Moon is the 48th and final stage in all Into the Future chapters.

The previous stage is Floating Continent.



Into the Future - Stage 48
Chapter 1
Energy: 80
Enemy's Castle Health: 300000
Enemies: - Shibalien (Alien) (100%)

- Kroxo (Alien) (100%)

- Hyppoh (Alien) (100%)

- Maawth (Alien/Floating) (100%)

- LeMurr (Alien) (100%)

- Helmut Krabbe (Alien) (100%)

- Ursamajor (Alien) (100%)

- Elizabeth the LVIth (Alien) (100%)

Enemy Boss: - Cli-One (Alien/Floating) (100%)
Treasure: EN: U.S Flag

JP: 月 (Moon)

Score rewards:

7500 - Treasure Radar x1

4000 - Cat Food x10

2500 - Rare Ticket x1

500 - XP 150000

Unlocks Cats of the Cosmos Chapter 1 and Into the Future Chapter 2

XP earned: 14500
Stage Width: 6000
Max number of Enemies: 10
Chapter 2
Energy: 90
Enemy's Castle Health: 450000
Enemies: - Shibalien (Alien) (250%)

- Kroxo (Alien) (250%)

- Imperator Sael (Alien) (250%)

- LeMurr (Alien) (250%)

- Helmut Krabbe (Alien) (250%)

- Ursamajor (Alien) (250%)

- Elizabeth the LVIth (Alien) (250%)

- Scissoroo (Alien) (100%)

- Mistress Celeboodle (Alien) (100%)

Enemy Boss: - Corrupted Valkyrie (Alien/Floating) (100%)
Treasure: EN: U.S Flag

JP: 月 (Moon)

Score rewards:

5000 - Treasure Radar x1

3000 - Cat Food x10

1500 - Rare Ticket x1

500 - XP 225000

Unlocks Heavenly Tower Floor 16 onwards, Valkyrie Cat's True Form, more CatCombos and Into the Future Chapter 3

XP earned: 14500
Stage Width: 5000
Max number of Enemies: 8
Chapter 3
Energy: 100
Enemy's Castle Health: 600000
Enemies: - Shibalien (Alien) (1000%)

- Kroxo (Alien) (1000%)

- Hyppoh (Alien) (1000%)

- Imperator Sael (Alien) (1000%)

- LeMurr (Alien) (1000%)

- Mistress Celeboodle (Alien) (750%)

- Alpacky (Alien) (300%)

Enemy Boss: - Raging Bahamut Cat (Alien/Floating) (100%)
Treasure: EN: U.S Flag

JP: 月 (Moon)

Score rewards:

5500 - Treasure Radar x1

4000 - Cat Food x10

2500 - Rare Ticket x1

500 - XP 225000

Unlocks Bahamut Cat's True Form, more CatCombos and Talents (NP exchanges are also unlocked)

XP earned: 14500
Stage Width: 5000
Max number of Enemies: 9


Chapter 1

This stage includes almost all of the Alien enemies found in Into the Future Chapter 1. The boss (Cli-One) will appear at the start with Hyppoh, Shibalien and Kroxo, and after some time, an Ursamajor will appear with Maawths and LeMurrs. After 6 minutes, an Elizabeth the LVIth will appear and the cycle will repeat.

Chapter 2

First, two Imperator Saels will spawn with three Kroxos. After several seconds, a Scissoroo will spawn too.

When the enemy base is hit, a few Mistress Celeboodles will appear. When the base reaches around 315,000 health, Corrupted Valkyrie will spawn, and the enemy spawn pattern will change slightly:

Once 8 minutes have passed, a single Elizabeth the LVIth will spawn. Take note that she will spawn regardless of whether or not Corrupted Valkyrie has spawned.

Chapter 3

The stage begins with some Shibaliens, Kroxos, and Mistress Celeboodles. It is NOT an endless spawn: When you kill all of them, they don't respawn and you are free to attack the base.

