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Event Information[]

Wow! 25 Million Downloads Worldwide!
Time to celebrate!!!

Login between October 3rd (11:00am) and 17th (11:00am) to join in on the party!

●Cat Food presents every day!
Boot up The Battle Cats app to collect a reward of 20 Cat Food each day of the campaign! Check in and profit!

●Special Celebration Stages!
The baddest of the bad and the worst of the worst are here to take down the Cat Army! Will you let them defeat your Cat Army?!
Visit Stories of Legend/Event Stages during this event period to take on the 25M Downloads: Deadly Carnival 2, in addition to the classic Deadly Carnival!
Clear the first stage of Deadly Carnival 2 for a reward of 3 Normal Tickets, then clear the second stage for a Rare Ticket prize!
Don't miss out on this awesome chance for tickets!
※If this event does not appear, please update to the most recent version of The Battle Cats and reboot the app.
※Rewards will only be received upon the first stage clear.

●Spring - Summer Monthly Event Stage Revival!
Monthly Events from May through September are back!
Clear these limited stages to pick up special units! ・Monthly Event Schedule
October 3rd (11:00am) through October 10th (10:59am)
 May, June, and July Stages, all available at once!
October 10th (11:00am) through October 17th (10:59am)
 August and September Stages, all available at once!

●Catamin/Catseye Limited Capsule Events! On the Capsule Menu, tap the buttons at top left to switch between normal Capsule events and the Catfruit/Catseye Limited Capsules!
Speed up your Gamatoto! Power up your Cats! Don't miss out on these cool items!
※The Catseye Limited Capsules provide Catseyes and XP rewards, while Catamin Limited Capsules will provide Catseyes and XP!
※The Catamin Limited Capsules will appear after Empire of Cats Ch. 1 is completed. Catseye Limited Capsules will appear after Rank 1600 is reached in The Battle Cats.

●Half-Off Energy for Story Mode Chapters!
Conquer the Future and the Past!
On Even Days, play "Empire of Cats" Stages for half the Energy cost, or login on Odd Days to play "Into the Future" Stages at a special Energy discount!
Clear the Story Modes to power up your Cats with Treasure and XP!
※Clear Empire of Cats Ch. 1 to receive the Half-Off Energy benefit.
※If this event does not appear, please update to the most recent version of The Battle Cats and reboot the app.

Stamp Rewards[]

List of Stages[]

Love is Sickness[]

Love is Sickness (コイの五月病, Koi no Gogatsubyō, Koi May Disease)

Mapname029 s en Mapname029 s ja Difficulty
Translation Energy
Stage 1 Mapsn029 00 s en Koi ni Tsukarete Stuck in the Koi 30 EnergyIcon
Stage 2 Mapsn029 01 s en Manpuku! Ahiru Guchi Full Stomach! Duck Mouth 50 EnergyIcon
Stage 3 Mapsn029 02 s en Kyōfu!Sunde dú Hōchi Fearful! Left on Read 75 EnergyIcon
Stage 4 Mapsn029 03 s en Saikō !Netogedēto The Best! Netgear Dating 80 EnergyIcon
Stage 5 Mapsn029 04 s en Shōgeki!Rain Burokku Impact! Line Block 90 EnergyIcon
Stage 6 Mapsn029 05 s en Sentaku!Shigoto to Atashi Choice! Work and Me 95 EnergyIcon
Stage 7 Mapsn029 06 s en Kokuhaku!Tomodachi ni Modorō Confession! Back to Friends 100 EnergyIcon
Stage 8 Mapsn029 07 s en Soredemo Kimi ni Koi Shiteru! I'm Still Koi for You! 110 EnergyIcon

The Forbidden Bride[]

The Forbidden Bride (禁断の花嫁, Kindan no Hanayome, The Forbidden Bride)

Mapname030 s en Mapname030 s ja Difficulty
Translation Energy
Stage 1 Mapsn030 00 s en Wedingu Sōdō Wedding Turmoil 30 EnergyIcon
Stage 2 Mapsn030 01 s en Shusseki Daikō no Yūjin Attendance Agent Friend 50 EnergyIcon
Stage 3 Mapsn030 02 s en Imadoki Gondora Gondola Nowadays 75 EnergyIcon
Stage 4 Mapsn030 03 s en Shakō Jirei no Būke Tosu The Flattery Bouquet Toss 85 EnergyIcon
Stage 5 Mapsn030 04 s en Shinrōgawa no Shitsukoi Shimo Neta Persistent Undertones From the Groom's Side 90 EnergyIcon
Stage 6 Mapsn030 05 s en Machigaeta Hanayome no Na Name Of the Wrong Bride 95 EnergyIcon
Stage 7 Mapsn030 06 s en Moto Kano no Shukuji Former Kano Congratulations 100 EnergyIcon
Stage 8 Mapsn030 07 s en Saishū Teki ni Chikaimasen. We Do Not Swear To the End. 115 EnergyIcon

Never Summer![]

Never Summer! (だって夏じゃニャーイ!, Datte Natsu Janyāi!, Cause it's Nyat Summer!)

