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  • I live in somewhere in a spheroid floating around a star in the Milky Way located around the universe
  • I was born on April 8
  • My occupation is feeding my existential crisis
  • I am ūüóŅ

Whenever someone messes up somewhere in the wiki or when you fine a page that is filled up with shitty strats or the formatting is wrong, please don't hesitate to inform me. I'll respond as soon as i get online to it if another mod hasn't fixed the mess yet. If you want to start an argument with me by something i've said instead of being productive and informing me of any issue in the wiki or what can be improved here, then get outta my message wall.

Also, I may be inactive or take a lot to respond, but also understand that I have a life and a girlfriend to take care of, as well as the fact 99% of the BC playerbase is just a crippling pain in the ass to talk to, so I cannot be here all the time. Note that every now and then I purge this place up to keep it clean and smooth.

For normal chit-chatting, I do have a Discord server , though I let my thoughts wander too freely in here so it's pretty much the place where my dark side wanders on.

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  • Im new

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  • Since this went in all of a sudden, I might as well explain why did my bias for Razorbac suddenly slipped to it's fateful end, as well as the whole ride because yes

    So all of this started when I wanted to try a challenge nearly no one else would dare to try, and I chose to clear Razorback without using Bomber. It was actually hard when I did it firstly, as units like Pizza didn't exist back then, and I was far less skilled back then even nowadays my skills at this game are still pretty mediocre which is what prevents me from fixing the strats section. After the challenge was done, flexing it a bit made it go over my head, which lead to the strange bias to begin. Upon clashing with others' thoughts on Razor, which were opposed to my bias, I simply went in denial and portrayed Razor as the best enemy to exist. This as well lead to me using him awfully often in BCU.

    This simply continued over time, until 2020 came in. Ever since I chose to completely wipe away the stages I remade in BCU, I had to replace the deleted stuff with new stuff. Putting Razorback in some of those stages began to slowly break the bias. I realized this a few months ago, but I refused to say anything regarding to it. With each defeat, the bias teared down slowly, and enemies such as Puffington, Croconator, and Gobble being introduced in only did more to hindering it down, as they changed entirely my view on what is needed to make an enemy into a good design. The downfall continued slowly, until I thought more of it. Also each time Razor was on a stage of mine, there was always either Pizza, Vars, or Yukimura on lineup, which actually made it into use stronk anti-black or die, combined with the fact NP'd Pizza is literally a harder counter to blacks in general than Bomber (though the slow is RNG), which also turned my thing against Bomber into actual irony considering I was perfectly fine with a more broken unit. This all piled up together until the point I got tired of Razor, and decided to finally crush apart the "bias" for him I randomly started 2 years ago. Now that is over, I no longer want to merely be seen as the funny kid who likes le black pigge too much for it's own good (And now that the sign of Razor no Bombr/Oda being possible is noticeable, there's no need for me to keep enforcing myself to this)

    It was quite a long run which would've been shorter if not by my stupidity forcing it to live longer for no good reason, but all things eventually come to their end, specially considering I've grown massively during the 2018 - 2020 gap thanks to the internet. I'll still exist around either way

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