When the base gets to around 450,000 health, peons will resume spawning, and Raging Bahamut spawns. He tends to wreck your units easily, so prepare well. Also, groups of 2 Imperator Saels and Hyppohs will occasionally spawn.

Also, if you take too long, two Alpackies spawn, one at 10 minutes and another at 20. Remember that if this happens, it counts as a death timer if you don't have some sort of tank or sniper with you. Save your cannon for when one gets strengthened.

Enemy Info

Chapter 1

  • Shibalien (100%) - HP: 900 Damage: 150 (x500%-700%)
  • Kroxo (100%) - HP: 3000 Damage: 900 (x500%-700%)
  • Hyppoh (100%) - HP: 7000 Damage: 200 (x500%-700%)
  • Maawth (100%) - HP: 17777 Damage: 777 (x500%-700%)
  • LeMurr (100%) - HP: 20000 Damage: 800 (x500%-700%)
  • Helmut Krabbe (100%) - HP: 9000 Damage: 300 (x500%-700%)
  • Ursamajor (100%) - HP: 30000 Damage: 1000 (x500%-700%)
  • Elizabeth the LVIth (100%) - HP: 60000 Damage: 250 (x500%-700%)
  • Cli-One (BOSS, 100%) - HP: 120000 Damage: 1400 (x500%-700%)

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

  • Shibalien (1000%) - HP: 9000 Damage: 1500 (x100%-700%)
  • Kroxo (1000%) - HP: 30000 Damage: 9000 (x100%-700%)
  • Hyppoh (1000%) - HP: 70000 Damage: 2000 (x100%-700%)
  • Imperator Sael (1000%) - HP: 150000 Damage: 20000 (x100%-700%)
  • LeMurr (1000%) - HP: 200000 Damage: 8000 (x100%-700%)
  • Mistress Celeboodle (750%) - HP: 33750 Damage: 28125 (x100%-700%)
  • Alpacky (300%) - HP: 525000 Damage: 5250 (x100%-700%)
  • Raging Bahamut (100%) - HP: 1222222 Damage: 44444 (x100%-700%)

*Magnification depends on the amount of anti alien crystal treasure you have. See this section and go to alien stats decrease to calculate enemy stats.


Chapter 1

Strategy 1 (high score)

Moon has some good rewards, doesn't it? This strategy helps you get those rewards.

Note: This strategy is not for first-timers, reasons being that this requires the Crazy Hearts Cat Combo; One that can only be unlocked by beating Into the Future Ch. 2.

  • You need the Crazy Hearts Cat Combo (or other combos with similar effects), alongside a couple of Anti-Alien/floating cats, namely Swimmer Cat.
  • (But with Rover Cat, you can play this stage without any pre-battle items, as he is a cheap tank and has decent damage against weak peons, but be wary of your money when the stronger supports start spawning.)
  • Thanks to Crazy Hearts, you start with 1000 money. This can help you get stuff early on. Crazed Cat and Tank are the meat shields, Crazed Gross is good for taking out the peons, and Crazed Cow is a strong damage unit. The others are strong for support.
  • Just spam meatshields, Crazed Cow Cat and Swimmer, getting other guys when you can. As long as you have strong Anti-Alien treasures, the Cli-One will easily fall to your army. By reading this, it really doesn't seem like it works, but it does, just make sure to have enough anti alien treasures.
  • If you have some ubers, you may want to add them to your setup (Kachi-Kachi and Sanada Yukimura, for example, can take down the boss easily after you trigger Cli-One's attack once, but other attackers are also helpful). Despite Cli-One having extreme range, you would expect your ubers to endure several hits from it.
  • Note: This is really only useful for getting the Rare Ticket, Cat Food, and Treasure Radar. By the time you have this stuff, you would probably be near the end of Ch.5. It's good if you need an extra Treasure Radar.

