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This feature is exclusive to the Japanese version of The Battle Cats but it may also appear in other versions such as BCTW and BCKR!
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Listed all possible drops if the player spins this collaboration gacha. Requires MH Hunting Tickets to spin.


Players have a chance to get the following Special characters: 

▼Collaboration Units
Normal: Sheria - Kirin Evolved: Sheria - KirinX
Sheria - Kirin
A female hunter dressed in giraffe gear.
It's like lightning, and it's extremely strong against Floating Enemies
Sheria - KirinX
Clad in divine lightning, it wields its strike with ultimate sharpness!
Extremely strong against Floating Enemies
Normal: Rathalos Evolved: Rathalos & Cat
The fire dragon, known as the king of the sky, burns enemies with its fire breath (Range Attack)
Rathalos & Cat
The kitten summoned the king of the sky and gained powerful firepower (Range Attack)
Normal: Rathian Evolved: Rathian & Cat
A fire dragon known as the Queen of the Land, who knocks down her enemies with her strong tail
Occasionally lowers the attack power of enemies (Range Attack)
Rathian & Cat
A kitten who summoned the Queen of the Land and gained powerful powers
Occasionally lowers the attack power of enemies (range attack)
Normal: Kirin Neko Evolved: Kirin Neko Kirin
Kirin Neko
He is a mere cat who is fascinated by the power of lightning that leaks out and thinks he has acquired a powerful power.
He is strong enough to be hit by Floating Enemies
Kirin Neko Kirin
I admire the way he looks, and through daily training, I have finally acquired a giraffe-like appearance.
He is strong enough to be hit by Floating Enemies
Li'l Cat Li'l Tank Cat Li'l Axe Cat
Li'l Cat, Li'l Tank Cat, Li'l Axe Cat


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