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Event Information[]

Outstanding!!! Brilliant!!! The Battle Cats has reached 76 Million installs from players around the world! A BIG thanks from all of us on the Battle Cats team! Lets celebrate this amazing milestone with special stages and events!
On November 14th (11:00am) through November 28th, 2022 (10:59am)

● Celebration Login Stamps!
Get awesome rewards from daily Login Stamps,
On November 14th, 2022 (11:00am) through January 16th, 2023 (10:59am) Earn one stamp each day when you visit the Cat Base menu in The Battle Cats! Each stamp provides you with awesome rewards, including a possible total of 9 Rare Tickets and 9 Cat Tickets if you log in every single day during the event! Logging in for 30 days will also earn you the limited Special Unit "Gold Brick Cat"! Don't miss a single day to unlock this awesome reward! ※ Up to 30 Login Stamps are available from this event. ※ After collecting Gold Brick Cat, please visit the Special Cats section of the Upgrade menu to activate the character.

●Treasure Festivals Everyday!
During this event, get increased Treasure Drop Rates in Story Mode chapters for a special Treasure Festival, all day every day!
On even days (11/14, 11/16, 11/18, 11/20, 11/22, 11/24, 11/26, 11/28) visit Empire of Cats, and onodd days (11/15, 11/17, 11/19, 11/21, 11/23, 11/25, 11/27) head to Into the Future to take advantage of this special event! Plus, don't miss the Treasure Festival for Cats of the Cosmos on 11/16, 11/19, 11/22, 11/25, 11/28!

※Please note: Treasure Festivals for Empire of Cats and Into the Future will appear only once Empire of Cats Ch. 1 has been cleared. The Treasure Festival for Cats of the Cosmos will appear once Into the Future Ch. 1 has been cleared.

● Limited GAMATOTO Expedition Areas
Only during this event, you can send your Gamatoto adventurer to the limited areas Cats Eye Cave and XP Harvest for a special set of Cats Eye rewards!
Get as many Cats Eyes as you can and help your units break through to even higher levels!
Don't miss this special chance!

・XP Harvest (3 areas)
On from November 14th (11:00am) until November 21st, 2022 (10:59am)!
・Cats Eye Cave
On from November 21st (11:00am) until November 28th, 2022 (10:59am)!

● Catfruit / Catseye Limited Item Capsule Events!
At the Capsule Menu, tap the buttons at top left to switch between standard Capsule events and the Catseye Limited Capsules & Catfruit Limited Capsules!
Power up your Cats! Don't miss out on these cool items!

・Catseye Item Capsules
On from November 14th (11:00am) until November 21st, 2022 (10:59am)!
・Catfruit Item Capsules
On from November 21st (11:00am) until November 28th, 2022 (10:59am)!

※The Catfruit Limited Capsules provide Catfruit and XP rewards, while Catseye Limited Capsules will provide Catseyes and XP!
※Catfruit Limited Capsules will appear after Empire of Cats Ch. 3 is completed in The Battle Cats, and Catseye Limited Capsules will appear in the Cat Capsules once User Rank 1600 is cleared.

● Cat Food presents every day!
Visit the Battle Cats app to collect a reward of 20 Cat Food each day of the campaign!
Don't miss a day for maximum Cat Food profit!

Stamp Rewards[]


English Version[]

  • November 14th, 2022 to January 16th, 2023

Japanese Version[]

  • September 5th, 2022 to September 19th, 2022


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