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Metal Busters (メタルバスターズ Metarubasutāzu) is one of the Rare Cat Capsule events in Battle Cats. This event contains anti-Metal and critical hitter Uber Rare Cats from other events. It also features Neneko and her season variants. This event was added in BCJP 6.4, and is now currently available for BCEN released on Sept. 22. 2017.


Players have a chance to get the following Uber Rare and Super Rare characters:

▼Metal Busters Limited Unit
Normal: Sakura Sonic Evolved: Afterschool Sakura
Sakura Sonic
A mighty anti-Metal warrior!
Tough vs. Metal, plus area attacks with chance of Critical strike and 100% chance to Slow!
Afterschool Sakura
A mighty anti-Metal warrior!
Tough vs. Metal, plus area attacks with chance of Critical strike and 100% chance to Slow!
▼Uber Rare
Normal: Marauder Cat Evolved: Berserker Cat
Marauder Cat
Quick attacks that sometimes land critical strikes!
Super-effective against Metal enemies!
Berserker Cat
Evolved to develop Area Attacks and greater Critical chance!
Super, super effective against Metal enemies!
Normal: Princess Kaguya Evolved: The Death Moon
Princess Kaguya
A cheap to produce hero with quick attacks!
Might slow Angel and Metal enemies (Area Attack)
The Death Moon
Fantasy to Sci-Fi: TRANSFORM! Super strength + range!
Sometimes slow Angel and Metal enemies (Area Attack)
Normal: Tecoluga Evolved: Tesalan Pasalan
Could be a Cat? Or could be something much weirder.
Tesalan Pasalan
HUGE damage vs a single enemy with a chance of criticals - the "boss killer"!
Normal: Hayabusa Evolved: Oni Hayabusa
Super speedy, with long distance attacks!
Area attacks might critical.
Oni Hayabusa
Super speedy, with long distance Area attacks!
Even more powerful, may knockback/slow Alien s.
Normal: Wrathful Poseidon Evolved: Valiant Poseidon
Wrathful Poseidon
Fast, relentless, with attack power befitting a god.
Area attack 100% Freezes Zombies and Metal foes.
Valiant Poseidon
Fast, relentless, with attack power befitting a god.
Area attack 100% Freezes Zombies and Metal foes.
▼Super Rare ▼Rare
Gold Cat Cat Base Mini Neneko Metal Cat Sniper the Recruit Rich Cat III Freshman Cat Jobs Gloomy Neneko Sunny Neneko Years-End Neneko Easter Neneko Valentine's Neneko
Regular Super Rare drops, Gold Cat, Cat Base Mini, Neneko, Metal Cat, Sniper the Recruit,
Rich Cat III, Freshman Cat Jobs, Gloomy Neneko, Sunny Neneko, Years-End Neneko, Easter Neneko, Valentine's Neneko
Regular Rare drops


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