Strategy 2 (Fire Squad Kachiyama)

Little to no treasures needed

  • Lineup: 4 relatively quick meatshields one being jiangshi cat, Rover cat, Octopus cat, cyborg. Anti floating cat (I used butterfly cat.) Fire squad Kachiyama (can be replaced by another anti alien uber). The last slot is up to you!! Bahumut is a good choice if you have him.
  • Items: They are not needed but if you want bring along a Cat CPU! It never hurts.
  • Start off by meatshielding and stacking paris. Continue to do this, when the peons are wiped out they should give you a bit of money so sent out some units to deal with Cli-One such as your anti alien/floating units and octopus cat to weaken.
  • If you have the money, send out a Fire Squad Kachiyama to keep him weakened. Keep spamming until the Ursamajor comes out. Let him kill Kachiyama and advance towards your base. Kachiyama should have come back by now, deal with him there with kachiyama and other good damage cats.
  • Focus back on killing Cli-One, spam and spam until she dies. If Elizabeth the LVIth comes out, thats ok! You have octopus cat to cancel the waves. Continue doing this until the base is destroyed. Congratulations! You beat chapter one moon and unlocked new cat-combo's! Now would be a great time to go and kill the perfect cyclone with octopus cat.

Strategy 3 (Ft. Dark Merchant Babil)

*Note: This strategy requires you to have beaten Chapter 3 Empire of Cats. You don't need any power-ups or cat combos. You do need all treasures from all Empire of Cats chapters and all anti-alien, anti-floating treasures at any percentage; 100% is recommended.

  • Lineup: Macho Cat, Wall Cat, Samba Cat (or something similar), Butterfly Cat, Paris Cat, Crazed Bahamut Cat, 3 Damage Dealers, Dark Merchant Babil
  • When you enter the battleground, spam meatshields while upgrading your wallet. Once at level 4, wait for Dark Merchant Babil. After you get him out, meatshield and upgrade your wallet until max. You should have your wallet capacity at roughly 3/4 way through due to the fact Dark Merchant Babil gets double the money when defeating an enemy. Spam your top row and periodically the bottom row with the main damage dealers.
  • You should now spam top row and save up for the bottom row if needed. Remember: if you have the choice between Butterfly Cat and Paris Cat, always go with Butterfly Cat. She has massive damage against floating enemies. If you time her correctly, you should have a few knockbacks on Cli-One.
  • When Ursamajor comes out, let him advance. Once he gets close enough to your base, spawn another Dark Merchant Babil and work your way back up to Cli-One. Spawn anything you can.
  • After a minute you should be able to kill Cli-One. The level is all yours now. You will complete this level with this strategy in about 6:30, before Elizabeth the LVIth even comes out. Congraulations. You have unlocked new cat combos and Cats of the Cosmos. You will most likely get a low score the first time through, but after getting the treasures of chapter 2, you will get a better score and that rare ticket. Cheers!

Strategy 4 (by BT Master) (For starter/no speed run/no uber,super rare/no crazed)

Requirements: Rich Cat, Sniper the Cat (optional) Anti alien Treasure: Total >150%

Lineup: Macho Cat, Wall Cat, Macho Legs (OnIy if true form is obtained. If not, do not bring), Paris (or Drama if player has, but Paris is fine) Necromancer Cat, Rover Cat (optional), Dragon Cat, Bahamut cat, Mer-cat (optional, must exceed Lv.20.), Cow Cat, an Uber or Super Rare of choice (if none, leave blank.)