Mapname031 s en Mapname031 s ja Difficulty
Translation Energy
Stage 1 Mapsn031 00 s en Taiyō no Komachi Angel Sun's Komachi Angel 30 EnergyIcon
Stage 2 Mapsn031 01 s en Mo Natsuyasumi Summer Holidays 50 EnergyIcon
Stage 3 Mapsn031 02 s en Neko ni Matsuwaru Etosetora Et Cetera Related to Cats 75 EnergyIcon
Stage 4 Mapsn031 03 s en Manatsu no Kajū Midsummer Fruit Juice 80 EnergyIcon
Stage 5 Mapsn031 04 s en Nani mo Kuenakute・・・Natsu Nothing to Eat... Summer 90 EnergyIcon
Stage 6 Mapsn031 05 s en BOY MEATS GIRL 95 EnergyIcon
Stage 7 Mapsn031 06 s en Nagisa no Sandobaggu Sandbags on the Beach 100 EnergyIcon
Stage 8 Mapsn031 07 s en Shīzun・In・Za・Nyan Season in the Nyan 110 EnergyIcon

Ghostly Houseguests[]

Ghostly Houseguests (あの世からの帰省ラッシュ!, Anoyo kara no Kishōrasshu!, Homecoming Rush from that World!)

Mapname032 s en Mapname032 s ja Difficulty
Translation Energy
Stage 1 Mapsn032 00 s en Chichi, Anoyo kara Kitaku Father, Return Home from that World 30 EnergyIcon
Stage 2 Mapsn032 01 s en Shikashi Kazoku wa Ryokō Chū But the Family Is Travelling 50 EnergyIcon
Stage 3 Mapsn032 02 s en Yūrei tte Kabe Nukedekinaino ? Can't Ghosts go Through Walls? 75 EnergyIcon
Stage 4 Mapsn032 03 s en Sora mo Toberu to Omotteta・・・ I Thought you Could Fly・・・ 80 EnergyIcon
Stage 5 Mapsn032 04 s en Hokenkin de Burandohin Branded Products with Insurance Money 90 EnergyIcon
Stage 6 Mapsn032 05 s en Masakano Hakamairi Daikō Acting For Visiting A Grave 95 EnergyIcon
Stage 7 Mapsn032 06 s en Butsudan ga Posutā Buddhist Altar with Posters 100 EnergyIcon
Stage 8 Mapsn032 07 s en Mō Watashi wa Soko ni Imasen I'm Not There Anymore 110 EnergyIcon

Old Guys About Town[]

Old Guys About Town (町でみたすごい老人, Machi de Mita Sugoi Rōjin, Amazing Old Men Around Town)

Mapname036 s en Mapname036 s ja Difficulty
Translation Energy
Stage 1 Mapsn036 00 s en Maiasa Jogingu Jogging Every Morning 30 EnergyIcon
Stage 2 Mapsn036 01 s en Geneki Puro Bokusā Active Professional Boxer 50 EnergyIcon
Stage 3 Mapsn036 02 s en Rōjin Hōmu o 5kai Dasshutsu Escape the Elder Housing Care 5 Times 75 EnergyIcon
Stage 4 Mapsn036 03 s en Chōeki 300nen no Shikkō Yūyo Chū On Probation for 300 Years in Prison 80 EnergyIcon
Stage 5 Mapsn036 04 s en Sude de Kumagoroshi Killing Bears with Bare Hands 90 EnergyIcon
Stage 6 Mapsn036 05 s en Yome ga Ni Jū Sai My Daughter is 20 Years Old 95 EnergyIcon
Stage 7 Mapsn036 06 s en Haki ga Tsukaeru You Can Use Haki 100 EnergyIcon
Stage 8 Mapsn036 07 s en Demo Yome no Hō ga Tsuyoi But the Wife is Stronger 110 EnergyIcon

Deadly Carnival[]

Deadly Carnival (極ムズカーニバル!, Goku Muzukānibaru!, Extreme Carnival!)

Mapname069 s en Mapname069 s ja Difficulty
Translation Energy
Stage 1 Mapsn069 00 s en Bōfū Kānibaru Goku Muzu Storm Carnival Extreme 100 EnergyIcon
Stage 2 Mapsn069 01 s en Kaigan Kānibaru Goku Muzu Awakening Carnival Extreme 100 EnergyIcon

Deadly Carnival II[]

Deadly Carnival II (極ムズカーニバル2!, Goku Muzukānibaru2!, Extreme Carnival 2!)

Mapname120 s en Mapname120 s ja 0 Difficulty
Translation Energy
Stage 1 Mapsn120 00 s en Bōfū Kānibaru 2 Goku Muzu Storm Carnival 2 Extreme 100 EnergyIcon
Stage 2 Mapsn120 01 s en Kaigan Kānibaru 2 Goku Muzu Awakening Carnival 2 Extreme 100 EnergyIcon


English Version[]

  • October 3rd, 2016 to October 17th, 2016

Japanese Version[]

  • September 16th, 2016 to September 30th, 2016


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