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  • I live in Galaxy Name: Milky Way, System: Solar System, Planet: Planetarium 001, a.k.a Earth
  • I was born on November 17
  • My occupation is Being bored to death
  • I am I recognize myself as midget gender
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  • Bro, how many years have you been playing TBC?

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  • So Mooth is your favourite enemy cos it’s a moneybag? Enemies like Kang Roo give a similar money amount and have single target, unlike Mooth. So why do you choose Mooth?

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    • Matejbozic wrote: Well yeah, but right now i havent encountered Mr. Roo at all, so i can really just say "Oh well he is my fav enemy even though i havent seen him" same how you cant say "Oh i hate Brollow even though im only on Volkanos Volcano"

      When the moment happens when he starts to flood out in ITF stages, then maybe. But i focus more on SoL rather than ITF, since its SoL stages have more replayability than ITF imo. And by the way, im not just spurting stuff out because ive only seen, like, 3 aliens in ITF. Ive played this game a while ago, so i have a general layout of some stages, but thats not a matter of this petty, Kang roos vs Mooths vs Other money bags argument.

      Also...Note? Esque? ITF doesnt last forever. Legend Stages, does however, or at least it will for a crap ton of time. The latest subchapter is the 14th subchapter of SoL 2.0, AKA Uncanny Legends.

      What do you mean? In SoL, Kang Roo has appeared in Blue Ocean, and in ItF, well he appeared in Spain and Turkey. Of course he is seen more than that in both ways but I’m judging this by your progress so far.
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    • Huh? Thats strange. I dont remember Kang Roo being in my ITF run (so far) as far as i remember. I probably didnt notice them in spain and turkey, but i remember clear as day that he was i blue ocean. Still, Mooth appears more in SoL than Kang Roo, which means it is by far better, even if its a tad bit more annoying. In ITF though, as far as i remember, Kang Roo appears more, but, well, ITF is not an endless saga like Legend Stages are.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Just asking and also you watch Parker plays?

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  • bruh moment

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  • Now you play bc again, shouldn't you update your profile?

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  • Pls come to da Discord.

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  • Just look at dis fail:


    Wants Jizo but wastes his rare cat tickets in Vajiras.WTF?!

    Also in said video,he had to use a Continue and a Cat God miracle just to beat a Sir Seal.And he said he "beat the whole game" back in Level Maker.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • I saw u in SMG4 wiki.Do u also liek SMG4 vids?

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  • Look,i got kinda bored of battle cats.I still play it,but not as often as i used to.Now im just a lazy sloth that only plays Geometry Dash.Don't ask.

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  • Hey Matej form what country are you? Are you Slav?

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