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The subject of this article is something that is no longer available.

みんなで にゃんこ大戦争 (lit. Battle Cats with Everyone) was the PC Browser version of Battle Cats. Developed by PONOS and BattleShip, it was announced around the time the game hit 30 million downloads worldwide. As of January 31st, 2019, support for the game has stopped and it is no longer available to play.


Known Initially

There are 3 new features:

  • Player vs. Player 「タイマン機能」: The player created line ups to compete with other players, any navigation could be done with mouse and keyboard. There were also special events in these battle that allowed the player to receive decorations upon competing.
  • Cat Base Decoration 「キモデコ機能」: All the furniture collected from battle, missions and competitions was used to decorate the Cat Base. Advanced decorations were available depending on the player's level in an event. The Base was visible to everyone.
    • The player could receive the Kinkakuji as decoration if they entered Uber rank in the Kyoto Edition of the local Tournament.
  • Co-op with other players to collect Cats 「にゃんとも機能」: The player could set supplies 「お供えもの」 on the altar of other players' Cat Bases to attract/gather Cats. Depending on the number and type of Cats gathered, various furniture and items were available.


  • Each Uber Rare Cat had a specific attribute: Rock - Paper - Scissor, they were supposed to add more options for the Versus Mode.

Exclusive Content

Cat Units

Pre-registration Campaign

The pre-registration campaign started from July 21st, 2017 (14:00) at Yahoo!mobage. According to the number of pre-registrators, players would receive many rewards including a new and original cat, Bun Bun Monger Prototype. Players who were playing the mobile versions couldalso receive rewards in that version.

See this tutorial for pre-registrating. Credits to user BAKCHEEZAI.

Beta Period

  • Closed Beta Test was available from July 27th to August 2nd, 2017. Progress made on this build will be erased after the period.
See our discussion thread here.



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