• Collaboration Gacha

Merc Storia Gacha is available again during this period with 3 new characters:

To get these characters, the player needs to switch to this Gacha using the switch on the top-left of the screen in the Rare Cat Capsule. Only Merc Storia characters will be discharged in this event. The chance to get RR, SR, UR Cats are 75%, 20~21% and 4~5%. See below for the full list.

  • Collaboration Stages

This collab added 3 more new chapters. 2 out of 3 are Awakened Stages and the other is Timed Stage Reward with gifts that the player can use in Merc Storia.

  • Benefits from Merc Storia

Downloading Merc Storia app to get the Special Cat Merc.

Completing some certain quests listed below to get gifts in Battle Cats. The player will be asked to receive them after clearing each quest:

  • 「侵略のネコヴァル!」 clear to get the Special Cat Titi
  • 「侵略の歌声!」 clear to get Silver Ticket +3
  • 「宵星の音色!」 clear to get Rare Ticket +1
  • Benefits from Battle Cats

This part is about gifts the player can receive in Merc Storia:

Downloading Battle Cats app to get a list of Seed Monsters at the size of 1.750:

  • Basic Cat (☆1)
  • Brave Cat (☆2)
  • Gross Cat (☆2)
  • Dragon Cat (☆3)
  • Titan Cat (☆3)
  • Bahamut Cat (☆3)
  • Teacher Bun Bun (☆4)

The player needs to tap the button below on the Event Info button on the top-right of the screen to get them:

Merc3 btn01

Completing some certain stages shown in the Stories of Legend menu for rewards in Merc Storia:

  • 「逆襲のメルクストーリア」 Stage 1 Clear to get 3 Diamonds and 200000 Golds
  • 「神秘のメルクストーリア」 Stage 1 Clear to get 3 Diamonds and 200000 Golds
  • 「逆襲のメルクストーリア」 Stage 2 Clear to get all exclusive Cats in Merc Storia and 3 Diamonds.

There is a red button above the battle start button, tap it and the player will move to Merc Storia, claiming the rewards. The Cats that make an appearance in Merc Storia are:

  • Moneko (☆2)
  • Valkyrie Cat (☆3)
  • Neneko (☆3)
  • Aphrodite (☆4) is an addition in this collab.
  • Cat Food Gift

Log in everyday during this collab period to get 20 Cat Food.

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