  1. (Bonus) When stage starts, if you bring Rich Cat and Efficiency Lv21-26, turn your Sniper the Cat(if brought) off when you have about 1450 money.
  2. Do not worry about the Cli-one and do not send anything until the Hyppoh is 3/4 across the battlefield. Now spam wall cat and bring out macho legs to take it down. Choose the moment when it is down to spawn bahamut and dragon.Unless money lower than 2000, spawn some Paris Cats.
  3. If right, Cli-one will attack with Bahamut not reaching the point yet. Bahamut would likely first attack. During this time, spawn only wall cat until peons appear(like Helmut Krabbe, Ursamajor)
  4. If Ursamajor comes, loosen the meatshielding so the bear pushes through. This makes the Bear in front of Cli-one. Do not spare much space for that, though, as Ursamajor has plenty of knockbacks. Which means, as soon as the bear reaches the battle, start spawning meatshields to prevent him pushing far. Use Paris/Drama and your second bahamut( if ready) or dragon to deal damage. Stop Paris spawning if money is less than 3000, to deal with Ursamajor's stats increase stage.(ignore if drama is brought instead of Paris)
  5. After Ursamajor got his stats increase, stop Paris spawning(ignore this if Drama Cat was brought instead of Paris) Spawn only dragon, and meatshield constantly so Ursamajor does not break through. It should be killed in a matter of moments. Still, make sure it is in front of Cli-one when in its berserk mode.
  6. After defeating Ursamajor, turn on the Sniper, and use cat cannon to interrupt cli-one's attack occasionally(specifically, fire when cli-one leans foward, and will make it redo the animation) Spawn Mer-cat instead of Paris/drama and time Necromancer well, extending the time you get to attack cli-one before its next attack as Necromancer freezes it. Dragon and Macho leg/bahamut should spawn whenever ready(if money lower than 3500, stop spawning Dragon.) Cli-one should've been finished off at this point. Use Rover Cat if have to deal extra damage on it if a long time has passed after Ursamajor.
  7. If by some time Elizabeth the 54th spawns, stop spawning macho leg and estimate the wall cat's recharge time to deploy one for two recharge times. Macho Legs and Dragon should take care of it, as the wall cat should be right in front of Elizabeth and Cli-one would trigger its attacks on the wall cats killed by Elizabeth 54th. In other words, make the pig stay in front of Cli-one still.
  8. After this, unless the treasure is below 150%, the Cli-one would be killed in short time.

Strategy 5 (No Gacha)

Lineup: Mohawk Cat (20 +10), Eraser Cat (20 +10), Crazed Cat (20), Crazed Tank (20), Macho Leg Cat (20 +10), Crazed Gross Cat (20), King Dragon Cat (20 +10), Crazed Dragon Cat (20), Jamiera Cat (20 +10), Bahamut Cat (30)

At the beginning, spawn Macho Leg Cat and Crazed Gross Cat to deal with the beginning peons. Then, spawn Dragons and possibly Jamiera Cat. Do this until the Ursamajor comes out. Lure it to the base because it should be knocked back quite far, and upgrade your Worker Cat several times (to about level 6 or 8). Once it's near your base, spawn Bahamut and everything else and hope for the best. Keep on doing this until Elizabeth the LVIth comes out. Do the same exact thing (except don't spawn Mohawk Cat or Crazed Cat). Kill the alien pig and then eventually Cli-One.

Strategy 6 (Ft. Chill cat, Kotatsu cat and Rover Cat)

At the beginning, save some money for Chill cat, Rover cat and Kotatsu cat. When the first wave of Peons appeared, spam them.

Chill cat should be enough to destroy the first wave and tank one hit from Cli-one.

Kotatsu cat will help tank Cli-one and weaken her.

Keep spamming them until you reach the end of enemy base. And enjoy the victory.

For more info, watch this video:

Strategy 7(Cyborg and macho legs stack)

Send an attacker to kill the alien enemies until you have enough money. Stack cyborg and macho legs as Hippoh, Kroxo and Shibalien will die fast. Always spam Cyborg and Macho Legs. Using this method will make you complete it faster before Ursamajor or Lemurr come out.

