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"Even as the days grow longer, the darkness continues to run riot over the empire of the Cats... muster your forces and stand against the Black Cyclones, Doges and other baddies that threaten your kingdom!" ― PONOS' announcement on Facebook.

Midnight, Midsummer is a special event in The Battle Cats from June 6th, 2015 to June 30th, 2015. During this event, special stages with Black element will be held longer than usual, and introduce the new Dark Descent stages.

Event 1

  • Heaven of Darkness extended:

Challenge the Black Cyclone in "Heaven of Darkness" every day until July 1st (~11:00am)!

  • Dark Descent stages:

All new "Dark Descent" Timed Score stages! Push back against a flood of mighty Black enemies! Not for the weak of spirit!

  • XP Megablitz:

Power up your troops with XP Megablitz Stages every Tues./Thurs! Get up to a maximum Clear Reward of 1,000,000XP!!

Visit Stories of Legend in The Battle Cats and save your empire from an eternal night!

Event 2

  • Monthly Event Revival:

"Miss out on one of our events earlier in the year? Time for some throwbacks as we bring back some of the old favorites for our new users to take on! Collect limited edition characters and power through the monthly challenges!"



  • Though the Autumn = Sports Day Event was still not introduced in The Battle Cats at the time, Sports Day Cat can be seen in event 2's poster.
    • In the early schedule for June 2015, this event was planned to appear in June 6th, but it was replaced.
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