AE5934F3.png Under the Hood Unlock Red Riding Mina
DB8F8A08-E5C8-4E9B-8AC1-9AAEBED20483.png Ronin's Redemption Unlock Miyamoku Musashi
1F489336-C969-4332-9B1E-1BB63B35A913.png Buns of Steel Unlock Mecha-Bun
BF7CEE6C-E7C0-4526-A941-9E91FA2B2C16.png Heart of Clay Unlock Dogumaru
Medal 073.png Clan Urs Unlock Urs & Fenrir
Medal 088.png Go With Doron Unlock Elder Mask Doron

If the player met the requirements for a Meow Medal before it was added, it will automatically be unlocked after updating the game, except for Making Money, Making Money 2, Nouveau Riche, Nouveau Riche 2, One Percenter, One Percenter 2, World Traveller and May I Assist You?.



  • The text on the World of Darkness Meow Medal is the Japanese word makai ("Devil World" or "Demon World") written in upside-down katakana.
  • Since the Japanese version of Empire of Cats takes place in Japan instead of the whole world, Nyanko Daisensou has different icons for the Builder of Empires and Undead Slayer Meow Medals.
    • Moreover, since the Japanese release only has one set of chapters taking place across the world, the 'The Future is Ours and ...And Stay Dead Meow Medals lack the UFOs that are present in the English Version, where they are needed to make them distinguishable from the English Empire of Cats Medals.
  • Prior to the addition of Legend Helpers in the Version 10.4 Update, May I Assist You?'s description was, "Recruit a top-class Gamatoto helper."
  • Prior to the reworking of difficulty systems in the Version 10.7 Update, the I Am Legend Meow Medals' descriptions were, "Clear all # ★ Stories of Legend maps."


  • The I Am Legend Meow Medals reference the 1954 post-apocalypse novel of the same name.
  • Charon's Crossing is a reference to Greek mythology, in which Charon is the ferryman of the underworld.
  • Who You Gonna Call? is a reference to Ghostbusters.
  • Buns of Steel is a reference to a 90s fitness show of the same name.


  • The Builder of Empires, The Future is Ours and Cosmos Conquistador Medals' descriptions say Gold Treasures where they should say Superior Treasures.
  • The Big Z's description says Daboo of the Dead instead of Dead on Debut.
  • Another Year's description refers to Happy New Year? as Happy New Year...?.
  • The "be" in Bears be Bare is capitalized in Unbearable's description.
  • Vox Deus is grammatically incorrect. It should be written Vox Dei, meaning voice of god, in Latin, or Vox Deorum, meaning voice of gods.
  • Making Money, Making Money 2, Nouveau Riche, Nouveau Riche 2, One Percenter and One Percenter 2 are ironically unlocked by spending cents, not earning them.


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