Strategy 7 (For people who like to cheese stages like me) By. BanditBaddies

  1. Your lineup just needs a couple meatsheilds, whatever anti-alien cats you have, Valk and Bahamut.
  2. This is very difficult to pull off with underleveld cats but still is possible.
  3. Stall the inital wave of peons until Cli One is just out of range of your base.
  4. Wait till Cli One attacks, and there are no peons.
  5. BAHAMUT (do this before big blue scary bear comes out)
  6. spam
  7. if you killed cli one before pig spawns, great. Else, keep cli one near base and try to keep attacking. When pig spawns, use some kind of area attacker like mother or Paris
  8. good luck

Chapter 2

Strategy 1 (Ft. Kubilan Pasalan)

This is an extremely challenging stage, due to the Corrupted Valkyrie. But despite what people say, the level can be completed with minimal Ubers and a few powerups. You are required to have nearly if not all the Anti-Alien treasures from previous and current chapters, or else the boss will be too powerful to defeat.


You also MUST bring along a Cat CPU. This strategy may not work without it. Sniper The Cat, Rich Cat, and Speed Up power-ups are optional, but you can bring them if you feel like you'll be safer with them. First, when the first peons come out at the beginning of the stage, simply use a few meatshields to block them, and use Castaway to deal some damage and gain some money. Use this cash to build up your Wallet and upgrade your Worker Cat. By the time all the peons are finished off, you should have a full or nearly full Wallet. Once this is achieved, begin to send out everything you got and turn on CPU. The boss should come out and hit your cats. If the CPU is working to effect, only your meatshields will be hit and your big hitters should be fine. Kubilan should be able to manage your spacing, and about 10-12 hits from Bahamut (Max Level) should be able to defeat the boss. The Macho Legs and your moderately cheap damage dealer will take care of the stronger Alien Enemies.

At times, your meatshield wall may be compromised, and your Bahamut and Kubilan may be killed, or you will run out of money and your CPU will focus on respawning the more expensive cats rather than the meatshields. At times like these, you will need to turn off CPU and deal the meatshields as best you can with some cheap damage dealers as well in hopes of killing an enemy that will yield lots of money. The boss and strong enemies may come dangerously close to your base, but do not stop spawning the meatshield and damage dealer combo. Eventually the Bahamut or Kubilan will be ready to be respawned, and you will clear some room for yourself.

Lastly, this method will probably yield some pretty low scores. But hey, it's about clearing it right? You'll be able to come back with stronger cats and get the bonuses later.

Strategy 2 (No Power-Ups)

Basically the core of this strategy is to stack Castaway Cat and Paris Cat and protect them with decent (not too many) meatshields and backed up by Bahamut and other attackers.

Bring 4 cheap meatshields (including Artist Cat or, better, Rover Cat (optional?)), Neo Psychocat, Castaway Cat, Paris Cat, Bahamut Cat, and other medium and heavy attackers (I used Drama Cats and Anubis).

First, upgrade your Wallet until Scissoroo spawns while occasionally sending some Artist Cats (Artist Cats aren't Anti-Alien, but it has decent health and no knockback, good for starting many rush stages) Note: Artist Cat has low range and might not be able to attack Scissoroo because of knockback . Then use several Paris Cats to slowly kill the Scissoroo. After it's dead, upgrade your Wallet and cease spawning anything.

When the remainder of your Paris Cats reach the Enemy Base, some Mistress Celeboodles will spawn. Allow them to get near your base. Now, your wallet should be at MAX level. Spam all cats (but don't spam too many meatshields yet) except fast moving-units (in my case Anubis).

Corrupted Valkyrie should spawn soon.

When she appears, keep spamming with priority order (high to low): Castaway Cat, meatshields (when necessary), Paris Cat, Neopsycho Cat, other heavy attackers.

Hopefully, after a while the Castaway Cat would stack and eventually freeze Corrupted Valkyrie most of the time. Also, In my opinion more than 1 heavy attacker should be used so that LeMurrs and Ursamajor can be finished quickly before smashing the stack of Castaway Cats.

Strategy 3 ((Cheese) Ft. Ururun Wolf)

This is a cheese strategy, and can only be completed with certain cats. Be aware that this is a gacha strat.

