aka Mizuririn

  • My occupation is Master of Water, sends to cleansing vandalized pages to purify. (Forumer(Mostly in BCW)|Vandal Fighter )
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  • miss me?

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  • zap zap zap?

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  • Sweet I’m tied with you!

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  • It's me. Shockwave Demon.

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  • Power bloop

    Over death ball (relic)

    hp 5,000,000

    dmg 50,000

    speed 5

    time between attack 300f 

    attack animation 150f

    knockbacks 30

    range 800

    ability has 100% chance to curse cats for 60 sec 


    this tiny guy just stumbled opon this ancient weapon that has a blast cursed heat of 1000' C in world war 1 BC. this kid got too spoiled.

    over death ball (cat unit)

    hp 80,000

    dmg 50,000

    imunne to curse

    same stats for speed and other 

    cost 5,000$

    recharge time 282 sec

    LVL 30 

    hp 115,000

    dmg 100,000

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  • I was just looking at the bahamut cat page and I realised that one of the trivia questions might be wrong. The trivia was this: 

    • There's a typo in his description saying his power and speed 'is' unmatched when it should be are unmatched                                                                                                                                  This is the bahamut description:
    • They say the power to obliterate Earth is already his. Freed of the suit which shalked his power, his power and speed is unmatched (area attack)                                                                          In my opinion, saying is unmatched makes more sense than are unmatched.                              What's your thought? I know this is very, very minor but I would like it if you looked into it.          Have a nice day, RoosterBugalugs
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  • Hecko WAS hypnotic, but then it wasn't anymore

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  • C. ost
    C.ost    (Alien)

    this poor ostrich got a a rare skin disease that made him blue so he got acually popular and now his nick name is Alien ost .his real name is Cancer ost

    hp 2,000,000

    dmg 100

    ability has a 100% chance to knockback, freeze for 1.5 sec, slow slow 2.5 sec,  weaken  for 10 sec to cats!.  20% critical strike 

    also has base destroyer and attack gets stronger around 1,000,000  hp

    time between attacks 0

    movement speed 30 

    attack animation 4f

    kncokbacks 50

    range 300 (area attack)

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  • Super charged roo

    Super charged kang roo   SCKR    (ANGEL)

    a angle kangroo that was famus for his boxing punches at the speed of light. joey was always entertained of the slow motion that he is experiencing 

    hp 200,000

    dmg 1,000

    knockback 1 

    range 100 area attack 

    atk animation 1f

    time between attack 5 f 

    movement speed 22

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  • just wanna create custom enemy image for fun

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