aka joker

  • I live in in my house
  • I was born on August 13
  • My occupation is trying to kill batman, and being your worst nightmare
  • I am male
Kalisa, type xx

Ok she is my favorite Uber now

Hello welcome please ask me anything i will try to help you in anyway i can, sorry for any bad spelling or grammer, you can see me in arguements most of which are ether people assuming someone is a alt of me or why i think jizo is C- tier, if you wanna argue fine like i care (i already wake up with around 12 notifications anyways but beaware i don't give up easily and i will be a idiot at 1st then just end up dominating you unless i give up due to you winning also don't trust most things a certain user(s) say (s)he don't like me at all and tries to get revenge even though (s)he lost before it started (sorry) also like please message me my goal is 1000 edits in 1 week wish me luck please and have a good day.
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  • baron stage no

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    • Yo, bikkuriman is giving us 2 more

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    • at this rate there will be more baron/gauntlet/set of 12-20 stages repeted in a row getting slightly harder over time events, not stages, not sub chapters but total events with sets of baron stages then there are heavenly tower floor (the whole baron seal series counts as 1 floor, the whole le'grim counts as another 1 floor, bikkuriman collab is 1 because they are in the same event)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I am a dream in a lucid dream

    I am a nightmare in a lucid nightmare

    I am a lucid nightmare in a nightmare

    I am a lucid dream in a dream

    I exist

    I don't exist

    I am everywhere

    I am nowhere

    I am one

    I am 35

    I am none I are we we are I

    marco aka nininice

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  • lol

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  • A question unanswered for me since months ago:

    Just wanted to ask you first before going to ask the other two related (or perhaps if they could join here).

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    • Unban Marc lolololo

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    • Lol

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • why? you come up with updates that are not hard then boom just a update with a enemie with over 3 million hp, curse and 99999 damage, 33kbs, omni range, SoL outbreaks, what is next? 4* primative souls? actually nvm that, pls ponos don't do the last one but like jesus christ

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  • do you still hate Chalk?

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  • Anybody?

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  • Do you like them?

    How strong do you think the next ones will be?

    What %of dmg do you think water and holy blast cannons will do?

    Which cannon are you the most excited for getting level 30 (not just the 3 next update)

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  • You know, your FAVORITE CAT

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