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This feature was exclusive to the browser version of The Battle Cats that is no longer available.

A special event to celebrate the second major update introduced to Minna de Nyanko Daisensou. This event was held during January 23, 2018 to February 6, 2018.

Event Information[]

【 Large update second bullet 】 Part 1: New format anti-personnel event held! 「Trans-American Ultra Wars 」

< Points for this event > ■ A super large map of all 30 stages set in the United States! This is the stage set throughout the United States, which will be the first event. It is a difficult task to reach the final settlement of New York!Use various characters to achieve aggression across the United States!

■ Almost all stages are interpersonal! アメリカ全体であでゃんこ軍団がゃばり争い!?はたして次々と現れる強敵を前に、最終決戦地ニューヨークを侵攻することはできるのか!?

■ 「 Point Ranking 」 & 「 Double Ranking Event with Victory Ranking 」 This time, you can compete for 「 points 」 「 」 points ranking 「 events, as well as 」 wins 「 in the final settlement New York 」 <TAG1> Victory Ranking <TAG1> Events will be held at the same time!The upper class will receive various rewards as well as the Great War devastated 「 Ultimate Statue of Freedom 」 Deco!

The ultimate devastated Statue of Liberty  Not only can you get gorgeous freebies with ranking rewards, but you can also get 「 Deco」 and 「 titles 」 depending on the point where you cleared each stage. Place 「 Deco 」 on 「 on 」 on the game top screen to customize 「 Nyanko Castle 」! 「Some things have the effect that the game will be advantageous by installing it on the deco 」!

Event period: January 23, 2018 15:00 ~ February 6, 2018 12:59

Part 2: Anti-personnel renewal Spur the incandescent battle!

 Together with the new event, we renewed the interpersonal battle!We are doing a number of refurbishments that will make you enjoy the interpersonal warfare, so please play with us!

< Points for this renewal > ■ Refurbish matching system! Refurbished the matching system so you can play against more attentive users!As the stage progresses, you'll enjoy the highest level of battle ever before, so be sure to try it!

■ Elimination of time limit! Until now, there was a limit to combat time, but this update will remove that limit!With no time out, the breadth of the strategy has expanded!Enjoy a more strategic interpersonal battle.

■ Items are available! 「 Everyone has many items in the Nanko Great War 」 that can take advantage of combat, but in previous interpersonal battles the items could not be used. That limit will be lifted!Take advantage of fighting rivals with a number of items!

【 Large Update 2nd Round Implementation Memorial Campaign Details 】 Limited once a day! 「Necokan Super Cheap Sale 」 Campaign is being held!

 There is a campaign in which 25 cats, usually worth 100 yen, can be purchased for 10 yen. You may buy once a day and the number of purchases will be reset at 0 o'clock. Don't miss this limited-time opportunity!

Period: January 16, 2018 15:00 ~ January 31, 2018 23:59

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