Required Feats: At least all Anti-Alien treasures from Chapters 1 and 2

Recommended Power-ups: Rich Cat (and Sniper the Cat if you're not confident.)

Your line up must consist of 4-5 meatshields, Ururun Wolf, Bahamut Cat, 1-2 long ranged attackers, preferably ones who can deal 15k+ damage and something like Prisoner Cat that outranges the Corrupted Valkyrie, Corrupted Psychocat (though Neo can work) and, if you have some more slots, Castaway Cat/Seafarer and Crazed Dragon).

This strategy is pretty simple; you should stall Corrupted Valkyrie at her base while your Long-Range attacker(s) kill the base even without defeating the boss. Ururun is used to stall and knockback the boss as much as possible and Psychocat in preventing the boss from advancing. The other cats required are for dealing damage to the boss if ever your timings are inconsistent and preventing you from losing if ever you take too long. Cat Combos aren't required, but if you have a Unit Attack UP combo, you can replace some of the cats you don't really get to use that much.

Strategy 4 (high score)

Bring a gacha cat that can hurt things at a decent distance behind its target such as Hayabusa, Aphrodite or Ganesha to snipe the base from in front of the boss. Take note that the level of said unit/units must be high and you need to have a solid defensive line.

Have decent amounts of meatshields and units with knockback against alien/floating. They will help keep the boss at the base and let your ubers slowly move through the boss and start attacking the base. You will want to destroy the base before the Elizabeth the LVI comes out or they will get too much pushing power and the boss will leave the base.

Strategy 5 (no ubers/power ups/crazed cats etc.)

This strategy can be used in chapter 3 as well, with very small changes


  • Mohawk Cat and Gold Cat (or Catburger) are the best meatshields (These are best in this scenario, NOT other meatshields)
  • If you are in ch. 3 bring Corrupted Psychocat
  • Bahamut and/or ubers with decent range
  • Any unit with long-range ability and decent level
  • Other damage dealers with good range (Dragon, Macho Legs, Paris etc.)


Start by stacking long range attackers and Psychocats, send the ubers/Bahamut as well.

Meatshield by alternating cats and gold cats, this is the most important part; send a cat, when its recharge bar is halfway there send a gold cat and continue alternating them; this way you can permanently stall the boss only with 2 meatschields. (this is so you can defend your units decently at the enemy base; if you spam 4 meatshields the cat limit may become a problem)

When your cats are about to hit the base, you should have this situation: a line of cats and gold cats all trough the battlefield and a horde of big hitters near the enemy base.

After the boss appears, just keep the meatshields under control; the alien peons will likely push forward bringing the boss with them, so make sure to get rid of them FAST. maybe bringing a short ranged guy just for them isn't a bad idea... 

In general this will happen:

The 2 meatshields alone will take care of the Corrupted Valkyrie by fully preventing her advance while not requiring many money nor many spaces in the "max number of cat units on the board" counter.

The other units will kill the peons quickly (or slow/freeze them, which also helps), so the meatshields have no problems with them.

The Valkyrie will be overwhelmed and unable to do anything, except when she takes a knockback and your units get too close, but as long as the meatshields keep arriving, you will be able to replace any damage dealer easily.

In the end you will either win or be unable to take down the Ursamajor and lose, if that is the case, simply do your best to counter that segment, the rest won't be problematic.

Strategy 6 (Psychocat TF/Basic strat)

Psychocat TF really shines here, use it and you'll see why. Also, another thing to note of is to collect all anti-alien treasure. (Or at least get all of them to silver/normal) It'll be extremely difficult without them since corrupted valk would be heavly buffed. Try and get them to gold especially if you don't have anti-alien ubers and do not attempt without psychocat tf, or else prepare for a painful defeat.

