N2+3H2→2NH3 is the final stage in Summer Lesson.


  • The stage begins with a St. Pigge the 2nd, followed by three Pigges.
  • After 40 seconds, an Owlbrow spawns, with another one spawning 10~13.3 seconds later.
  • After 100 seconds, Pigge starts spawning in 30~50-second intervals.
  • When the enemy base is attacked, Doge Dark, Teacher A., Shadow Boxer K and Gory Junior emerge.
    • Doge Dark continues to spawn in 6.7~13.3-second intervals, while Gory Junior spawns in 16.7~23.3-second intervals. In total, there are 17 Doge Darks and 6 Gory Juniors.
    • After 20 seconds, another Teacher A. is spawned, and after 30 seconds, another Shadow Boxer K spawns.



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