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XP received from battle increased!

The Neutrino is one of the Cats of the Cosmos Treasures. Like the Philosopher's Stone, which it stacks with, it increases the amount of XP earned from battles, but its effect is much smaller.


Each Neutrino increases XP awarded by a maximum +25%.

When a player has activated Neutrino at 100% in all three chapters, XP awarded is increased by +75%.


Stage Location Treasure
3-X-42 Gorigori Monkey Gang
3-X-44 Crimson Star Cool Dude
3-X-46 Andromeda Mythology
3-X-48 The Big Bang Origin


  • In spite of being listed 10th in the Treasure Menu, the Neutrino is actually the 11th and last obtainable Cats of the Cosmos Treasure.
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