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Never Not Shovelin' is the fourth stage in The Midas Touch.


  • Goldoges start to spawn at the beginning.
  • Every 33.33s1000f, a Golden R. Ost spawns. Up to 5 Golden R. Osts will spawn
  • After 50 seconds, Doge Darks begin to spawn.
  • At 60s, 100s and 133.33s, a Sir Hippoe will spawn.


Strategy 1 (rush strategy)

Lineup: first row: any speed up M combo (I used attack of the lil's)

second row: giraffe cat 20+8, crazed giraffe cat 10, power cutter cat 15, super Mr.

At the start of the battle save up 950 money and put out power cutter than put out crazed giraffe as soon as you can. they should take out the first two goldoge . After this spam the second row and you should win just as the golden R.ost spawns. Happy farming!


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