Line up: 3-4 meatshields (I used 4 in my run), Macho, C. Macho, Wall ,C. Wall (or Samba if you don't have crazed cats), Paris, Dragon, Legs (TF as it makes it strong against aliens), Psychocat (TF) and any Anti alien ubers/bahamut.

  • No powerups are needed if you're careful with how to spend your money. At the start of the battle, let the enemies draw close to your base. When Scissoroo comes, don't panic and sent out two meatshields at a time (preferably wall and c wall). When Scissoroo is close to base, begin spaming 3 meatshields, stack some psychocats, legs and paris. Don't sent all your meatshields until your cats begin hitting the base. Meanwhile, don't stop stacking psycho and all of your ranged attackers. Once the cash starts flowing, sent in your ubers and bahamut.

If you're still having trouble, make sure to get all your anti-floating treasures too (if you plan un using anti floeating cats). All should go well, good luck!

Strategy 7 (Ft. Super Galaxy Cosmo)

Units: 5-6 meatshields, Dragon Cat, Castaway Cat, Bahamut Cat, Super Galaxy Cosmo

Powerups: Rich Cat (optional), Cat CPU, Sniper the Cat

Start by killing off peons to get money and when full cash deploy Bahamut and SGC. When Corrupted Valkyrie spawns turn on Cat CPU and watch the battle. Cat Cannon when the SGCs are on attack cooldown and they should start attacking the base.

Chapter 3


You should have most of the Crazed Cats and all the True Forms of normal cats by now. Use a bunch of meatshields and bring stuff like Crazed Sexy Legs, Macho Legs, Dragon, Crazed Dragon, Holy Valkyrie, Crazed Bahamut and Ururun Wolf (If you don't have Ururun use another meatshield), then you shouldn't have trouble.

Also take note that the difference between having just, say, 500% treasures and all 600% is HUGE, as the enemies would be HALF as strong with 600 rather than 500, so it is especially important to have as many treasures as possible.

Strategy 1 (Uberless)

For this strategy, every anti-alien treasure should be at 100%. While this is not required, it will make this whole level a lot easier.

Your lineup should consist of: 4 meatshields, Macho Leg Cat, Bahamut, Ururun, Li'l Nyandam or an heavy hitter, King Dragon Cat and Cyborg Cat. You can replace any of the last 6 with anti-alien Ubers that you may have.

Rich Cat is helpful to bring in; it is not required, albeit very useful as the enemies aren't infinite. Unless you have the ability to pay attention to the lineup very well, bring a Cat CPU to handle your meatshielding.

You can get a lot of money off of the Mistress Celeboodles; they have mediocre health and drop about $4500.

Use single Macho Leg Cats, King Dragon Cats, or Paris Cats to kill off the enemies. You never want to have multiple long range attackers at the beginning so you have some time before the boss in case the enemies all die.

Make sure to have a nest egg for when the boss spawns so you don't get demolished immediately; turn on the Cat CPU immediately after the boss spawns. If the Cat CPU stops meatshielding due to saving for a more expensive unit, turn it off and continue meatshielding.

The hardest part about this is the beginning. Once you stack up your stacks of long-range attackers, the only way you can use is if you don't pay attention when your Cat CPU stops meatshielding before you die.

Li'l Nyandam is there so you can outrange Alpacky if it spawns.

Strategy 2 (Uberless v.2)

Have your cats in at least these forms.

Row 1: Crazed Macho, Crazed Wall, Eraser, Dragon, Crazed Dragon

Row 2: Macho Legs, Crazed Sexy Legs, Holy Valkyrie (Can be replaced with Catdam), Crazed Bahamut, Ururun Cat

Items: Cat CPU

Lure the Shibaliens and Kroxos to the base and spam Eraser Cat, upgrading your wallet whenever possible. When Mistress Celeboodle appears, continue to spam Erasers until there are few left. Spam all of your meatshields and spawn a Crazed Gross too. Use the Cat Cannon whenever possible to keep the Mistress Celeboodle away. Once the Celeboodle is dead, keep spamming meatshields, and stack dual Sexy Legs and dual Dragon.

