aka Dark Kasli Top tier Waifu

  • I live in the Epicfest gacha set
  • I was born on November 8
  • My occupation is Being Lesbian? (i dunno) and Furry? Hentai? (lmao idk) and being a good uber rare
  • I am prefer not to say
Welcome to RealArgoFox's Message Wall!

This is where all shit is made and fucked. No shitposts allowed especially if your one of those spammers. Feel free to message me about anything! Remember to not Necropost (replying on a thread that no one has replied on in a few days) because it is annoying to me. Anything that's not considered a shitpost can be messaged to me. If you have Discord, you can message me there as well since I reply there faster. My Discord Tag is Sundew#6023.

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