This is a rewrite of user BAKCHEEZAI's Tutorial from Reddit.

Getting a Yahoo! JP Account

As the game and its pre-registration campaign are held on Yahoo Mobage, you need a Yahoo JP Account to play it.

1. Go to Yahoo's JP page
2. Click on 「ログイン」to go to the login page
3. Click on 「新規取得」 to create a new account, all the parameters are listed below:
  • メールアドレス: Mail Address: enter a valid email address for verification (an existing email that the player uses)
  • Yahoo! JAPAN ID: create a user name for your ID
  • パスワード: enter a password for your ID
  • 郵便番号: enter postal code, hyphen automatically added (look it up for a code, example:
  • 生年月日: enter date of birth in YYYY/MM/DD format, slashes automatically added
  • 性別: gender: 男性: male; 女性: female
  • お知らせメール(Yahoo!ダイレクトオファー): Notification Mail (Yahoo Direct Offer): uncheck this box.
  • Tカード: T Card: choose 「持っていない」
  • Captcha, you need to type in Hiragana, you can use this, this or Google Translate to draw each character and copy them to the Captcha box below.

You need to be fast or the regitry will expire and you have to redo the process. After that, click on the yellow button to go to the next step:

4. Check the tickbox to agree to the terms and conditions and click the yellow button to go to the next page.
5. Check your email that was input before to find one by Yahoo JP, which includes the verification code.
6. Enter the code to the page mentioned in step #4.
7. You've created your Yahoo! ID Account successfully, now go to to play the game.


Pre-registration Campaign is over. This section should be ignored.

1. Go to the pre-registration page: and click on the red button below the title.
2. Scroll down to find this button: 「Yahoo!JAPAN ID だけで遊べる! 今すぐ遊ぶ」
3. Fill in the form, all parameters are as below:
  • ニックネーム: nickname
  • 性別: gender: 男 = male; 女 = female
  • 生年月日: birthday in YYYY/MM/DD format
  • 地域: region in Japan
  • 血液型: blood type
4. Scroll down to click the orange button 「規約に同意して次へ」
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