Twitter Campaign:

Second event is planned to start from June 17th, 2015. To celebrate the second collaboration, a Twitter campaign is being held. Players follow the official Twitter page of Nyanko Daisensou and Merc Storia, and retweet the tweets with a provision hash tag: #‎にゃんこ_メルスト_コラボRTCP‬. Depending on the retweets total number, all users will receive luxury items.

Merc Storia Gacha:

6 new characters were added in Merc Storia Gacha:

  • Hearscht (Uber Rare Cat): Resists Metal Enemies, sometimes performs a Critical Hit!
  • Mystica (Uber Rare Cat): Confoundedly strong with long-range attack on Black Enemies!
  • Cornelia (Uber Rare Cat): The long-range attack archer, can stop the movement of Red and Black Enemies occasionally!
  • Juvens (Uber Rare Cat): High health and attack damage, reduced damage taken from Angel Enemies.
  • Alois (Super Rare Cat): All-around character with decent range, sometimes knock back Angel Enemies.
  • Citrouille (Super Rare Cat): Support character that can attack from long distance, can push back and slow down the movement of Red and Black Enemies occasionally.
*Characters from Merc Storia can only be discharged from Merc Storia Gacha, which can be accessed by using the Gacha Switch button.
*First Time Offer Event also held during this event.
*If Merc Storia Gacha does not appear, player needs to update Battle Cats app to the latest version (3.8.0)
*Names taken from the English Version of Merc Storia.
Collaboration Stages in Battle Cats:

Merc Storia characters appear as enemies.

Two new chapters ware added in this second event:

  • Counterattack of Merc Storia (逆襲のメルクストーリア) (Timed stage): At the time of clearing a stage, it's possible to get a scoring reward that have been set for each stage. By clearing Stage 1: 「逆襲のメルクストーリア」, player can unlock a character in Merc Storia:「宵星の音色 ねねこ」 (Tone of the evening star Neneko)
  • More Warlock Awakens! (開眼の癒術士): Chance to get the third form evolution of Healer, which can be retrieved in the two collaboration stages since the first event.
Get certain Special/EX Cats by playing Merc Storia:

By installing Merc storia app, the EX character Merc can be unlocked. Furthermore, completing any collaboration quest in Merc Storia will unlocked the Ex character Titi.

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