When Raging Bahamut appears, only slowly spawn meatshields so as to slowly lure it to your base. Once you do get it near the base, turn on your Cat CPU and sit back. If you find yourself losing money, turn off the Cat CPU and only meatshield.

Strategy 3 (Cheese)

Speed up

Lineup: Crazed wall, Crazed whale and crazed titan preferred but not required, anti alien attackers recommended, Metal recommended.

Video Explaining the strat: Here


The Battle Cats - Into the Future Chapter 3 - Moon

The Battle Cats - Into the Future Chapter 3 - Moon

Into the Future

(Moon 3)

Nurse Wuffa

Strategy 4 (Cheese 2)(Frame-perfect hit)

Lineup: Crazed Cat, Crazed Tank, Riceball Cat, Crazed Giraffe/Manic Lion, Warlock And Pierre lvl 37 or above

Power-ups: Rich Cat (must-have)

Stall the alien peons first with meatshields until you can afford W&P. When W&P is midway to the base, spam crazed giraffe and riceball cat. BOSS will spawn 2f after base health is 450k. W&P will bring base health to 1, and the riceball and lion cat will destroy the base 1f after, so you do not need to encounter the boss.

Strategy 5 (Ft. Mission Control Mekako)

Treasure: 100% anti-alien on ITF 1&2 and at least have it active on ITF 3(get 100% if you want to make the stage easier but it is not necessary)

Row 1: Crazed Macho, Crazed Wall, Eraser, Paris/Cyborg, Macho Leg

Row 2: Crazed Sexy Leg, Dragon/ King Dragon, Holy Valkyrie, Bahamut, Mission Control Mekako

This stage can we quiet annoying but if you have Mission Control Mekako(The True Form), it help a ton. She can deal massive damage while also slow awaken bahamut. I don't suggest using her other form as being tanky does not help and knocking it back make the rest of the the team miss.

Start by upgrading your money twice then save up. When the peon gets close to the base, spawn some Eraser to stall. Wait for Mistress Celeboodle get close to your eraser drop a crazed sexy leg and 2 paris/cyborg then spam the 3 meat shield. This should slowly clear out the enemy. upgrade your Money whenever possible(we need it to the max). When the first Mistress Celeboodle die only spawn crazed wall, you want one or 2 of your attackers(Paris/Crazed sexy leg) to die so it won't trigger Raging Bahamut too fast.

After clearing the second Miss Celeboodle, no enemy will be spawning so max your money and save it up. wait for the enemy base to get to about 460,000 and spawn everything except Holy Valkyrie. The boss shockwave will knock your attacker back which is good because you can stack 1 or 2 more Paris(Do not spawn any more attacker). Spam your meat shield and spawn the ranged attackers if you have enough money. Mekako should murder the other supporting enemies and proceed to kill Bahamut. Then you spawn Holy Valkyrie just to help keep Raging Bahamut at bay. Keep spamming meatshield and attackers and Bahamut will die eventually(It won't take that long)

If you like, you can replace Dragon cat with Psycho cat(TF recommended) and move it to the first row. It help if Raging Bahamut can break through your front line. Mission Control Mekako can nearly perma slow Raging Bahamut but a group of Psycho cat can help in she missed. Bahamut and Holy Valkyrie are optional. I personally replace Bahamut with Fire squad Kachiyama for the weaken effect but it is not required. The core damage in this team is Mekako, Macho Leg, Crazed sexy Leg, and Paris. I do not suggest using any unit with knockback as this will cause Mekako to missed which can be dangerous.


Battle Cats Chapter 3 Moon ITF - No Alien Treasures - 8

Battle Cats Chapter 3 Moon ITF - No Alien Treasures - 8.5 Million HP Bahamut - Battle Cats Gameplay

ITF Chapter 3




The enemy's base may be a reference to the Eye of Sauron from the Lord of the Rings franchise.


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